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Quicken Loans vs. Your Local Bank for Mortgage Loans: An Overview

Since the dot-com smash of the belated 1990s, on-line mortgage companies have become an increasingly significant pull in the home loan industry.1 Leading the agitate is animate Loans, immediately the largest retail mortgage lender in the area .
Does the growth of players like Quicken Loans, which offers an automatize approval summons through its Rocket Mortgage chopine, bastardly web-based firms have more to offer than your community bank down the street ? not necessarily. Where you go for a loan is largely a topic of what is comfortable for you—and where you can get the best rates .
Both types of lenders offer mortgage pre-approval. Being pre-approved can sometimes help you have your offer on a home accepted. however, they have other significant differences that could shape which one you find preferable .

  • In recent years, online lender Quicken Loans has become known for convenience and strong customer service.
  • If meeting with lenders face-to-face is important to you, a local bank with a good reputation is a sound choice.
  • Local banks may also have better rates or lower fees than online options.
  • Both types of lenders offer mortgage pre-approval.

Quicken Loans

Going with an on-line lender has certain benefits, particularly if you are person who likes to feel in see of the lend process. The advantages of going with a caller such as accelerate Loans include :

  • Convenience: Since the advent of the internet, Americans are used to doing things on their own timetable. With lenders like Quicken Loans, you can start the process by chatting online or talking on the phone. And by using its Rocket Mortgage offering, you can apply for a loan over the internet at any time of day. Going with a digital lending solution is especially handy for those who work long hours and have trouble finding time for personal projects during traditional business hours.   
  • Speed: The company once boasted that Rocket Mortgage users can get approved for a loan in as little as eight minutes, after plugging in some personal information on a computer or mobile device.3 There is no need to upload documents manually.
  • Anonymity: Some people prefer to meet with their lender face-to-face, but that is not true for everyone. In fact, many customers like the anonymity of electronic communication, which sometimes makes it easier to open up about one’s financial situation.
  • Selection: Bigger mortgage companies often provide a broader menu of financial products. Quicken Loans is no exception. In addition to conventional fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages, the company also offers specialized products such as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and VA loans.4 5 Of course, some community banks offer these as well, but it is not always the case.

A Local Bank

When it comes to adult fiscal decisions, some people barely feel more at relief doing business in person. With Quicken Loans, you are talking to person working out of a call center that might be in a different part of the country .
If you are the type of person who likes to look people in the eye and shake hands when getting advice, a local lender might be the best means to go .
other advantages of going with a brick-and-mortar provider include :

  • Local expertise and connections: Smaller banks argue that there is an advantage to working with people who know the area and sometimes have an existing relationship with the realtor. This can put them in a better position to resolve conflicts during the loan approval process. That is not to say Quicken Loans does not do well by its customers. In fact, the company has earned J.D. Power’s top spot for customer service an impressive 10 years in a row (2010–2019).6 
  • Simplicity: Most people lead busy lives, so there is something to be said for eliminating as many hassles as possible. For example, if you apply for a mortgage at your local bank, you might have the opportunity to manage all your accounts using a single log-in. That can make paying your monthly bill easier, too.
  • Local ties: When you make payments to a nearby bank, there is a good chance it will take that money and lend it to other individuals and businesses in the area. Smaller banks also tend to support local events and charities, thus bolstering the local community.

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One Giant Leap : quicken Loans Announces It ’ s Changing Name to Rocket Mortgage

DETROIT, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Quicken Loans, America ’ mho largest mortgage lender and a part of Rocket Companies ( NYSE : RKT ), today announced it will formally change its name to Rocket Mortgage on July 31. This change will bring alliance to the overall “ Rocket ” mark, while besides making it clear to homebuyers that technology, a core dogma of Rocket Companies, is injected throughout the integral homebuying lifecycle – from base search to mortgage close .
“ More than 20 years ago, Dan Gilbert, our founder and chair, had a vision of putting the integral mortgage march on-line to simplify the lend experience and add more foil. Since then, we developed proprietorship technology to improve every piece of the process but we officially revolutionized the mortgage diligence when we launched Rocket Mortgage in 2015, ” said Jay Farner, Rocket Mortgage CEO. “ Rocket Mortgage has grown to be the industry leader and the measure stand by for all other lenders. With this official identify change, we will have a consistent mark that is synonymous with invention and excellence. ”
The company has a long history of evolving in-step with technological advancements. Rocket Mortgage was founded by Dan Gilbert in 1985 as Rock Financial, a regional branch-based mortgage agent in metro Detroit. Dan always had a goal of making mortgages easier for his clients. An early initiation came in 1996 when the company tried mailing all the mortgage documents immediately to clients through the then-cutting edge “ Mortgage in a Box, ” so clients could complete the application from the comfort of their family. After that reimagining of the mortgage application, a truthful transformation came two years late .
In 1998, Dan Gilbert sent a nowadays celebrated all-company e-mail challenging team members to embrace the internet as a way to disrupt the mortgage procedure by putting the stallion home lend have on-line. The following year, Rock Financial launched, a web site to connect with its clients directly – making it one of the beginning mortgage companies to do so .
Over the following few years, the company closed all its brick-and-mortar branches and fully embraced the centralized model of an online-only lender. Its technical school capabilities besides cursorily expanded during this clock time. quicken Loans implemented the ability for clients to e-sign mortgage documents in 2002, it became the largest on-line retail mortgage lender in 2004 and launched the first mobile app from a dwelling lender in 2011 .
In late 2015, Quicken Loans launched a amply digital, completely on-line, mortgage experience – Rocket Mortgage. This was the beginning time a consumer could go from lotion to closing on their own, without speaking to a human. Rocket Mortgage was revealed to the populace in a 2016 Super Bowl ad that built meaning buzz for the new home lend experience. In the watch months and years, early home plate lenders played catch-up, adding some on-line functionalities and digital processes that tried to mirror the pioneer.

With a boost from the incredibly popular Rocket Mortgage home loanword process, Quicken Loans became the largest lender in the state, closing more loans than any early retail mortgage lender, in the fourth quarter of 2017. This is a title the company hush holds, and the gap between it and the second largest lender has widened substantially since that time .
Through coherent brand selling and sports sponsorships, like the popular Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares, the PGA TOUR ’ s Rocket Mortgage Classic and others – the public has become familiar with the brand at a lighting pace. In fact, Rocket Mortgage has highly high affinity metrics that eclipse those of Quicken Loans .
The diagnose change is significant for the caller, but clients will not see any deviation to the digital feel they have grown to love. Those who are in the mortgage process at the time of the change will not be affected. The only difference current clients will experience is documents, letters and early communications that previously were labeled “ Quicken Loans ” will alternatively come from “ Rocket Mortgage. ”
several of Rocket Mortgage ’ s baby companies have already embraced the Rocket name including Rocket Homes, Rocket Auto and Rocket Loans. These businesses, which are besides part of the Rocket Companies platform, take a digital-first set about to real estate, vehicle sales and personal loans respectively .
animate Loans has a legal “ doing business as ” ( DBA ) in identify and consumers may see the caller referenced by either name leading up to the change on July 31. will remain operational after the legal name change. In its current country, it will direct clients to apply for a home loanword with Rocket Mortgage. The web site, one of the most visit in personal finance, will then transition to accomplish other important objectives for Rocket Companies .
About Rocket Mortgage
Detroit-based Rocket Mortgage, the nation ’ mho largest home mortgage lender, enables the american Dream of homeownership and fiscal freedom through its compulsion with an industry-leading, digital-driven customer have. Rocket Mortgage closed $ 320 billion dollars of mortgage volume across all 50 states in 2020. In late 2015, it introduced the beginning in full digital, completely on-line mortgage experience. Currently, 99 % of all home loans originated by the company utilize Rocket Mortgage engineering .
Rocket Mortgage moved its headquarters to downtown Detroit in 2010. today, Rocket Mortgage and Rocket Companies employ 24,000 full-time team members countrywide. The caller generates loan output from network centers located in Detroit, Cleveland and Phoenix and operates a centralized lend process adeptness in Detroit. Rocket Mortgage ranked highest in the nation for customer gratification for primary coil mortgage origin by J.D. Power for the past 11 straight years, 2010 – 2020, and besides ranked highest in the country for customer gratification among all mortgage servicers the past seven straight years, 2014 – 2020 .
rocket Companies, Rocket Mortgage ’ s parent company, ranked # 5 on Fortune ’ second tilt of the “ 100 Best Companies to Work For ” in 2021 and has placed in the exceed third base of the list for 18 straight years .
For more data and company news visit

Quicken Loans officially changes its name to Rocket Mortgage

It ’ s not gon na be a hanker, long prison term until Quicken Loans has a new mention .
The country ’ sulfur largest mortgage lender is officially rebranding as Rocket Mortgage on July 31. The appoint change will align the lender with the early subsidiaries of Rocket Companies RKT, +0.87 %, their holding company that went public last year .
“ With this official mention change, we will have a reproducible trade name that is synonymous with initiation and excellence, ” said Jay Farner, CEO of both Rocket Mortgage and Rocket Cos. The party besides owns car financer Rocket Auto and personal loans company Rocket Loans, among other subsidiaries .
Quicken Loans first debuted the Rocket Mortgage trade name back in 2015 as the name for its new, digital lend march. In advertisements that aired during the Super Bowl in 2016, the company boasted how mortgage borrowers could go through the entire loan initiation process from application to closing without speaking to any people if they wanted .
Before Rocket Cos. went public, the company noted in a file with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it does not own the rights to the Quicken Loans brand, but licenses the name and trademark from Intuit INTU, +1.11 %. Back when Intuit purchased Rock Financial, which was founded by Dan Gilbert, it merged Rock ’ s existing mortgage business with its own QuickenMortgage entity. When Gilbert bought Rock Financial back from Intuit years later, he got the mortgage business, but Intuit retained the appoint .
In the SEC filing, the company said it had entered into an agreement to assume full possession of the brand in 2022. A spokesman for skyrocket Companies said the possession of the “ Quicken Loans ” appoint did not factor into the decision to switch to Rocket Mortgage as the trade name .
New and existing customers won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be affected much by the change. The caller ’ s software documentation and communications to borrowers will bear the new name moving forward, but will remain in operation after the identify change and direct customers to Rocket Mortgage. The company is besides exploring other ways to use the Quicken Loans website in the future, a spokesman said .
Since the start of the year, Rocket Cos. shares are down about 17 %, whereas the S & P 500 index SPX, -0.46 % and the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -0.92 % are both up around 45 % .

Quicken Loans Mortgage Review 2021

quicken Loans has a reputation as a heavy-hitter in the mortgage space. Quicken, which was founded in 1985, announced in Feb. 2018, that it became the nation ’ sulfur largest residential mortgage lender with a total loan volume of $ 83.4 billion. Headquartered in Detroit, Quicken Loans has provided more than two million american families with mortgages.

quicken Loans is the largest on-line retail mortgage lender, according to National Mortgage News. Its parent caller is Rock Holdings, Inc. Quicken provides only mortgages and loans – it doesn ’ t offer any banking, investing or other fiscal products. It does, however, offer a range of mortgage products, including fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans and elephantine loans. You can besides use the company ’ mho “ YOURgage ” feature to customize your loan terms .
Getting a dwelling mortgage from Quicken international relations and security network ’ t a matter of driving over to a local outgrowth. The caller combines on-line mortgage lotion tracking with a numerous of representatives who can guide you through your application over the earphone. Hate talking on the phone ? You may be better off using Rocket Mortgage, an online-only portal vein from Quicken Loans that lets you complete your stallion mortgage application on the web, without speaking to a loanword policeman .

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