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How To Combine Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Designing a kitchen is not as easy as following a recipe. You always have a surprising number of decisions to make, and choosing the right knobs and handles for your cabinet often comes as a surprise to people. The choice of style, size, and finish are vast, and many kitchens require a carefully considered combination of knobs, kitchen cupboard handles, and other accessories to convey the perfect look. Here’s how to get the cabinet hardware:

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Why is it worth mixing cabinet hardware?

The two main reasons for using multiple styles of cabinet knobs and handles are style and function.

From a stylistic point of view, the combination of different types of appliances can give a kitchen a lot of personalities and add subtle visual interest. You may want to avoid reusing kitchen cupboard handles for all doors and drawers, especially in large kitchens.

From a functional standpoint, some cabinets are more suitable for certain types of equipment than others.

For example, the kitchen shown here has a round knob for a swing door, a handle for a drawer, a small swing door handle above the beverage station, and a large handle for a dish cooler.

None of these hardware options are ergonomically perfect options for all applications, so the mix only makes sense from a practical standpoint.

Tips for mixing devices correctly

So how do you get the gears mixed up so that everything looks logical yet elegant and uncluttered? Ultimately, a lot of it comes down to personal opinion and comfort, but here are some tips to help streamline the decision-making process.

Select a single finish. It is certainly possible to fit cabinet hardware on different surfaces, but it is much easier and safer to combine different styles of rolls and stretches in a single finish. This automatically gives a tight feel to all the gears and quickly makes the differences between the styles less noticeable.

Keep in mind that the “finish” is not only related to the material, but also to the texture. For example, brushed brass and satin brass are gold in color, but they look different because they have different surface textures and different gloss levels.

For a more harmonious look, you can use the same metal finish (and other details like light fixtures and switch plate covers) on the cabinet and faucet hardware.

The cooker featured here is a mix of metals, but the small hardware components are bright, consistent brass.

Think of the numbers. Cabinet hardware looks great when used in multiple locations, so a single knob or handle doesn’t make you feel awkward. Therefore, in a large kitchen with many doors and drawers, you can easily run multiple types of appliances.

If your kitchen doors and drawers have fewer than 20, it’s safer to use two or fewer appliances. In a compact kitchen with fewer than 12 doors and drawers, it’s a good idea to use just one style of handle everywhere to take interest elsewhere, like kitchen countertops. B. On an open shelf.

This is certainly not a hard rule of thumb, but it does help create an organized look

If you think mixing hardware styles isn’t right for you right now, you’re in luck. For most cabinet functions, a simple straight handle with 3- to 4-inch screw holes will suffice. They work best with narrow drawers, but also wide drawers (especially when mounted in pairs) and revolving cabinets. If you use only one type of hardware everywhere and want to keep it simple, this is the solution.

Use one style for the upper cabinet and another for the lower cabinet. A good way to match the look of your hardware is one type of hardware on the top (usually a knob because it’s easy to grab when opening the top door) and one type of hardware on the bottom (usually a short handle or shooter). Place. Works with both bottom door and drawer).

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