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Types of Vacuum Cleaner Available in India

Vacuum cleaners have become one of the most essential devices used at homes, offices, schools, universities, etc. The device uses suction to collect dirt and debris from various surfaces such as floors, draperies, or upholsteries. 

It is especially great for having on hand if the area that requires the cleaning is a carpeted floor. It saves time as it is an easier and faster method of cleaning than simply using the old-fashioned ways of cleaning the floor and other surfaces. 

Whether you want to purchase vacuum cleaners online or from a store, you would have to choose from various types of vacuum cleaners. It is vital for you to know about the different types available in the market to find the one best suited for your needs according to its features. Here is a list of the different types available in India.

List of Different Types Available in India:

  • Upright Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most popular types of vacuum cleaners in the market is the upright vacuum cleaner. Cleaning carpets with this type of vacuum cleaner is straightforward since it gives the most power and makes the process much faster. 

One of the best upright vacuum cleaners online that you can find is the Eureka PowerSpeed Turbo Pet Cord Rewind. It has five height adjustment settings and can easily clean hard-to-reach spots. With a 25 feet long cord and 10 feet extra reach, this is one of the most efficient Eureka cleaners you can find online.

  • Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Stick vacuum cleaners are more lightweight in comparison to the other types of vacuum cleaners available. The cleaning head is usually joined to the handle by the motor, which runs along with the handle. 

This type of vacuum cleaner is more suitable for cleaning up smaller amounts of dust and debris effortlessly. The prices of such vacuum cleaners vary for each brand and model.

The Eureka Forbes GFCDFRBEV00000 vacuum cleaner is one example of stick vacuum cleaners. It is lightweight and cordless. So you will not have to deal with the hassle of the inability to reach certain areas due to the length of the cord. You can also shop for Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner online from Bajaj EMI Store. 

  • Canister Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most common types of vacuum cleaners is the canister vacuum cleaner. This kind of vacuum cleaner has a lot of different attachments, which makes it easier to clean any surface. However, it does happen to be one of the expensive types of vacuum cleaner in the market.

The LG VK53181NNTY is a popular canister vacuum cleaner in India. It has three times the dust compression. In addition, it has long-lasting suction power, which makes it one of the people’s favorite vacuum cleaners available. 

  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

As the name suggests, this type of vacuum cleaners requires little human effort to clean surfaces. The user needs to put in instructions through the console or the remote control of the vacuum. 

Afterward, the device will automatically clean the floor using those instructions. Electronic sensors in the vacuum cleaners allow it to steer clear of obstacles, and it shuts down automatically once the task is complete.


Eureka’s NER300 Groove is an example of a robotic vacuum cleaners with strong suction power. As such, you can control it in four different ways and use its three modes of cleaning as required. It is undoubtedly one of the best Eureka cleaners online.

There are a lot of different factors to keep in mind while selecting a vacuum cleaner. The price of the vacuum cleaner is a vital factor you need to consider apart from its features. As mentioned above, certain types of vacuum cleaners happen to be on the expensive end of the price range than others. Bajaj Finserv offers numerous personal loans and EMI facilities.

So if you do have problems trying to finance your purchase, you can try reaching out to them and checking out their offers for your vacuum cleaners.

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