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Masters in Education Leadership Programs

School principals, superintendents, and higher education administrators help K-12 schools and colleges run smoothly. These career paths offer advancement opportunities for current educators, vitamin a well as for individuals considering a career change into education. Earning a chief ‘s degree in educational leadership prepares graduates for advance roles in educational organizations .
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ), educational leadership jobs offer high earning potential. The median school tprincipal wage exceeds $ 95,000, while postsecondary education administrators tend to earn over $ 94,000 per class. These school government jobs besides offer relatively potent growth projections, with 6 % project emergence for instructional coordinator jobs from 2018-2020 .
An on-line victor ‘s in educational leadership plan offers students more flexibility and approachability than an on-campus program. For exercise, working professionals may be able to pursue career advancement without leaving their current jobs. Our tilt of the best on-line victor ‘s in educational leadership programs ranks the crown programs, providing a valuable resource for prospective educational leadership students.

Master’s in Educational Leadership Overview

A master ‘s in educational leadership plan provides advance trail in school presidency and leadership. alumnus students dispatch coursework designed to train school principals, higher department of education administrators, and school superintendents. Programs emphasize effect skills, including strategic planning in education, school leadership, and course of study invention .
Earning an educational leadership degree generally takes two years for full-time students, though some programs offer accelerated options. Some programs incorporate an internship or practicum, allowing students to gain hands-on experience working under a school administrator. many on-line educational leadership programs cater to working educators by prioritizing tractability .
An educational leadership degree can meet the requirements for positions as educate principals, school administrators, and superintendents. After completing an on-line dominate ‘s in educational leadership track, some educators choose to earn a doctor’s degree. A doctoral degree can lead to promote opportunities in education or research, american samoa well as academic jobs. interested students can learn more about the best on-line doctoral programs in educational leadership .

Featured Master’s in Education Programs

The Best Online Master’s Programs in Educational Leadership

Best Online Programs

Online Master’s in Educational Leadership Programs Ranking Guidelines

We selected these academic degree programs based on the program timbre and diverseness of courses provided, vitamin a well as school awards, rankings, and reputation .

Choosing an Online Master’s in Educational Leadership Program

The on-line learning format can help working educators pursue career progress without leaving their job. Students should consider several factors when choosing a plan, including total broadcast costs, the plan ‘s areas of focus, and whether the platform meets licensure requirements .
The price of a chief ‘s in educational leadership varies widely. In general, public schools charge in-state learners the lowest tuition rates. however, many distance programs offer tutelage discounts to out-of-state students who complete the program wholly on-line. In addition to tutelage, prospective students should consider fees and book costs .
Choosing an accelerate plan or a program that accepts transfer credits can besides lower the cost of an educational leadership degree .
many educational leadership programs offer focus areas in school principalship or higher department of education presidency. additionally, prospective school principals seeking public school jobs should check whether the program meets the principal licensure requirements in their state .

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What Can I Expect From an Online Master’s in Educational Leadership Program?

An educational leadership program trains calibrate students about leadership principles for careers in education. While earning an on-line master ‘s in educational leadership, graduate students take courses in school administration, strategic plan, and course of study design. many educational leadership programs meet the requirements for a school administrator license, including as a school principal or school overseer .

The Curriculum for an Online Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership

  • Administration of School: This class provides an overview of school administration, including the role of a school administrator, foundational administrative knowledge, and the leadership skills required for educational leadership jobs. Graduate students analyze leadership attributes and how they influence educational administration. Coursework also introduces graduate students to the role of government agencies in schools and the broader educational environment. Learners also prepare for advanced courses in educational leadership.
  • Strategic Planning: In strategic planning classes, educational leadership students learn how to develop and implement strategic plans. Coursework emphasizes leadership skills and the importance of effective strategic planning in education. It also covers the conceptual framework for strategic planning. This class prepares school administrators for leadership roles within educational organizations. In particular, many school superintendents benefit from strategic planning training.
  • School Law: Federal, state, and local laws shape the modern education system. This class examines the legal principles that influence the public education system, including areas like administrative law and fundamental rights. With an emphasis on interpreting the process of creating school law, learners investigate the U.S. legislative and judicial process. Graduate students also learn about the legal context for collective bargaining and employment protections.
  • Curriculum Design: Curriculum design courses examine best practices for developing school curricula at the K-12 level. Graduate students study current research on determining curriculum priorities, implementing curricula, and assessing the effectiveness of curricula. The course also explores the role of state and local governments in curriculum development. Students look at standards and benchmarks, the process of monitoring curricula, and the role of assessment in curriculum design.
  • Ethics in Educational Leadership: Courses on ethics in educational leadership address ethical issues and dilemmas faced by school administrators. Graduate students examine the ethical principles that guide educational policymaking. They also study the ways ethical issues shape the academic success of students, including vulnerable student populations like students with learning disabilities and students who speak English as a second language. The class strengthens ethical decision-making for future school principals and other leaders in the educational system.

Certifications and Licenses a Master’s in Educational Leadership Prepares For

  • School Leaders Licensure Many educational leadership jobs require a school administration license, including jobs as school principals and school administrators. Each state sets its own licensure requirements, but candidates must generally have an accredited master’s degree in educational leadership or education administration. Many states also require passing scores on an ETS school leadership examination. This test covers educational leadership topics, such as instructional leadership, organizational leadership, and strategic leadership. In some states, candidates for a principal license must already hold a valid teaching license. Prospective school administration professionals should research the licensure requirements in their state.
  • School Superintendent Assessment Certification In many states, school superintendent jobs require a license or certificate. Candidates for a school superintendent license often need a master’s degree in educational leadership or education administration from an accredited program. Some states set additional coursework requirements, which may require a school superintendent concentration. Candidates for this license may need to complete a standardized test covering school superintendent skills. The ETS exam includes multiple-choice questions on administrative leadership, educational leadership, and instructional leadership. Because the requirements for licensure vary by state, prospective school superintendents should review the process in their state.

Accreditation for Online Master’s in Educational Leadership Degrees

Attending an accredited overcome ‘s in educational leadership program prepares graduates to pursue educational leadership jobs. regionally accredited programs meet the highest standards for granting degrees. To earn accreditation, universities undergo a rigorous inspection march that examines their commencement pace, faculty qualifications, and student learning outcomes. The Department of Education and the Council for Higher education Accreditation grant accreditation to the independent accredit agencies that review colleges and universities .
In addition to regional accreditation, a university ‘s school of department of education can hold programmatic accreditation. In education, the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation ( CAEP ) evaluates teacher aim and educational leadership programs. Programs with CAEP accreditation meet licensure and documentation requirements for school principal and educate administrator jobs. Professionals with an unaccredited degree may struggle to qualify for educational leadership jobs .
prospective educational leadership students should look for regionally accredited schools and CAEP-accredited programs when choosing where to earn their on-line master ‘s in educational leadership .

Educational Leadership Jobs

Earning a overcome ‘s in educational leadership prepares graduates for leadership roles in K-12 and higher department of education. At the K-12 level, graduates can work as school principals, instructional coordinators, and superintendents. This degree may besides lead to opportunities as a higher education administrator. Learn more about career paths with an department of education degree by visiting this locate .
instructional Coordinators

medial Salary : $ 64,450 Projected Job Growth : 6 %

instructional coordinators manage school course of study and teach standards. besides known as course of study specialists, instructional coordinators review express and federal standards to create course of study. Working closely with principals and teachers, instructional coordinators implement course of study, develop educational materials, conduct teacher training workshops, and analyze data related to the potency of course of study. instructional coordinators may besides create teaching train procedures .
Some instructional coordinators specialize in a certain grade level or subject. For example, instructional coordinators can specialize in special education or English as a moment language .
School Principals

median Salary : $ 95,310 Projected Job Growth : 4 %

School principals oversee school operations at the K-12 level. They manage teachers and staff, establish class schedules, and coordinate course of study. As the highest administrator at a educate, principals set academician goals for the mental hospital and make sure teachers receive the resources they need to meet goals. Principals analyze scholar accomplishment data to prepare reports and modify course of study .
many principals work with vice principals, instructional coordinators, and superintendents to manage their school. They oversee the budget and allocate resources for the school. Principals besides play an significant role in hiring and evaluating teachers .
School Administrators

median Salary : $ 94,340 Projected Job Growth : 7 %

School administrators manage scholar services, academics, and other administrative departments. many administrators work in higher education, where they oversee admissions, the registrar ‘s position, and student affairs. In these roles, school administrators analyze the school ‘s needs to determine how to best meet them, promote the school ‘s programs to prospective and current students, and provide information on fiscal help accompaniment .
In student affairs, school administrators advise students, create programs for students, and schedule scholar services. As administrators, they may supervise staff. many school administrator jobs require a master ‘s academic degree and experience education or work in an educational environment .

Popular Questions About Master’s in Education

What is a master’s in educational leadership?

Earning a master ‘s in educational leadership prepares graduates for careers as educate principals, school administrators, and superintendents. The degree emphasizes skills like strategic planning, instructional leadership, and school leadership .

How long does it take to earn a master’s in educational leadership?

Earning a master ‘s in educational leadership by and large takes two years. however, some accelerate programs offer a annual track .

What can you do with an educational leadership degree?

Educators with a master ‘s degree in educational leadership can work as principals, higher education administrators, and school superintendents. The degree fulfills licensure requirements for school administration .

How much do education administrators make?

many education administrators earn over $ 90,000 per class, according to the BLS. School principals typically earn over $ 95,000 per year, while postsecondary department of education administrators earn a median wage of more than $ 94,000.

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