Top 5 Locations In London For Pre-Maternity Photoshoot

London is a city that boasts of rich history and an amalgamation of different cultures. It is a place that attracts many tourists every year and is full of picturesque locations that are Instagram-worthy. The city is home to some of the most spectacular buildings, beautiful gardens and scenic locations that are ideal for your next photoshoot.

Expecting a child is special for a woman and her family. The time of pregnancy leading up to the delivery of the child is precious and it is natural for the couple to want to document it in the form of photos. However, a maternity photoshoot can be tricky since the expecting mother tends to feel nervous being photographed when she’s not looking her best. But there’s nothing a good photographer and a great location can’t fix. Here are some top London locations for your maternity shoot.


Hampstead Pergola and Hill Garden

One of the hidden gems of London, located in its northern part, is Hampstead Pergola and Hill Garden. This place has a vibe similar to a fairy tale and is very serene and quiet. The architecture of the pergola is simply stunning and makes a great place for portrait photography and maternity shoots. Additionally, in summers the blossoming flowers, wisteria, and vines add to the beauty of the backdrop.

St. Dunstan in the East

St. Dunstan in the East is a beautiful garden that used to be a church. The church was destroyed during WWII and its ruins have been turned into a stunning garden that offers spectacular backdrops for photographs. The autumn season is a great time for a photoshoot since the fall colours brighten up the place just like lab diamonds UK.

Lancaster Road, Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a famous place in London which is known for its markets, restaurants, carnivals and a colourful neighborhood. One particular road called the Lancaster Road in Notting Hill is a very picture-worthy place because of the houses painted in rainbow-like colours. The Victorian Houses in this road are painted in hues of yellow, purple, red and green which stand next to each other making it a perfect place for a colourful and vibrant maternity shoot.

Kew Gardens

Even though not located in central London, Kew Gardens is worth a visit for your next photoshoot because of its photogenic nature. This place is filled with lots of greenery which allows the photographer to click you in stunning angles against a lush green backdrop. There is a beautiful rainforest with a white staircase in the middle of it which provides the perfect contrast to the green background.


Belgravia is one the most beautiful places to click your pre-maternity photos. The neighbourhood of this place is filled with cute and chic cafes and boutique shops that decorate their facades in creative ways every season. These decorations, consisting mostly of flowers, look extremely pretty and are worth taking pictures of. A trip to Belgravia for a day of photoshoot will land you with some of the best-looking pictures similar to the ones you take in hill stations and other vacation spots.

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