Different types of limousines and which suits you best

When we think of hiring a limo for special occasions like proms at high schools or wedding is the first thing that spring to the mind. But, there are numerous motives to travel in fashion with a limo service.
Perhaps you’re planning a great night out on the town or celebrating an anniversary. It could be that you’re looking for elegant transport for your journey to sporting events, or even to the airport. In each of these scenarios, you’ll need to think about the various kinds of limousines on the market so you can select the appropriate one.

Knowing your options can help make sure you choose the best limousine to improve your experience. Here’s a list of the most commonly used limousines as well as the kinds of events they’re suitable for.
In addition, we’ve included a couple of interesting options that actually exist (but likely aren’t suitable for everyone). Let’s get started!

Luxury Sedans

A Limousines are a budget alternative that is great for casual transport. They typically accommodate three passengers and are great for business travel. A few of the most well-known luxurious cars you can find in limo services include those like the Lincoln Continental, Cadillac XTS, and the Mercedes Benz S550.

Executive SUVs

Executive, also known as luxury SUVs typically seat up to six people and feature high-end amenities such as wooden trims and luxurious leather seats. The massive trunk makes it the perfect vehicle for large groups that travel between and from airports or cruise ship ports.
The most popular executive SUVs include such as the Cadillac Escalade and the GMC Yukon.

Stretch Limousines

A stretch limousine is the most well-known kind of limo and is what people usually are thinking of when they hear “limo.” It’s typically utilized for proms, weddings as well as other special occasions.
It’s one of the top alternatives for large groups. It is possible for this car to be equipped with lots of exciting amenities, such as drinks stations, televisions as well as privacy glass and light sources that are fiber optic. The majority of stretch limos can hold about 15 passengers.

Stretch SUVs

A stretch SUV is like a stretch limousine however, they usually have a more of a “trendy” appearance and feel. They also can hold more passengers. Up to 24 people can stay there.Hummer limos are among the most well-known stretch SUV alternatives. They’re classy, elegant, and come in a range of exciting hues.

Limo Bus

If you’re in the middle of a large group of people to move then you should think about renting a limo bus. They usually have a room of 30 passengers and include even more premium features. You can expect your bus to have flat-screen televisions with seats with leather, a DVD player, and a fully-equipped bar.

Bonus: 5 Unusual Limo Options
Although the five types of limos mentioned above are likely to see There are many kinds of unique limousines. Be careful, though, as it’ll take more effort to locate any of them!

Eco-friendly Limousine
Eco-friendly limos are hybrids that are efficient in gas usage. The first eco-friendly limo was constructed out of an unrenovated Prius in 2007.

The car (affectionately called”Primo “Primo”) had been converted into a limo that had six doors and eight seats. It was reported to be capable of achieving up to 50 miles per gallon.

  1. Convertible Limo
    If the weather is good it’s hard to beat riding around in the fashion of a convertible limousine. There’s nothing more attractive than driving around with the top off. If Mother Nature isn’t kind, you’ll still have fun in this well-insulated car.
  2. Tank Limo
    Are you a fan of the military? You might want to look around for a tank limousine. This is a real thing!
    The car is about 22 feet in length and 7.5 -8 feet across. This vehicle is powered by the Rolls-Royce engine and is capable of moving at around 35 miles per hour.
    It’s not inexpensive, however. The cost of renting this beast will cost you a minimum of $2,000 per day!
  3. Jacuzzi Limo
    Do you have any memories of those 80s rock movies that showed bikini-clad girls swimming around in hot tubs from the back of limos? Then you’ll be delighted to learn that this is actually a thing! But, if you can find one in the present, you’re more likely to discover that it’s on the inside of the car.
    Although it won’t leave an impression on people who pass by, however, you and your friends will have a blast having fun while traveling towards and back to your location.
  4. Vintage Limos
    If you want to make an impression on a special occasion You might want to think about renting an old-fashioned limousine. The options here are diverse, from classics such as that of the Rolls Royce Phantom to a classic Bently or even the 1932 Duesenberg. If you find some of the above, you will not be cheap, but it’s also certain that you’ll be able to make an impression that will be remembered by all who see it.

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