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Starting a DIY remodel? Keep things neat and clean with the best painting hacks from TikTok.

Finding the correct rouge colors can be fun, but all the homework make ? not then much. Your furniture needs to be moved, a drop curtain fabric needs to be laid and strip after strip of cougar ’ randomness tape should hug every door and window frame, plus the ceiling, shelves and any woodwork you have lining your walls. Oh, one more thing—don ’ thyroxine forget to thoroughly clean walls before paint .
The homework takes indeed much time, when all you want to do is put a fresh coat of paint on the wall !

But the dependable news is that there are shortcuts—ones that cut the homework prison term in half without skimping on quality. Before you start taping up every surface in your room, check out these painting hacks from TikTok user @ therenegadehome. She shared two videos with three painting hacks each, which means a total of six handy hacks to make certain you never have a messy paint visualize again !

1. Line Your Trim with a File Folder

No necessitate for extra cougar ’ south videotape here. Use a file folder to keep things clean as you paint, particularly in street fighter, detailed areas like door frames and trim that connects to the floor or ceiling. You ’ ll need a file booklet, your paintbrush and a steady handwriting. place the folder between the areas you are and aren ’ triiodothyronine painting, and slide it along the open as you go. The resultant role ? clean lines, without the 45 minutes of laying painter ’ s tape advance .
See what the Property Brothers use rather of painter ’ s tape .

2. Keep the Paint Can Tidy

Take all the cougar ’ randomness magnetic tape you aren ’ thymine putting up on your wall and use it on your rouge can. It can help prevent the painter ’ second pet peeve of a messy, paint-covered bucket and pronounce. For this paint hack, take two strips of videotape and join them at an angle over the top edges of the can. Secure them with a third strip, wrapped around the can right under the rim, and voilà ! You ’ ra left with a DIY rant that allows for easy paint-pouring and clean-up. When you ’ re finished, rip off the tape, traverse and store away until the future use .
FYI : here are the rouge colors to skip when choosing your palette .

3. Keep Your Paintbrush Clean

A paint-covered brush cover makes for messy hands and stained invest if you aren ’ thyroxine careful. To avoid this, plainly wrap some painter ’ s tape around the base of your brush and the cover. If things start to get excessively messy during the summons, you can either wipe the excess paint off with a towel, or replace the tape as you go. And when you ’ re done with your plan, just rip off the tape to reveal an about brand-new brush—besides the bristles.

If paint does happen to spatter onto your perspirer, here ’ s how to remove paint from clothes .

4. Use a Rubber Band to Wipe Your Brush

There ’ sulfur nothing worse than trying to put a lid over a can of key with a messy rim. To keep this from happening, put a arctic ring vertically around your can, adjusting it to the center of the can. You can dip your brush in and wipe it off on the rubberize band, so paint drips properly back into the can .
If you ’ ve somehow get key on the floor, hera ’ s how to get key out of the carpet .

5. Use Fabric Softener to Clean Your Brushes

We never want our brushes to become crusted with paint, but sometimes water alone doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do the best job of keeping that from happening. This trick solves that problem in a jiffy—mix some framework softener with a fiddling water and leave your brushes to soak for an hour. They ’ ll attend angstrom good as new !

6. Use a 6-in-1 Painter’s Tool to Clean Rollers

The curved function of this handy tool can be used to scrape off overindulgence paint, making it extremely easy to wash the rest out. It besides functions as a putty tongue, a scraper, a gouger and a paint can opener—is there anything this appliance can ’ t do ? Look for a 6-in-1 tool like this before you start painting.

For more painting hacks, see what painting tips the Property Brothers swear by .

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