Fabric Covered Panels (If You Need a Headboard Fast) – Emily A. Clark

One reason I love upholster headboards for kids ’ rooms is because they ’ rhenium soft ( which is great for bed jumping even if it ’ s technically banned ) and they can be a in truth cheap choice, if you make it yourself. indeed, this is precisely what we did for the girls ’ shared bedroom soon after we moved in .
girls bedroom upholstered headboards
( If you Google it, lots of these have been made, and there are batch of tutorials out there. But, I thought I ’ d go ahead and share our march, in lawsuit you were just curious. fortunately, it ’ s hard to mess them up. You know our DIY ’ s preceptor ’ thyroxine get besides complicated around here. )
I started by measuring the width of the mattress and figured the height grandiloquent adequate so that I would calm see batch of the framework after the pillows were on the bed. You could constantly be truly dramatic and extend it way up the wall. The overall measurement for ours ended up being 36 x 40 inches. This worked absolutely for the width of the framework so there was no sewing required. ( We opted to make framework covered panels rather than something that would actually attach to the bed ensnare. )

The rest of the work went like this :
Do It Yourself headboard panel
We bought a sheet of particle board and had them cut it to our measurements at the store. I bought foam, batting and 3M adhesive spray at a local framework store. ( I want to say all of my supplies—besides the fabric–cost under $ 40, but it ’ s been a while. .. ) After cutting the foam to size, we sprayed the board and applied the foam .
DIY headboard--cutting the foam
Adhesive spray for fabric
DIY headboard--applying foam to particle board
At this point, you ’ re probably asking yourself why I keep saying “ we ” but there ’ sulfur just pictures of my dad doing all the bring. That ’ mho because this project happened when I was 30+ weeks pregnant with the babies. I equitable served as “ project supervisory program ” .
Yes, we do have a basketball court on our driveway. Another report for another day .
By the means, we occasionally let my dad do other things besides work when my parents visit. When I was looking through photograph for this post, I found this one. The babies came between the time the headboards were made and when we actually hung them in the room :

But, bet on to the headboards. “ We ” covered the foam with batting and then stapled on the fabric .
covering the headboards with fabric
good work, Dad .
fabric covered headboard panel
We hung them on the rampart using these :
How to hang an upholstered headboard
girls room
And, a few other ideas for how you might use a similar concept :
Fabric Panels
1, 2, 3

Speaking of working on kids ’ rooms, there ’ sulfur hush time to enter the PB Kids game show and to link up your spaces. ( Ends Monday ! )

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