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Email Address Finder: How to Find Someone’s Email Address Following the LinkedIn?

Suppose you’ve brought innovative products into the market and can’t wait for the opportunity to pitch them to your prospects. You are pretty convinced that if you get at least 15 minutes with the prospect, you can make it happen. 

But how do you go about contacting the prospect? Email is still the most reliable source to reach someone. But if you still rely on outdated techniques to find email addresses manually, you can’t expect significant results. If you wish to boost your prospecting game, integrate the best email finder tool to get access to real-time data from verified sources and pitch your offerings to the right audience.

Get Prospects’ Email IDs Following the LinkedIn

With progression in marketing techniques, many B2B companies and recruiters use LinkedIn for running promotional campaigns and connecting with a broad audience. But there is one catch – it isn’t easier to find accurate email addresses of prospects on social media platforms. So, how are you going to look for emails and other contact details? Well, you can use a lead generation tool like to extract data from multiple web sources and social media with an assurance of accuracy and up-to-date information.

To break the further barrier, you can opt for an email address finder integrated with a lead prospecting engine that allows you to locate someone’s email address or business contact details by using a phone number or social media links. For instance, you can simply enter a name, social media URL, and state other requirements to gather prospects’ info and reach them directly with a highly remarkable and personalized strategy.

Ways to Find Email Addresses from LinkedIn

  • Prospects’ LinkedIn Profile

You can find personal details of potential prospects on LinkedIn, such as education, professional info, residing city, and personal interests. As contact details may not be easily available, you can find emails by using an email finder like It provides several data points from verified sources, including job title, location, working company details, business phone number, and much more.

Simply, use to find emails following the LinkedIn page by uploading the name, social media link, and company of your target prospect. Sounds easy, isn’t it?

  • Save Time and Energy with LinkedIn Email Address Finder

It takes no time and effort to extract the email addresses and contact details of your prospects if you have the right tool. Here’s our recommendation: – A Reliable Email Finder Tool is an intelligent, AI-powered lead generation tool that simplifies the process of finding email addresses by phone number or social media URLs. Marketers can get comprehensive contact details by using an email address finder and stating the specific requirements. It can help you retrieve email ids by keywords, interests, and any other specific segment or search criteria.

Simply, enter the LinkedIn profile name and the tool will start extracting emails from the social media accounts. This way, you can have email addresses, phone numbers, and other info of your potential prospects and build a personalized marketing strategy.

  • Better Leads, More Sales

An email address finder allows you to discover new ways of reaching prospects and running a successful marketing campaign. You can take the best advantage of bulk search to find CEOs, investors, and prospects’ contact info from fully verified web sources. You can perform criteria-based searches based on several parameters like income group, demographics, industry, designation, gender, interests, and more to drive quality leads and increase revenue.

  • Accurate and Real-Time Data

With an email finder, you don’t need to look through multiple web sources, social media channels, and web pages, instead you can find emails through a single process implementation. It allows you to grow your network and build strong relationships to yield outstanding results. Just upload your specific requirements and let the tool do the job of finding relevant email addresses of prospects while you focus on core business objectives.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is the fastest-growing networking platform that gives a wide spectrum of ways to reach your prospects. However, finding anyone’s email address isn’t as simple as it sounds. And that’s why it is ideal to take the advantage of email finder tool to extract email IDs by phone number or social media links without spending ample time and energy.

As you can clearly see, finding anyone’s email address following the LinkedIn page can be no hassle, as long as you know the right tools and tactics. If you run a B2B company, leveraging a tool like can help you take the best market lead and establish a good audience base.

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