How to Get into Digital Marketing Without a Degree

Are you a social media maven who lives for likes, comments, and follows ? Do you dream of getting paid to spend the day on Facebook and Instagram ? Do you possess both an analytic mind AND creative flare ? You could be a natural for a career in digital marketing ! Whether you ’ re fair starting out or looking for a career variety, we ’ ll show you how to get into digital marketing without a degree.

Digital market is not entirely an exciting career path, it ‘s lucrative equally well. The 2019 medial yield for an advertise, promotions or marketing director was $ 135,900, and demand for marketing professionals is projected to grow faster than the average for other professions. As a newcomer or career changer, you ’ ll likely begin at a more meek wage, but the income potential over the path of your career is excellent. Let ’ s honkytonk into what you ’ ll necessitate to get started .

What Skills are Required to Get a Digital Marketing Job?

According to Digital Doughnut, some of the skills you ’ ll necessitate to become a rock star in this multi-faceted field include :

  • Data analysis
  • Writing and editing
  • SEO and SEM
  • Listening
  • Email marketing
  • CRM
  • Social media
  • Social media advertising
  • Basic design
  • Mobile marketing

If you already have a solid initiation in these 10 areas, bravo ! If not, you ’ ll indigence to become adept in at least a few of these before embarking on the subcontract hunt. not certain how to make that happen ? Read on !

Female professional researching on her computer how to get into digital marketing without a degree.

Lay the Groundwork for a Successful Job Search

As a pretty successful guy named Louis Pasteur once said, “ luck favors the train mind. ” This is particularly true when trying to break into a fresh field. fortunately ( no pun intended ), there are ample ways to upskill and show your value to potential employers without earning a degree .

Build Your Credibility With Free Certifications

You can earn a diverseness of certifications that will look great on your résumé. Best of all, they ’ ra free ! These highly prized credentials are frequently preferred over a bachelor ’ s degree and demonstrate your cognition in key skill areas .

Google Ads Certifications: With this free train, you ’ ll learn all about search, display, video, and shopping ads, plus measurement of results. many entry-level digital commercialize jobs require this documentation .

Google Analytics Academy : This release coach teaches beginners and experienced users how to grow an on-line presence through data tracking and network analytics tools .

Hootsuite Academy: Through Hootsuite, you can earn industry-recognized social media certifications that will help you stand out from the push when applying for social media marketing jobs .

HubSpot Academy: This absolve course covers the basics of inbound market, including drawing in customers, attracting leads, crafting engaging land pages, writing strong calls-to-action, and growing an hearing .

Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional: Learn the fundamentals of search engine market in this free course, from starting your first research ad campaign to optimization and managing your budget .

This international relations and security network ’ t a comprehensive list, but these courses can help you obtain valuable certifications that will impress rent managers .

Prove You Can Do the Work

You can tell future employers all about your digital selling skills, but it ’ mho much more mighty to show them. If you don ’ t already have a web site, web log, or social media channel, they ’ re great ways to start building your reputation with a solid work intersection. alternatively, if you ’ d quite not toot your own horn, offer to help friends or class members with little businesses who need aid raising their web or social media crippled .

To showcase your writing and SEO skills, try creating a writing sample and get it to rank high on Google for a particular keyword. You can publish it on a platform like Medium without the necessitate to create your own web log or web site. If you ’ ra invited to an interview, you could even write a specification blog post for the company and contribution it with the hire director for evaluation .

While all of these ideas involve some extra attempt, they can prove to employers that you know what you ’ rhenium doing .

Follow the Digital Marketing Leaders and Trends

In a field that changes american samoa much as the weather, what works today may not work tomorrow. To stay in the know on the latest trends, follow digital market thought leaders like Seth Godin or Neil Patel and sites like The Moz Blog .

once you progress to the interview circle of your job search, hiring managers will much ask which influencers you admire or follow on-line. Our advice ? Become a fan of the bad names. Follow them on social media, listen to their podcasts, and watch their videos so you can speak intelligently about industry leaders ( and learn a thing or two ) .

Work Your Network

When it ’ s clock to start applying for jobs, never underestimate the power of existing contacts in your quest to become America ’ s Next Top Digital Marketer. Your net has built up a level of confidence and assurance in your exploit – use it ! Request referrals and recommendations. Ask about un-advertised positions or internships. Offer your services on a mercenary basis. One small opportunity is all you need to help get your foot in the doorway and land your first base digital marketing problem .

Male professional listening to a podcast about getting into digital marketing without a degree.

The Bottom Rung Is a Good Place to Be

Wouldn ’ t it be big if you could throw yourself at the career ladder and state immediately on top ? It ’ s not an impossible feat, but to break into digital selling, chances are you ’ ll need to get some feel foster down the ladder .

For best results, start your search by applying for entry-level positions like a commercialize specialist or marketing coordinator. Apply even if you aren ’ thyroxine a perfect match ! Because you ’ re trying to break into a new field, use your cover letter to highlight your blog/website/social channels and any mercenary work you ’ ve done pro bono. Including results ( like a top Google rank for a particular keyword ) can prove to hiring managers that you have the chops to handle the status .

Another estimate to consider : offer to work for free for a limited time, or apply for an internship status. By doing this, you can add to your resume, earn a recommendation for a job well done, make connections, and oeuvre with larger clients than you ’ vitamin d be able to land on your own .

last, but not least, don ’ thymine forget to optimize your social media profiles before starting the job hunt ( update LinkedIn, remove sketchy pictures from Instagram, and so forth ). They ’ ll be under extra examination when applying to digital market positions .

Enhance Your Résumé With a Digital Marketing Certificate From USF

For an low-cost manner to give your problem search an excess promote, explore USF ‘s new Digital Marketing Certificate program. In barely eight weeks, you ’ ll learn the foundations of digital market, including search, sociable, television, display, and e-mail commercialize, and earn a certificate that helps you stand out as a candidate. Contact the Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education on-line or at 813-974-0950 for more data.

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