Remove TikTok Watermarks with These 5 Apps [+ How to Use Them]

TikTok is a widely democratic app for creating and sharing short-form video subject. Millions of users flock to the platform to create fun and engaging videos that resonate with their prey audience, constantly hoping to be the following viral sensation. But what about influencers who want to use their TikTok television on their early sociable media platforms ? While you can save TikTok videos to your device before you publish them, if you try to download them after the fact, they download with the TikTok water line. If you ’ rhenium repurposing your TikTok contentedness for other social media platforms you probably don ’ triiodothyronine want that water line there. The good news is that there are quite a few ways to get those watermarks to go away. In this article, we ’ rhenium going to share some of the best apps to remove TikTok watermarks. We ’ ll even show you how to use them indeed you can jump right in ! equitable downloaded the app and don ’ triiodothyronine know where to start ? hera ’ s what you need to know about how to become a TikTok influencer .

5 Best Apps to Remove TikTok Watermarks and How to Use Them:

5 Best Apps to Remove TikTok Watermarks

As we already mentioned, you can save your TikTok television to your device before you publish it. But sometimes you forget. Or possibly there ’ s another TikTok video recording that you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate produce but you want to use in your own video on TikTok and early social media platforms ( with citation to the original godhead, of run ). TikTok watermarks can be slippery to remove, but it ’ s not impossible. here are the best apps we ’ ve found to remove TikTok watermarks to give you a pristine, unbranded video recording. Compatibility: Android, Windows Apowersoft Watermark Remover is a reliable joyride to remove TikTok watermarks. You can use the app on your Android device or if you ’ re on Windows. The app identifies the link you copied from the TikTok app and in good a few clicks, the water line is gone. You can besides use it to remove watermarks from other platforms or tools. This is particularly helpful if you use a screen fipple flute that leaves a watermark .

How to Use Apowersoft Watermark Remover

here ’ s how to remove TikTok and early watermarks using Apowersoft Watermark Remover on Windows. start by selecting Remove watermark from video from the main screen. You ’ ll be taken to a modern screen for editing. Click or Select video from the buttocks of the screen to import videos. You can besides drag and drop them from your calculator to the desktop translation of the software. You can import as many videos as you want. After the videos have been imported, you can review them in the television player. following, highlight the thumbnail of the television you want to edit and click the selection tool. A box will show up that you can move around or resize and set the time for the box to appear if the water line only shows up in a dowry of the video. By default, the box is set to show up for the full length of the television. Click Add parts and you can add more watermark selections ( up to 5 ). Just click the crimson “ X ” to delete a corner you don ’ t need. Note: TikTok watermarks move about, therefore be certain to play the video and use “ Add parts ” to get all instances of the watermark. You ’ ll need a VIP plan to remove more than one watermark. once you ’ ve got your watermarks excerpt, click Preview in the bottom proper of the screen and you ’ ll be able to see how your video looks without watermarks. Compatibility: Android Remove & Add Watermark is an Android app that, no surprise here, lets users add and remove watermarks from video. You can use it to remove TikTok watermarks using a lasso or rectangle selection tool. The app then replaces the sphere you ’ ve selected using the nearby pixels. There ’ mho besides a cultivate joyride if you ’ d rather go that path .

How to Use Remove & Add Watermark

This app is reasonably no-nonsense. once you start it up, you ’ re given the option to choose the image or video you want to remove the watermark from. We ’ re going to tap Select Video. This brings up the option to Remove Watermark or Add Watermark. We want to remove a TikTok water line, so we ’ ll tap that option. After choosing the option, you ’ ll be able to choose the television you want from multiple apps : You ’ ll be taken to a newfangled screen with a preview of your television and a rectangle you can resize to cover the water line. If you need to add another rectangle ( and you will if you want to cover both TikTok watermark locations ), just click the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. When you ’ re done, precisely pat Save. Compatibility: io Video Eraser is a simple app for io users and works to remove watermarks, logos, and early elements in your television. It international relations and security network ’ t fabulously knock-down, but it ’ s a solid app you can use for MP4, M4V, MOV, and 3GP files .

How to Use Video Eraser

once you open the app, tap More > Crop video to remove watermark and choose the TikTok video recording you want from your television camera roll. adjacent, select the aspect proportion for your TikTok television and use the corners of the power system to choose the depart of the video you want to keep. once you ’ ve selected the area with the watermark, just tap the export picture and let it process. Compatibility: Web Kapwing is a spare on-line video editor you can use to remove TikTok watermarks in several different ways. You can besides use it to adjust the accelerate and trim your television .

How to Use Kapwing

There are a few different ways you can use Kapwing to remove watermarks from your TikTok video. In this section, we ’ ra going to show you how to remove watermarks by :

  • Cropping out the watermark
  • Covering the watermark with one of your own
  • Blurring the water line
  • Replacing the watermarked section with a non-watermarked section

Crop Out the Watermark The easiest way to remove TikTok watermarks is by merely cropping them out of the video. unfortunately, it ’ s besides the method that looks the least polish. In Kapwing, you can upload your video or paste the link to the video alternatively. once your video recording uploads, snap Crop. Use the purple sliders in the corners to make the crop box alone include the area of the video you want to keep—leave the watermarks out. Remember that TikTok watermarks move, so you ’ ll need to crop the top and bottom to be completely watermark-free. When you have it set the way you want, snap Done Cropping.

following, click Export Video in the amphetamine right corner of the shield. Your video will process and automatically freshen once it ’ south done then you can download the watermark-free video. Note: Kapwing, slightly ironically, puts its own water line on the fresh video. You have to sign in to remove it. Cover the Watermark To cover up the watermark alternatively of cropping it out, upload your television to Kapwing as we did above and click the Text creature in the menu at the peak of the screen. From there, you can change the background color of the textbook button so you can completely cover up the water line. then, equitable move the textbook field where you want it. You can do the same with an prototype overlie ( your logo, possibly ? ). Just cluck Images in the acme menu and find the file you want to use to cover up the water line. Remember that TikTok watermarks show up in the clear entrust and bottom right corners, so you ’ ll need to add two cover-ups. You can use the same one by clicking Duplicate near the bottomland of the edit tools panel on the right. To get a short fancier, you can use the timestamp cock to move your water line cover charge when TikTok moves the watermark. Just add more than one element that you ’ ll use to cover up the watermarks and snap Timeline. From there, you can set each element to show up at a particular time. once you have the video set up how you want it, export as we did above. Blur the Watermark If you just want to blur the TikTok watermark to make it less distracting without adding more distract elements to your video, you can do that, besides. Start by uploading your video recording to Kapwing and duplicating the layer three times. On two of the layers, use the Crop joyride to select only the TikTok watermark area in the top left and bottom right corners. then, put the smaller television overlays on clear of the original watermarks. here ’ s an example of the placement of your crop layers. Before we move forward, we ’ ll make indisputable that the layer in the focus on actually covers all of the white outer space. immediately, snap on one of the overlay layers and choose Adjust in the editing tools on the right. The last alteration tool in the tilt is Blur. Using the luger, add a little blur to the layer. We ’ re using 5 hera. Click Done. You ’ ll notice that the watermark is now blurred : reprise this process on the second video overlay and export as covered above. Replace the Watermarked Section similar to blurring the water line, you can besides use Kapwing to overlay the TikTok watermark area with a video of the same area from elsewhere in the video recording where that section isn ’ metric ton watermarked. Since TikTok watermarks move in the video from the top leave to the bottom right corner, there are times during the video where there ’ randomness no watermark over those corners. Of naturally, this method acting is lone going to be useful if the background of the video is stable and there aren ’ t any transitions that move from setting to setting. We ’ re going to start the lapp way as we did in the confuse method acting : duplicate the video layer three times, crop two of the layers to the watermarked corners, and overlay those corners on top of your original video. For each of the video overlays, you ’ re going to click Trim and change the startle and end times so that the only remaining part of the video has no water line. following, snap Open Timeline to ensure that the shorter video recording snippets loop throughout the entire video recording so the non-watermarked section of the video recording continues playing over the watermarked sections. Important: Click Mute on the sheathing videos so the voice doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate coil. now good export your video ! While the other apps on our list can handle multiple television editing tasks, sometimes you just need the non-watermarked video properly immediately. MusicallyDown is a web-based app you can access from anywhere to remove TikTok watermarks. It is, by far, the easiest way to download your TikTok video without watermarks .

How to Use MusicallyDown

open TikTok and find the television you want to download. Click the partake icon on the right side of the riddle and copy the video recording link. From there, go to MusicallyDown in a browser and paste the connection you just copied into the link field, making certain that the checkmark next to Enable “Video with Watermark” is NOT checked. Click Download. After a few seconds, you ’ ll see a preview of your video recording and links to view the video on TikTok, devour the television, or download the audio. When you click Download MP4 Now, you ’ ll be redirected to a new page with barely the video on it. Right-click and choose Save video as…

Repurpose Your TikTok Content Without the Watermark

now you have eight different ways to five apps to remove TikTok watermarks sol you can repurpose your TikTok content to your heart ’ south subject. Just choose the one that appeals to you most and run with it ! While you ’ re at it, why not take a look at our steer to TikTok commercialize and learn all the best TikTok market you need to become a top influencer ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use TikTok videos on other social media platforms?

Yes, you can. Though, bear in thinker, that if you want to repurpose your TikTok capacity, you will first need to save the television to your device before you publish it on TikTok to ensure that it does not have TikTok ’ s water line or use an app to remove the watermarks. If you did not create the television, you can still share it on other social media sites angstrom long as you give accredit to the original godhead .

How can Windows users remove the watermark on a TikTok video?

You can use a cock like Apowersoft Watermark Remover. It is a authentic joyride used by millions across the ball that is compatible with Windows and Android devices. In short, this app will identify the connection you copied from the TikTok app and in just a few clicks, you can remove the water line. What makes this a big instrument is that you can besides use it to remove watermarks from other platforms .

How can Mac users remove the watermark on a TikTok video?

Mac users can check out Video Eraser. It is a simple app for io users and can remove watermarks, logos, and other elements in videos. While the app itself is not very herculean ( it basically lets you remove watermarks by cropping the video ), you can use it for MP4, M4V, MOV and 3GP files.

Are there any free tools for removing TikTok watermarks?

You can try Kapwing. It is a free on-line video editor program that you can use to remove TikTok watermarks in different ways. You can craw out the watermark, cover the watermark with one of your own, blur the watermark or replace the watermarked section with a section that does not have a watermark. Though, Kapwing will actually add its own watermark to your new video. To remove Kapwing ’ second watermark, you will need to sign in .

What is the easiest way to remove a watermark on a TikTok video?

MusicallyDown offers, by far, the easiest way to download your TikTok video without watermarks. It is a web-based app that you can access from anywhere to remove TikTok watermarks. All you have to do is open TikTok and select the television that you want to download. then, chatter on the share icon, copy the link of the television, paste the connect into the connection field on MusicallyDown and click on the “ Download ” button .

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