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Wall Hung Vanity Unit 600 mm – A Perfect Bathroom Furniture

Wall Hung Vanity units have taken the market by storm. Compared to regular washbasins, vanity units provide sufficient storage space, wide functionality, and most of all; they make your bathroom look spacious and clutter-free as well. In short, vanity units are too good not to install in the bathroom.

If you haven’t installed a vanity unit in your bathroom, it’s either you have a small bathroom, or you are short on budget. But guess what! Neither your congested bathroom nor the limited budget, none can prevent you from having the bathroom of your dreams because we have brought you the perfect solution to that – a floating style vanity unit.

Doesn’t know what wall hung vanity units 600mm are? And how can they be the best furniture solution for your small bathroom? Stick with us till the end and learn everything wall-hung vanity units have to offer.

What is a Wall Hung Vanity Unit 600mm?

Wall hung vanity units mounts perpendicular to the wall having no contact with the floor whatsoever. Considering no dependence on the floor, they fit against the force of gravity. Being a furniture item, these vanities have to bear the weight of storage supplies on top of their own. This is why they are attaches with bolts and screws that keep the vanity in place and prevent it from falling.

Their unique appearance is what makes them more modern and attractive than others. With open space beneath the vanity, they indulge a sense of openness in a bathroom despite its small size.

If you have a cloakroom or a small bathroom, then the wall mount vanity unit 600mm can be incredibly helpful. These are small; compact, usually combined with the sink and a vanity unit to offer to even more space savings. 

Why Wall Hung Vanities are the Right Furniture for Your Bathroom?

Considering their extensive range of styles and shapes, they can fit in bathrooms of almost any size, but what makes it the best possible solution for smaller bathrooms? Here’s the answer:

  • Fulfill Storage Needs Efficiently

Whether big or small, every bathroom needs furniture for storage to keep the rest of the bathroom clutter-free and sorted. Wall-hung vanities provide enough storage to accommodate toiletries and other necessary supplies that would otherwise be lying on top of the counter unit.

  • Create a Sense of Space

Wall hung vanity units prove the best when it comes to making a small bathroom appear “not so small”. Being attached to the walls, they do not occupy any floor space, which gives a sense of added ground space that makes a small bathroom appear bigger.

  • Complement Wet Rooms

Ever consider turning your standard bathroom into a wet room? Believe me; wet rooms are far more suited for smaller bathrooms than they are for larger ones. And the floating wall-hung vanities truly complement the contemporary theme of wet rooms.

  • Hassle-free Cleaning

No type of bathroom is good if it is hard to clean or maintain. A bathroom only looks pleasing and attractive if it is clean, and wall hung vanity units offer the best chances of doing that. No attachment to the floor means you would face no problem cleaning the floor or the vanity.

  • Contemporary and Luxurious Looks

Nowadays, everyone is after contemporary, modern, and luxurious looks. Therefore, you need the fittings and fixtures that will help you to create such looks. Wall mount style is a type of furniture that creates minimalist and luxurious looks. That’s why you will see many such designs in luxury hotels and other similar spaces. So, modernity and wall mount furniture go hand in hand together. 

Are there any disadvantages of Wall Hung Vanity Units?

Everything in this world has some disadvantages. The same is for the 600 mm floating style vanity unit.  We discuss a few of these as follows

  • The first disadvantage of the wall hung style unit is the difficulty in the installation. You will need the pipework that is hidden inside the wall. So, that sometimes requires breaking the wall as well. That’s why it is not sometimes possible for some people to install it.
  • The second disadvantage is the cost of installation. It involves the unit prices as well as the installation costs. Since it is difficult to install, you can not do it on your own. Therefore, the services of a plumber will be required. Both of these elements increase the overall costs of this product. 
  • Although floating style vanities are a great option and complement well the modern or luxury style bathroom, these are not suitable for the traditional style bathroom looks. So, if you have a traditional bathroom, then it is not a suitable choice for you. 

Final Thoughts About Wall Hung Vanity Unit

Wall hung vanity units are a popular choice due to various reasons. These are contemporary, look great, and are ideal for small bathrooms. In case you are looking for suitable storage for the cloakroom then a 600mm wall mount style vanity will be the best option available for you. You can check Royal Bathrooms online store UK’s website for the latest range of bathroom storage furniture in 2022.


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