Universities in USA with No Application Fee: List of Free Application Fee Universities in USA

USA attracts over 1 million international students every year which is why it is regarded as one of the top study overseas destinations. Universities in USA charge an average application tip of 50-100 USD which is INR for indian students. With outstanding education comes high costs which is why it is crucial to save every penny you can from the begin. One way to do so is to apply for a few no application fee universities in USA if you are targeting respective institutions at once .
If you are worry about the expenses of studying in USA, we have a tilt of US universities with free lotion tip. Colleges in USA with no application fee, application process, and early costs involved in the application serve for US schools with no application fee are discussed in the web log .

Colleges in USA without Application Fees

Take a count at the colleges in the USA with no application tip and credence pace :


THE Rankings 2022 Acceptance Rate (Fall 2020)
Wellesley College 31 20 %
Carleton College 35 21 %
Smith College 39 37 %
Reed College 92 42 %
Macalester College 89 39 %
Centre College =223 72 %
Rhodes College 108 51 %
Colorado College =115 14 %
The College of Wooster =150 65 %
Union College 134 41 %

We shall now discuss universities with no application fee for external students in USA :

List of Universities with No Application Fees in USA

A point of refer while looking for universities in USA without application fee for external students is the reputation and timbre of education provided by the university. Well you need not worry about that as we have prepared a board with some of the best universities with no application fee for international students in the USA .
here is a list of US universities with no application fee with rankings and democratic courses offered :

Why Look for Colleges in the USA without Application Fees?

Studying in the USA requires a huge fiscal committedness and though an 100 USD application fee might seem to be a modest expense compared to the investment you are making, it is a thoroughly way to keep your finances in discipline. specially if you are looking ahead to applying to many institutions, you must shortlist some US universities with no lotion fee for international students .
Say you wish to apply for 3-5 universities in the USA and each of them have an application fee ranging from 50-100 USD. In this means you end up spending 200-500 USD i.e. around 15,000-38,000 INR in your application fees alone. Including 1-2 safe backup options of complimentary lotion fee universities in USA will help you save money that can be used for compensating other pre-arrival expenses .

Why do universities charge application fees?
Universities charge an application tip to avoid receiving piles of applications every year. The application fee is charged as a measure to ensure that only interest students are applying for admission. Another reason for charging an application fee is to cover the expenses incurred by the university during the application screening process. But you constantly have the familiarity to choose universities with no lotion tip for international students in USA.

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Let us now take a look at the application process for no application fee universities in USA :

Application Process for Universities in USA without Application Fees

application for entrance fee to free application fee universities in USA is accepted either through the university ’ s application portal or coarse application. The application process for US universities with free application fee is quite exchangeable to those that charge application fee .
There is no difference in the available intakes for universities in US without application tip. Fall, Spring and Summer are the coarse intakes for all universities including US universities without application fee for international students. Take a look at the general steps of the application process for universities in USA without lotion fee discussed below :

  1. Shortlist the universities that offer your coveted program. Make sure some of your options include US universities with no application fee for international students .
  2. Visit the official web site of all universities you wish to apply to including free application fee universities in USA and check the eligibility criteria .
  3. Check the available intakes and application deadline for your chosen program .
  4. Complete the on-line application and submit the application fee wherever applicable and request for application fee release if required at universities in America without application fee .
  5. Upload all supporting documents for entrance fee along with your application .
  6. Apply for scholarships for external students if you wish to avail fiscal aid .
  7. Track the status of your application and wait for the entrance fee decision .
  8. If accepted, you will receive the offer for entree via electronic mail .
  9. Make sure you confirm your acceptance within the deadline specified on the volunteer and submit the tuition deposit .

Before concluding the discussion about US universities without application fee for external students, let us understand what are the other costs involved in the application work for universities in US without application fee .

What are the Other Costs Involved in the Application Process?

While estimating the cost of studying in USA, you can not miss out on the pre-arrival expenses as these are rigorously out of pocket and no fiscal help can help you cover these expenses. These expenses can be related to visa serve, entrance tests, health policy, travel etc. and are incurred even before you get entree to any university in USA .
Take a front at the table below to learn about others costs involved in the application procedure for admission to universities in America without application fee :

Expense Average Cost for Indian Students
TOEFL fees 14,197 INR ( 180 USD )
IELTS fees 16,250-18,895 INR ( 215-250 USD )
GRE fees 16,098 INR ( 213 USD )
GMAT fees 18,895 INR ( 250 USD )
SAT fees 7,860 INR ( 104 USD )
act fees 11,714 INR ( 155 USD )
Visa process fees 12,092 INR ( 160 USD )
SEVIS fees 26,459 INR ( 350 USD )
Health insurance 52,905-83,135 INR ( 700-1100 USD )

airfare 51,016 INR ( 675 USD )

Suggested: Cost of Stidying MS in US It is recommended that you look for universities in America with no application tip but at the same time make surely you are not compromising with your choices just to save some money while applying. After all, universities in the USA provide respective fiscal aid and scholarships that will finally reduce your costs significantly. To know more about the lotion serve for studying in US, connect with Yocket Counsellors nowadays !

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