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4.5 NerdWallet ‘s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formulas take into score multiple datum points for each fiscal merchandise and service . NerdWallet rat Helcim is a merchant services provider that offers transparent, competitive pricing and an across-the-board platform. While it ‘s not the most low-cost choice for businesses with depleted sales volumes, it ‘s an excellent option for most other small-business owners. here ‘s what you need to know.

Deciding factors

software price detached ; no monthly plans .
hardware price Card reviewer : $ 109. Optional thermal printer : $ 79 .
payment work rates Interchange plus pricing. Tiered rates based on monthly serve bulk. For lowest volume tier : 0.3 % plus 8 cents in-person and 0.5 % plus 25 cents for key and on-line payments .
contract duration No contracts .
Payout time Within two business days .
accept payment methods Debit/credit cards, ACH, international .
Options Point-of-sale, virtual terminal, mobile app, hosted payment pages, payment gateway API .
Customer support phone and e-mail .

How does Helcim work?

As a full-service merchant services supplier, Helcim offers respective features and capabilities, including :

  • merchant accounts, which allow you to accept credit and debit card payments from customers .
  • Hardware, such as the platform ‘s NFC-enabled mobile calling card lector .
  • A mobile app for io or Android, which allows you to accept payments on the sound .
  • virtual terminals, which allow you log in from any device that has internet access and accept credit calling card transactions .
  • point-of-sale software, through the platform’s web-based software and mobile app .
  • Hosted payment pages, which allow you to accept payments, register customers, add QR codes, save recognition cards and subscribe users to recurring payment plans on your business ‘s web site .
  • A requital gateway API, which can integrate with a shop cart, billing system or other compatible third-party software .



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on Helcim ‘s web site

How much does Helcim cost?

Payment processing rates

Helcim operates on an interchange-plus pricing structure, meaning you pay a specific pace plus cents per transaction above exchange ( 0.25 % plus 8 cents per transaction over interchange, for example ). The interchange pace itself varies depending on the menu issuer, and can change over meter. For businesses processing up to $ 25,000 in credit card sales per month, Helcim charges :

  • 0.3 % plus 8 cents per in-person transaction ( in addition to substitute ) .
  • 0.5 % plus 25 cents for each identify and on-line transaction ( in addition to exchange ) .

Your demand costs depend both the type of transactions you process and your sales volume. e-commerce transactions are by and large pricier than those taken in person, due to the riskier nature of accepting payments on-line. additionally, Helcim offers volume-based processing discounts, therefore as your sales volume increases, your cost gross profit decreases.


Helcim offers a mobile card reader, which costs $ 109 and includes a free countertop stand. You can besides add an optional thermal printer for $ 79. If you ‘d like to use extra POS hardware ( like a cash drawer or barcode scanner ), you can purchase these from third-party sellers, and you may be even able to use hardware you already own.


Helcim does not charge many of the distinctive fees associated with merchant serve providers, and it ‘s diaphanous about the few fees it does accusation :

  • For each transaction with non-sufficient funds, the tip is $ 25 .
  • Any returned or rejected ACH or EFT/PAD transactions are charged a $ 5 fee .
  • If you have a chargeback, you ’ ll have to pay a $ 15 fee — but Helcim will reimburse this if you win the dispute .



Helcim lists all its price information and fees on its web site, and breaks down individual serve costs. Although the interchange-plus rates may not be the most low-cost for all businesses, this guileless model is one of the best options you ’ ll receive from a merchant service supplier. additionally, PCI conformity ( which is another common monthly cost required by other providers ) is included with a Helcim merchant account.

All-inclusive platform

Helcim merchant services truly is across-the-board, giving you one-key access to the resources you need to run your business. Unlike many early payment serve companies, Helcim provides you with a merchant account, accredit card process, a point-of-sale system, hosted payment pages, invoicing and business management tools.


Potentially expensive for low-volume businesses

Helcim ’ s price is probably not the most cost-efficient for smaller businesses that process lower volumes each month. Smaller businesses might not need all of Helcim ‘s features and might save money by using a provider with flat-rate price, like Square.


Square: Free software option


free hardware

Square offers a act of tailor software options — Square Point-of-Sale, Square for Retail, Square for Restaurants and Square Appointments. You can besides rate one spare magstripe tease reader for processing in-person payments. You besides have the option to purchase extra hardware directly from its web site. The most basic option, Square Point-of-Sale, is barren and includes inventory and employee management capabilities. All of Square ’ s citation card action fees are flat-rate, making them more predictable and potentially more cost-efficient for low-volume businesses.

Payment Depot: Unique pricing structure

Payment Depot is a merchant account provider that offers a kind of payment serve options including a merchant score, payment gateway, virtual end, POS system and more. With each of its three plans you pay a monthly subscription fee, and then your work rates are calculated with a no-percentage markup model. This means you pay alone the interchange rate plus a few cents per transaction, rather than the more coarse model of interchange, plus an extra share charge and a few cents. The exact rate over exchange you ’ ll give will depend on your subscription plan ( each of which has a maximal monthly work bulk ), but it ranges from 15 cents per transaction to seven cents per transaction.

Accept payments without worry

See our payment provider recommendations that fit your business.


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