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The 4 Hardest Roles to Fill in Tech & Digital Marketing Finding the right Tech and Digital Marketing talent for the open function at your company international relations and security network ’ thymine ampere easy as you ’ five hundred think. ( If you ’ ve already begun the rent process then you know firsthand how challenging it is. ) With the emergence of job posting sites like indeed, CareerBuilder, and Monster along with professional network sites like LinkedIn, you would think sourcing the high-end endowment you ’ rhenium missing would be adenine easy as posting the job description or typing in the subcontract title and clicking research to give you a wealth of high-end candidates. But, as the leading countrywide staff agency specializing in IT, Tech, and Digital Marketing talent, we know it ’ south never that easy. In fact, Tech and Digital Marketing jobs are some of the hardest roles to fill across all industries .
How sturdy is it ? Tech is arguably the hardest specialization area to hire for, given the growing Tech talent gap facing not only the U.S. but the earth at large. As Digital Marketing roles continue their tech-driven development, finding high-end experts with a cognition of key Digital Marketing practices, concepts, and insights along with respective years experience with the latest, in-demand Marketing technical school tools is like finding a unicorn. ( But, don ’ triiodothyronine worry. That ’ s what we ’ ve been doing successfully for over 15 years. )
To give you an inside spirit at the stream state of hiring for Tech and Digital Marketing, hera ’ s a look at the four hardest roles to fill in IT/Tech and Digital Marketing based on our exclusive placement data .

4 Hardest Roles to Fill in IT/Tech

  • Front-End Developer: It should be no surprise that this development role is at the top of the list. Since these experts are responsible for developing all aspects of a business’ website and apps for consumer use, clearly they are a top priority for any business looking to improve and maintain their online offerings. As such, they command some of the highest salaries and candidates often spend less than a week on the market when looking for new opportunities.
  • Data Scientist: Different than a Data Analyst based on the scope of data they are examining, Data Scientists are another of the hardest roles to fill in IT. Due to the invaluable insights these data experts uncover for companies and their ability to easily communicate findings to those unfamiliar with the specifics of data analysis, demand for this role continues to rise.
  • Full-Stack Developer: As companies look to improve both the back-end and front-end of their business technologies without dramatically expanding their development team, demand for the Full-Stack Developer title is growing. Since these experts can seamlessly move between back-end and front-end development needs, they are viewed as an essential hire. However, rising demand has made specialized talent harder to find and thus made the role harder to fill.
  • Software Architect: The development of enterprise software to improve and augment the effectiveness of a company’s infrastructure has never been more popular thanks to the rise of the cloud and emerging technologies. Due to this, software development talent is in top demand. Software Architects are generally available on the market for only a few days, making it feel impossible to fill this position.

4 Hardest Roles to Fill in Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Manager: Digital Marketing Managers are in short supply, which makes things challenging considering the explosive growth of Digital Marketing in recent years and the emergence of various automation tools that companies expect talent to have years of experience with. The importance of a strategic, high-end Digital Marketing leader developing and implementing top strategies and initiatives to improve online marketing efforts in today’s digitally driven environment cannot be emphasized enough, which explains why it’s one of the hardest roles to fill.
  • UI/UX Designer: Improving the experience of the user on your website, app, or other online product is essential to boosting clicks, increasing conversions, and generating more revenue. As the market shifts and begins to expect UI/UX Designers to have development capabilities as well, this role has become more and more difficult to fill. The niche set of skills needed for this role often leaves companies fighting over the same high-end candidates because they are so hard to come by.
  • SEO Specialist: Organic search is a driving factor behind clicks to your website. Due to the vast impact this has on revenue generation by driving consumers from their search engine query to your business website for service, the title of SEO Specialist is one of the hardest roles to fill thanks to the demand for their exclusive SEO expertise.
  • Marketing Automation Specialist: With the popularity of marketing automation platforms like Marketo and HubSpot, businesses must hire Marketing Automation Specialists versed in the intricacies of the platform to best utilize them for Digital Marketing needs. The rare versatility of the Marketing Automation Specialist role makes it so challenging to fill because these platforms have only been around for a few years, meaning talent with several years of experience with them is rare.

Looking Ahead

Sourcing the high-end, niche IT, Tech, and Digital Marketing endowment you need is a challenge, but we ’ ve test finding big endowment is potential when you partner with us. These eight roles are crucial to the success of your Tech and Digital Marketing goals, so companies like yours often need them filled angstrom soon as they realize the motivation. however, the national median job void duration is about 30 days, while it sits at correct around 24 days for Tech talent, according to Dice. At Mondo, our average fourth dimension to fill rate for contract roles is 3 to 5 days and 7 to 10 days for full-time roles .
Contact Mondo nowadays and let us work with you to solve your most ambitious hire needs today. We ’ ll match you with the high-end IT, Tech, and Digital Marketing talent you ’ ve been missing from our expansive network of restricted candidates .

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