The best Xbox Series X accessories to buy now

Build out your gaming set-up with the best Xbox Series X accessories. Making the most of these controllers, extra repositing or headsets will help take the Xbox Series X ( or Xbox Series S if you that rather ) experience to the next flush. The argus-eyed among you will notice some of these accessories were built with the Xbox One in mind. That ‘s not a problem though, as Microsoft made sure everything is forward compatible, good if you want to use these on your existing comfort before buying a series X or Series S. Check out the best accessories for your Series X or Series S below. And if you need a cabinet to go with your accessories, here ‘s our where to buy Xbox Series X guide.

The best Xbox Series X accessories you can buy today

best Xbox Series X accessories: Xbox Wireless Headset ( picture credit rating : Microsoft )

1. Xbox Wireless Headset

This officially-licensed pair of headphones fathom great, fit well and are easy to set-up. The controls, built into the earcups themselves, are bare to understand besides, plus you can easily tuck the microphone aside if you do n’t need it. There are n’t many customization options, but at a reasonably priced $ 100, and with the rest of set-up, it ‘s distillery one of the best Xbox Series X accessories. ( image credit : future )

2. Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Charging Cable

somehow the Xbox Series X however does n’t offer a rechargeable restrainer, as the include gamepad still runs on AA batteries. so if you buy equitable one of the best Xbox Series X accessories on this list, make it this one. Save yourself some meter and money with a rechargeable barrage pack. These devices last for years, and keep controllers going for about 30 hours on a unmarried blame. Thanks to an included USB-C cable, you can besides play while you recharge. ( picture credit : Tom ‘s Guide )

3. Xbox Wireless Controller

A second control is possibly the most common accessory that gamers buy for their consoles. And you ca n’t beat Xbox ‘s official gamepad. It ‘s well deserving picking up a second pad, particularly since the Xbox Series X restrainer works for personal computer and mobile games besides via Bluetooh pairing. even if you do n’t have a second player handy, an excess restrainer can be one of the most invaluable best Xbox Series X accessories. ( picture credit : future )

4. Seagate Storage Expansion Card

If the onboard SSD on your Xbox Series X is n’t boastfully adequate to hold all your games, then this is the merely one of the best Xbox Series X accessories that will let you expand your storage and continue playing at the high speeds you ‘re used to. This storehouse calling card fits into a specially designed slot on the back of the cabinet, and can add either 512GB, 1TB or 2TB of memory to your console count on the version you get. They ‘re all costly investments though, costing $ 139, $ 220 and $ 400 respectively. That ‘s right – to add another two terabytes of memory, you basically have to pay for your Xbox Series X all all over again. You do n’t have to buy these cards if you barely want to store your games somewhere while you ‘re not playing them. however if you want to have a library of games ready to go at any time, this is what you need to have. ( prototype credit : Xbox )

5. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

You may not think of this subscription serve as one of the best Xbox Series X accessories, specially if you prefer to own your media instantaneously. however for most players, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is well worth a count. This service gives you access to more than 100 downloadable games across the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and personal computer for a flat $ 15 per calendar month. many of these games are even available to stream to Android via the Xbox app. Your save data carries over across platforms, so you can pick up right where you left off on any number of machines. Microsoft has ensured that every one of its first-party titles hits Game Pass the day that the crippled launches, making this the cheapest manner to experience Xbox exclusives .

6. Razer Kaira Pro

( image citation : Razer ) The Razer Kaira Pro is designed with the Xbox Series X and Series S in mind, and it worked indeed well it helped secure it a spot on this best Xbox Series X accessories guide. This wireless headset pairs with any Xbox cabinet at the press of a button, and provides big sound across a assortment of genres. It ‘s comfortable to wear for long stretches, and the battery lasts up to 20 hours. What ‘s truly utilitarian, though, is that the Kaira Pro besides has Bluetooth pair, letting you hook it up to PCs and mobile devices american samoa well .

7. SteelSeries Arctis 7X

( picture accredit : SteelSeries ) possibly you ‘re a game who plays more than just Xbox. If you want a headset that will easily work across multiple platforms while nailing all the basics, the Arctis 7X is just what you need. This headset will work with basically any platform – Xbox, Switch, personal computer or smartphone thanks to its Bluetooth connection. While it ‘s tuned for game audio rather than music cyclosis, it still provides an excellent sound and a high-quality microphone to talk with your teammates with, which slides into the body of the headset when not in use .


( effigy credit : LG ) OK, we might be pushing the boundary of what ‘s considered an accessory here, but the LG C1 OLED television is one of the best bet on television around and an ideal partner for the Xbox Series X. The deep black and huge contrast, ampere well as bountiful luminosity of the TVs, which come in a range of sizes with 55 inches being the fresh spot, make games look brilliant ; Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 in particular. But more than that, there ‘s a suite of gaming features from a low-latency bet on mood that has a mix of options to suit what you ‘re playing, angstrom well as defend for 120 frames per second gambling, variable review rate, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. IN shortstop the the LC C1 OLED TVs are fantastic, and thanks to reduced prices they are more low-cost than ever .

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