Radio personality Rachel Steele adopts more mature fashion sensibility: Fashion Flash


Rachel Steele, 35, Mentor Music director and afternoon-drive personality at the new WLFM/87.7 FM “ Cleveland ‘s Sound ” radio station ; DJ at parties, charity events and in clubs through ; and the marry ma of two boys, ages 6 and 3 You can rock a high heel. Tell me about your outfit and those shoes. I ‘m 5-foot-1, and my conserve is 6-foot, so I like heels. Platforms are good ; they make you tall, but your foot is more degree, so they ‘re more comfortable. These are by Jessica Simpson from Dillard ‘s. I rarely pay entire price for shoes ; I ‘ll wait for a sale. My jersey was $ 6 at H & M. The watchband is from Stella & Dot ; it ‘s a jewelry party thing ( ). I do n’t do a lot of accessories. The animal print belt is from american Eagle ( $ 19 ). I ‘m always in jeans ; theses are Guess by Marciano at Beachwood Place.


Where do you like to shop? I ‘m not a big on-line shopper — I am obsessed with trying everything on. I like going to the stores. tied with free hark back shipping, it ‘s still a fuss to box it up and ship something back because it did n’t fit right. I ‘m a huge TJ Maxxer. They ‘ve made great changes ; it ‘s about like a department store. I besides like Nordstrom, Target, H & M and Dillard ‘s. What words describe your style? jersey, jeans, high heels, casual, and a fiddling rock ‘n ‘ paradiddle. I ‘m not a dress-up person. Dresses barely are n’t me. I do n’t get caught up on labels. I like to be neat and put-together. I go for a aphrodisiac attend, not rubbishy ; there ‘s a difference. You can be classy and aphrodisiac without showing besides much. Do you have any fashion icons? My sister is my picture. She ‘s a hairdresser ; she ‘s always loved clothes. When I started to borrow her stuff, it dawned on me how great fashion is. She ‘s more “ blingy ” than me. As for celebrities, I like Gwen Stefani. I like her punk-rock look and her L.A.M.B. line of bags. Her look is powerful, I see how you relate. Your makeup is nice — do you like to experiment? I love my makeup. I like M.A.C, L’Oreal HiP center shadows are great, and I like Maybelline. Makeup is sol fun ; I ‘ll go with a boldface look, but I ‘m careful to always look like me. How do you follow the trends?

On the brassy. I ‘ll pay more for something if I know that I ‘ll get thoroughly use out of it for a long prison term. I tried the bright discolor jeans that are in veracious immediately ; I bought them at Target. Do they fit capital ? No, but they ‘re bright. I merely do n’t think that the swerve will be about long adequate to warrant dropping $ 100 on a match of them. For jeans, fit is the most significant thing to me, but I ‘ll sacrifice that to try out a swerve. I can get a pair for under $ 20, then they ‘re kind of disposable. For my classical go-to things, I spend a bite more. I clean out my closet often. I know a therapist in Ashtabula ; she works with a family with four girls. They do n’t have a set, and my clothes fit them. I pass my things on to them. I besides watch TLC ‘s “ What not to Wear. ” I ‘m a lollipop for a makeover appearance.


So four girls might be fighting over those bright jeans pretty soon. Yes. I ‘m not that into rhinestone embellished jeans, specially on the cigarette, but I tried some out, then passed them on to the girls. I heard that they were fighting over them. It makes me feel good that nothing goes to waste. Do you stick to a budget, and do you shop a lot — like for exercise? (C’mon, I know I’m not the only one who does.) I ‘m careful. I only use cash and always check the clearance racks. If I do n’t need anything for the theater, I might buy something. patronize is a way to walk and zone out after a long sidereal day with the kids. I besides eat healthy and work out to stay in shape. I ‘ll invest in jeans and quality shoes. If I have to DJ a party standing in heels, they ‘d better feel good. Do you have any great fashion finds? I ‘m not a bag girl ; I like them but rarely buy them. I did find a cream leather base by Guess by Marciano. It ‘s classical, not covered in G ‘s and bling. It retails for $ 200 ; I got it at TJ Maxx for $ 50. The curious thing, my ma stopped complete merely after I got it — she had just bought the same bag in black. Ah, great minds. Do you stick to any fashion rules or have any pet peeves? I do n’t overaccessorize and I do n’t do “ matchy-matchy, ” but I like everything to come together in a creative way. When I did n’t have any money, I would cut things up, make my own belts, create a little fashion. I dress for my shape. I like fitted, neat, streamlined things. No more baggy clothes, specially [ now that I ‘m back in form ] after having kids. As for favored peeves, what ‘s with the little bantam rise pockets on jeans ? Pockets should frame you nicely and not point in weird directions. They should help the look, not be distracting. How has your style evolved over the years? I ‘m an adult now. I spend a little more than I used to and I dress clean. I ‘ve taken my funky degree down a spot. I used to wear Felix the Cat T-shirts and crosses, adult statement items. nowadays I do colorful nails and a bang-up colored person brake shoe, but I try to keep it chic. I do n’t want to look like I ‘m trying to be 19 or to stand out for the wrong reasons. Do you have a worst or best fashion moment?

Years ago, I was a hair model for my sister. We started with elusive colored highlights, a little bluing, purple. then I got out of see with godforsaken hot tap and other crazy colors. At the time, I thought it was a great fashion moment, I thought it was an amazing look. now I know — it was a bad look .

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