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A Plex account is basically your personal identity for things associated with Plex. You use it to sign in to the web site, the confirm forums, and Plex apps .
The Plex web site will allow you to manage your Plex report. You can use the acme menubar on the web site to sign in, sign up for a new account, or access account information if already signed in .
The main navigation bar at the top of the website

Sign in to an Existing Plex Account

Click the Sign In button in the menubar to bring up the page to let you sign in to your Plex account.

Plex account sign-in is available using Google, Facebook, Apple, or email address

  • Continue with Google: Sign in using your Google account.
  • Continue with Facebook: Sign in using your Facebook account.
  • Continue with Apple: Sign in with your Apple account.
  • Directly Signing In: You can enter your Plex account username/email address and password associated with your account.

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Sign Up for a New Plex Account

Click the Sign Up button in the menubar to bring you to a mannequin where you can create a newfangled Plex report .
Sign up for a Plex account using Google, Facebook, Apple, or email address

  • Continue with Google: Sign up using your Google Account. A new window from Google will appear for confirmation.
  • Continue with Facebook: Sign up using your Facebook Account. A new window from Facebook will appear for confirmation.
  • Continue with Apple: Sign up using your Apple account. You will be redirected to Apple’s site for confirmation.
  • Directly with Email: Sign up using your email address and create a password. Be sure to double-check that you entered both correctly!

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Setting a Username

When an report is created a default username is created by taking half of the first region of the e-mail cover and appending numbers until it ’ second unique. If you wish to create a username you can do that on your account foliate. link : Plex Web App : report foliate

  • Allowed characters: a-z , A-Z , 0-9 , _ , .
  • Maximum length: 30 characters

Forgot Your Password?

If you ’ ve forgotten your password and need to have it reset, you can find a Forgot ? link on electronic mail sign-in form .
Request a password reset be sent by submitting the email address of an active, valid Plex account
enter your electronic mail address and submit the form. If the savoir-faire matches an existing, active Plex account, an electronic mail will be sent that contains instructions on resetting the account password .
Tip! : If there is no Plex explanation matching the relegate address or if you have deleted your Plex explanation, then no e-mail will be sent .

Managing your Plex Account

once signed in to your Plex account, you can manage your report information at any time from Plex Web App. Click the top right exploiter menu and then choose Account. here, you ’ ll be able to edit and manage respective aspects of your Plex account .

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The Account page allows you to view and edit most aspects of your Plex bill. You can :

  • Change your username, email address, or password
  • Update your account preferences for automatically selecting audio and subtitle streams
  • Link to a Google, Facebook, or Apple account
  • Choose whether or not you’re subscribed to our newsletter and marketing emails
  • View privacy information
  • Delete your Plex account

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If you have an active Plex subscription ( Plex Pass or TIDAL ), you can view information about the subscription and wield it .
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If you have ever had a subscription on the report, you can view payment information about subscription transactions. This includes see and printing receipts/invoices .

Online Media Sources

Control whether or not on-line media sources such as on-demand Movies & Shows, Live television ( from Plex ), Podcasts, Web Shows, or TIDAL will appear for your report. If you are the admin/owner of a Plex Home, you can control whether or not they show up for Managed Users in the Home, besides .
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Audio & Subtitle Settings

Set how audio and subtitle streams are mechanically selected when playing contented for your account .
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Authorized Devices

View and do apps, servers, and other tools that are linked to your Plex report .
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Plex Pass subscribers can specify URLs to use with webhooks .
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Other Services

You can link your report to external services, such as ( so that music scrobbles are sent when you play music in Plex ) or TIDAL.


Didn’t Receive Confirmation Instructions?

If you ’ ve signed up for a Plex account but seaport ’ t so far confirmed your electronic mail, you can use Resend ratification instructions .

enroll your electronic mail address and submit the form. If the address matches an existing Plex report, an e-mail will be sent that contains confirmation instructions for the account .



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