What Is a VoIP Number & How Does It Work?

The hottest engineering on the market today for occupation and personal practice is coming uncoiled out of the VoIP and virtual telephone sectors. Cloud -based VoIP technology lets you call from anywhere using a cell earphone, computer, laptop, or desk call using the same count .
Let ’ s count at what is a VoIP number and how you can get one. We ’ ll besides discuss how to get VoIP services started and five VoIP fraud alerts that will protect your business. A VoIP number can besides save you a long ton of money that conventional landlines can ’ thymine .

What Is a Voice over IP Phone Number?

A VoIP number, besides known as Voice over IP act, is a real call numeral assigned to a exploiter, but not to a specific phone line. A virtual telephone number is referred to as an propagation, and it may have a Direct Inward Dial (DID) telephone number accessible to the public .
Need some more context ? Check out this quick two-minute video of Tony from Nextiva explaining VoIP telephone numbers.

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP works by placing calls over the internet. Unlike traditional call service, where calls must be routed through the local telephone company, VoIP phone service uses any broadband connection. With this method acting, VoIP routes a call along the most efficient path .
VoIP besides extends to early forms of communication, like chat and text message. A business owner can select VoIP phone numbers for its staff, even if they work remotely .
With VoIP, a traditional call line becomes disused for both business and residential use .

The Difference Between VoIP and Regular Phone Numbers

The modality of transmission between the two technologies is not the like. A VoIP earphone issue does not get assigned to a placement, while a regular phone phone number does .
besides, the implicit in technologies are dramatically different. A standard land line number travels through copper call lines. A VoIP number utilize data networks, such as the internet and home enterprise LANs ( Local Area Networks ) to make calls .

How Do I Get a VoIP Number?

A VoIP phone service supplier helps you get a VoIP count when you sign up for a VoIP avail plan. Most plans are less expensive than a cellular telephone or regular call service .
As a result, you can lower your costs by up to 60 % and access many more features that only VoIP can provide .
It ’ s likely you already have existing call numbers. You can use them with VoIP. It ’ s your right to do so, backed by the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ). You have the correctly to transfer your phone service to any carrier through a process known as numeral port. You can port call numbers from your cell earphone, Google Voice, cable/telephone caller, and flush a competitive VoIP service provider .
You can select modern numbers or use your existing ones. It ’ s up to you. Nextiva provides port and setup at no extra charge on every plan. Nextiva ’ s business phone service plans start at $ 20/month .

How to Get VoIP Phone Service

If it ’ sulfur time to switch over and get VoIP phone service, there are a handful of steps you ’ ll necessitate to take to set up your virtual phone system. First, you must check and make certain you have a commodity internet joining .
five steps to switch to VoIP
You ’ ll then need to choose the VoIP subscription that fits your business needs, confirm your VoIP call numbers, and choose optional VoIP devices. once that ’ s done, you can begin using your VoIP system on your computer or smartphone right away .

Why Should I Get a VoIP Number?

A VoIP call system brings several advantages that conventional earphone services can not provide. You ’ ll find savings, greater tractability, increase dependability, and crystal-clear call quality .

Lower Cost

Without the use of a call line, VoIP numbers utilize your internet association. even with the monthly service, the expense is less than maintaining a traditional call system .
You besides get access to a long ton of premium features included with the monthly rate. This includes all the front-runner features your business needs, such as an auto-attendant, call line up, intelligent call forwarding, and one-click conference calls. Plus, you can flush get a toll-free VoIP number at no supernumerary charge .

More Accessible

A VoIP phone system does not rely on a physical localization to make calls. Its convenience comes from a stable internet connection. This makes communication possible across the country or halfway around the world .
illustration of VoIP capabilities around the world
VoIP itself doesn ’ thymine use a set of bandwidth. flush a minor 10MB connection can handle 100 calls simultaneously. With the advances in LTE technology, you can use your smartphone to place and receive calls faithfully .
Wired connections are best, but you should be quite meet when you have a potent Wi-Fi bespeak .

More Flexibility

A VoIP network has a huge total of flexibility. When using a private, inner call network, adding multiple phones to an existing system is limited. With a VoIP net, you are only limited by your bandwidth, which allows you to handle hundreds of calls using many popular broadband plans
Another manner VoIP phones are flexible is their ability to operate with any device. They ’ ll shape with computers, tablets, and VoIP phones. Most VoIP phones offer accessories to complement your work flow, such as corded or radio headsets. If you have a traditional telephone, you can ’ t do without, you can always retrofit it with an Analog Telephone Adapter ( ATA ) .
An ATA lets you use traditional telephone equipment on an all-digital VoIP network. once you set it up, it good works .

Better Voice Quality

With a stable internet association and high bandwidth, voice quality would be better than a traditional call connection. How is this possible ?
VoIP uses the latest phone compression engineering known as “ codecs ” to digitally convert sound, eliminate indistinctness and static in the line, and send it over the internet. The G.722 codec has twice the bandwidth of an analogue phone bid, which means more clearness in every call. This is how VoIP delivers HD call quality .
In the rare moments of limited bandwidth, the call gracefully lowers to standard timbre without any engagement on your part. It does it mechanically. And if you call person on the traditional telephone system, the call will still sound capital, but it might not be in full moon HD .

Multiple Devices

One of the best benefits is to use multiple devices on a individual virtual number. With the VoIP phone number assigned to a person, not a location, they can take that phone number anywhere and access their account from any device .
once they ’ ve logged in, they can use a personal or company laptop, calculator, or cell call that is VoIP compatible to make calls. These virtual numbers can besides be set to forward calls to different telephone numbers if the exploiter chooses .
Don ’ triiodothyronine forget that with VoIP, you can constantly configure the call routing any room you want. If you have a sales team you want to send incoming calls, all or some of their phones can ring at once.

The ability to use multiple devices with one call number gives the user the ultimate tractability .
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Choice of Area Codes

Unlike conventional phones, you can choose an area code for your VoIP earphone number outside of your city or submit. This feature allows an individual or business owner to make calls to an sphere code of their choose and not get charged for a long-distance call .
abstract illustration of lady taking her number anywhere
This besides means that commercial enterprise owners can assign themselves a local number to establish credibility. This can be helpful for businesses that have more than one placement. It can besides be utilitarian for those who would like several local numbers to route to one location .
however, if the area code that is assigned to the phone is for one specific city, like Los Angeles, but the VoIP call is in New York, then you ’ re efficaciously placing calls from Los Angeles. placement of where you place calls is no longer an issue .

Number Portability

Phones are no long stationary. In the past, if you moved, the call ship’s company got called to update the raw number at the new localization. Most of the fourth dimension, a avail technician had to come out to set up the fresh phones .
however, VoIP number portability is another option, saving any business owner unnecessary downtime. Regardless of the location, the VoIP earphone can still use the lapp earphone number. All that is needed is reliable IP connectivity .
Number portability means there is no indigence to change the phone number if a occupation chooses to use VoIP service. There is no motivation to make changes to the web site, business cards, or commercialize materials. Move over your erstwhile phone number and continue function as usual !

Toll-Free Numbers

toll-free calling is no long precisely for large enterprises. Small and medium-sized businesses can now receive toll-free calls with the consumption of VoIP numbers. While it varies from provider to provider, most will provide either release or very cheap toll-free calling .

toll-free calling can help a clientele by eliminating the appearance that they are limited to one geographic area. Best of all, since you can have multiple VoIP numbers ring on multiple devices, these toll-free calls can be routed to your earphone or computer .
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How to Protect Against VoIP Fraud

even though VoIP engineering is easy to use and inexpensive to maintain, this contemporary commercial enterprise telephone solution is not immune to fraud .
The problem with these kinds of VoIP number tricks is the difficulty in tracing the call. If you do not know what to look for or expect from a VoIP swindler, you excessively may become a victim of VoIP fraud .
look for a VoIP provider that provides call option encoding through TLS and SRTP. This provides you the maximum privacy and performance in every VoIP call. Nextiva offers this built-in call encoding, indeed be certain to ask about it .

Vishing (VoIP Phishing)

Known as “ voice phishing ” or “ VoIP phishing, ” it ’ s a type of phone scam. The fraud begins with the appearance of a real caller ID displayed with a valid telephone number from a recognized and trusted informant .
then the swindler attempts to convince the unsuspecting individual to disclose critical personal data and fiscal data .
abstract VoIP and scam imagery
frequently, the callers will prey on two key factors to gain the information they need : a person ’ south reverence and fiscal stability. This victimize is more successful because people broadly trust caller ID without knowing it can be faked .

How to Protect Yourself From VoIP Fraud Attacks

VoIP earphone fraud attacks are sophisticated, which makes it challenging to recognize legalize calls and attempts at identity theft. Below are a few tips you can develop to protect yourself from these intrusions :

  • Never assume every call comes with good intentions and stay up to date on the latest scams
  • Don’t give your confidential information over the phone unless you initiate the call
  • Cybersecurity experts suggest changing your login details for all devices once a month
  • Never call phone numbers from unsolicited emails sent to you
  • If there is any doubt about who is calling, let the caller leave a message on your voicemail

The good news is that successful VoIP imposter attacks are rare. You must be argus-eyed against the threat, otherwise, you could unwittingly leak your customer list .
Want to dig deeper ? We ’ ve authored the complete guide to VoIP security and call encryption. It ’ sulfur well worth a read — share it with your team .

Get more value from your VoIP phone system

No matter what numbers you choose, you ’ re getting an incredible value with VoIP. Telephone and cable companies can ’ triiodothyronine beat all the features and capabilities that VoIP provides for business owners .
And it ’ randomness more than the monetary value that matters. Pick up the call and call the support line. How long do you wait on delay ? How knowledgeable and friendly is the staff ? Those factors are crucial because you don ’ t have all day to worry about your call system .
Nextiva goes far. We crafted our business phone service around giving you the best value and the best service. We invested millions into building the nation ’ s most reliable commercial enterprise voice network and our defend team members are all in-house. That ‘s why we were named the best business phone service in 2020 .
But do n’t just take our discussion for it, read some of our real customer reviews to see what they think of our service .

Gaetano DiNardi Gaetano DiNardi is the Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva and has a track read of success working with brands like Major League Baseball, Pipedrive, Sales Hacker and Outreach.io. Outside of commercialize, Gaetano is an achieve music manufacturer and songwriter – he ’ south worked with major artists like Fat Joe, Shaggy and loves making music to stay turbocharged. To get in touch, follow him on LinkedIn .

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