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Tennessee Teacher License

In order to work as a teacher in Tennessee, you need to meet several requirements, and the first one is to get your Tennessee teacher license. There are diverse ways to get the certificate, it merely depends on your charge of education and experience .
here is a lead that will help you to understand which way is correct for you at any degree of your career. Whether you are just in the beginning and want to know about the teacher licensure action in Tennessee, or you ’ re an know teacher and want to get a teach license in Tennessee or get an promote certificate. Continue reading and you will get all the information that you need .

Requirements for Tennessee Teachers

Teacher certifications are divided into two levels by The Tennessee Department of Education ( DOE ) .

Practitioner License

This license is an initial or entry-level license. When you are a fresh or out-of-state teacher you first get this license. The practitioner license is provided for three years and you can renew it merely one time, so all in all you will get this license for 6 years.
To be eligible to get this license, you need to be at least 18 years and have a bachelor ’ s degree.

Professional Teacher License

The most advanced teacher license in Tennessee is professional. After having a practitioner license and work as a teacher for three years, you can advance it by getting the professional one. But this is not the end, besides you need to have the recommendation of the Director of Schools or earn 30 Professional Development Points ( PDPs ). You can get these points by taking continuing education credits․

Minimum Education Requirements for Tennessee Teachers

First of all, you need to have a knight bachelor ’ s degree. The degree major must be in the same discipline that you want to teach or to be connected to the areas that you want to work. additionally, you need to take a board-approved teacher trail platform. You can take it in a state other than Tennessee. And besides, this broadcast has to be in the like subject or an sphere where you want to work .
The Tennessee Department of Education issues a list of approved educator training programs based on school and broadcast character .

Student Teaching

Before completing your aim program you are required to get some students teaching experience. This know will help you to exercise your teaching skills under the supervision of an feel teacher. besides, make certain that you get experience in a grade or in a national in which you are planning to work .

Pass Tennessee Certification Exams

In order to get your Tennessee teach license you need to pass two Praxis exams : the Principles of Learning and Teaching ( PLT ) and the Subject Area Assessment. Both exams have different quiz options. You need to choose the one in the like subject as you are planning to teach .


This examination has different testing options, including early childhood, grades K-6, grades 5-9, rate 7-12 .
The subjects for this examination are :

  • Students as Learners
  • Assessment
  • Instructional Process
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership
  • Community.

Depending on what is your specific teaching area the levels of the questions will be unlike. besides, be ready to pass the instructional scenarios that will be in the like subjects.

Subject Area Assessment

This examination has a lot more discipline sphere assessment than the PLT. This test includes subjects from elementary Education K-6, up to more specific subjects such as Economics 6-12. To find out which test is for you, check with your training course of study .

How to Apply for a teaching license in Tennessee?

If you take your teacher coach plan in Tennessee state, you don ’ t need to complete your application on your own. alternatively of you, your training program will complete and submit it, via the TNCompass portal. With this application, you besides need to submit a personal affirmation form .
But, if you take your coach platform outside of the country you must complete the application by yourself .
Before completing the application you need to provide all official transcripts and trial scores, whether you are an in-state or out-state applicant .

Additional Requirements for Tennessee Teacher License

Before you will be able to get your license you need to provide fingerprints and undergo a submit and union criminal background match. To start this course of study you need to do a fingerprinting card registration at the Tennessee Department of Health .

Specialty Certifications

As it was mentioned early in the article, there are some basic requirements that you must meet before starting the application, but the exact testing assessments that you need to do are different and connecting with the license type .

Early Childhood Education

To get an early childhood education ( ECE ) in Tennessee you need to pass the PLT for Early Childhood. And then take three discipline assessments. The ECE include grade Pre-K-3 .

  • Education of Young Children: This consists of 120 multiple-choice questions and three constructed-responses.
  • Elementary Education Content Knowledge: The exam includes the basic knowledge of your content.
  • Teaching Reading: Elementary Education: This one consists of 90 multiple-choice questions and three constructed-response questions.

Elementary School Teacher

To get an elementary school teacher ’ mho license you besides need to take four exams. Two are the same as ECE the elementary education : content Knowledge and Teaching Reading : elementary education.

Middle and Secondary School Teachers

In Middle school, there are specific subjects and for that subjects, there are specific teachers. That ’ south why middle school teachers have more options for licenses.
First of all, you need to take the PLT for grades 5-9 and the Teaching read : elementary department of education. After you need to pass the Middle School : Content Knowledge examination. This includes literature and terminology studies, mathematics, history/social studies, and science.
The fourth examination that you need to pass gives you more options. This examination covers the subjects that you are planning to teach .

  • English/Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

What states accept a Tennessee teaching license?

Tennessee State participates in both the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education which includes all states. So the Tennessee teaching license is accepted in all the states .

What is a transitional teaching license in TN?

The transitional education license is an alternative license type that allows the college graduates without master preparation for teaching, to teach at the school system, but they need to be offered teaching positions in Tennessee .

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