How to Overcome Public Speaking Fear

Do you get phobic while speaking in public? Is public speaking a very daunting task for you? Do you wish to learn how to speak in public with confidence? Public speaking fear

How to instantly make incredible presentations without “chickening out”

Public speaking can be scary and unnerving, but fear of public speaking doesn’t have to be an issue. Counter it with proven, practical methods that will transform your presentations from stressful to confident.

You will learn how to prepare for a speech, techniques for controlling anxiety, and methods for memorizing portions of the presentation.

Learn to handle your fears and public speak with confidence

Do you dread standing up in front of a crowd? Do your speeches and presentations fall flat? Do you secretly feel every other speaker is better than you are? Do you wish you could speak with style, and substance, and improve your public speaking skills?

“The vast majority of people who will be standing in front of an audience are going to be those speaking at a wedding or a retirement party.

They’re going to have a heartfelt, personal speech to give, “explains Rachel Gillett, author of “How To Nail That Toasty Public Speaking Style Everyone Loves,” for Fast Company.

Practice your speech out loud until you feel comfortable with it and you’ve created the right tone and inflection that emphasis the right points.

Most people would rather face a dentist than give a speech. While about 20 percent of the population are natural-born speakers, another 20 percent hate it with a passion, and the rest fall somewhere in between.

These steps may help:

  • Know your topic. …
  • Get organized. …
  • Practice, and then practice some more. …
  • Challenge specific worries. …
  • Visualize your success. …
  • Do some deep breathing. …
  • Focus on your material, not on your audience. …
  • Don’t fear a moment of silence.

Public speaking fears

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