Top 10 Factor of choosing a Dedicated Server in Seattle

Approx all of the global companies are expanding their business in digital format. Day after day they improve their user experience, satisfaction, and essential link between companies. If your site receives constant traffic, then you need to improve user satisfaction. Hosting speed, and content plays a very important role to improve user experience. So, Leasing a dedicated server in Seattle ensures to give high speed and a better user experience. 

Also, there are plenty of reasons available to choose a dedicated server. A dedicated server is the best option for large businesses that need high security, huge space, and faster-loading speed. Before getting a dedicated server you need to consider these top 10 factors. This is the best time to consider a dedicated server.

So, read this article to understand the top 10 factors of the Seattle dedicated server. This helps to consider a dedicated server as the best hosting solution for your business. 

Which businesses need a Seattle dedicated server?

Companies that store large amounts of data, get a huge amount of traffic, 99.9 percent uptime, & want high security, etc. An on-premise dedicated server is typical to run. As a website owner, you need to consider all about dedicated servers. 

For securing financial or sensitive data:

A Seattle Dedicated server gives high security to protect your data from scammers. It provides DDoS protection, data encryption, SSL, and backup to secure data. For example banks, hospitals, and eCommerce site can host their site. They securely store customers’ sensitive information. 

Host multiple sites:

With a dedicated server, you can host multiple sites. So, this is helpful for Digital marketing agencies, they can host multiple sites of the clients. 

Also, beneficial for online tools, SaaS software to secure the data. 

Get Huge traffic:

If your website receives a huge amount of traffic. So, you may consider a dedicated server. Like NEWS websites or e-commerce sites, they store lots of data and receive huge traffic. 

Top 10 Factors of Choosing a Dedicated server in Seattle

Consider all of the following factors before choosing a dedicated server. 

Requirement of Performance: 

Your website performance depends on the number of visitors. If the site receives below 50000 visitors in a month then a dedicated server is not for you. Your website performance also depends on the service which you want to provide to your customers. Robust hardware provides better performance than others. Better hardware gives you high bandwidth and minimum loading time. 

Reliability & Minimum Downtime:

According to the data, if the loading speed of your site is more than 3 seconds then you can lose 40 percent of visitors every month. Choosing the best dedicated server in Seattle gives you minimum downtime and superb stability. A reliable and high uptime hosting also helps in ranking and better user experience. 

Before getting a dedicated server, must ensure around-the-clock uptime and high reliability. This also decreases the risk of downtime. Reliability also depends on the hardware and processor. 

Enhanced Security:

In this age, security is a major concern for all businesses. A user or customer only share their data with only those website which is secure their information. Lots of businesses and websites close within six months after hacked, and data breaches. 

Scammers send a high amount of traffic on your site to down your server. You can install DDoS protection to protect servers from these types of issues. Also data encryption, backups, SSL you get with a dedicated server. 

Choice of Hardware:

When you lease a dedicated server you have full flexibility to choose hardware like CPU, processor, RAM, storage, bandwidth, etc. As per your business website requirement, you can choose the best hosting solution. 

Technical Requirement:

You do not need to learn any technical knowledge about server setup and its process. You can hire an IT team to manage your server. You have complete root access over the leased dedicated server. 

Network Quality:

Network quality is very important for your website. Network quality depends on the physical location of your server.  Before selecting you must test the network speed and quality. 


Leasing a dedicated server in Seattle is completely worth on money. Because you get lots of benefits with dedicated hosting.  Further, you must have complete knowledge about upgrading fees in case of scalability. The pricing depends on the behalf of your server requirement. 


Now, let’s summarize all the articles and understand that Seattle dedicated server is the best hosting solution for your business. Because this provides plenty of benefits like top-level security, high network quality, choice of hardware, technical support, network quality, reliability, 99.9% uptime, and more. In Seattle you can choose a serverwala hosting provider to get the best, reliable, enhanced security, and cheap dedicated server. Also they give 24*7 technical support. 

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