What Skills Do You Need to Be a Digital Marketer? (2022 Guide)

The follow list represents the skills a top-tier Digital Marketer should have, beginning with the must-have hard skills, and ending with the attributes the identical best Digital Marketers develop over time—often in unrelated fields .


none of the bring you do as a Digital Marketer matters unless people see it ! Driving dealings to your on-line properties, particularly your land pages, is the beginning and arguably most critical footstep in connecting with your audience. To succeed as a Digital Marketer, you ’ ll need to be an adept at using SEO and SEM to their last .

Data analysis

While they don ’ triiodothyronine typically need to be able to work with data analytics at the same level as, say, a Data Scientist, Digital Marketers do need to know how to use Google Analytics and other analysis tools. Their detail information about where your traffic comes from—the most attractive keywords, the most popular times of day, and invaluable data on your consultation ’ mho age, gender, and location breakdown, adenine well as their interests and the devices they ’ re using to reach you—is possibly the Digital Marketer ’ s most valuable source of hearing insight .

Social media

It should go without saying that Digital Marketers need to have a dependable tactile property for all the social media platforms they use to post capacity and reach out to an audience. And each platform has its own quirks ; you ’ ll need to know what works and what doesn ’ thyroxine, when and what to post, and how to adjust the tonicity of your posts to resonate with the different segments of your audience that use different platforms. even within the kingdom of social media market, there are different techniques Digital Marketers can prioritize, including social heed, live-streaming, calculate message, and hashtagging .

Pay-per-click and social media advertising

If a Digital Marketer ’ s budget includes money for advertise, they ’ ll need to know what and where to spend it for maximum shock. This includes both ad placement in diverse sites around the web—through calculate advertise or platforms like Google Ads—as well as social media ads and sponsor posts .

Email marketing

We ’ ve explained how valuable it can be to reach your customer base through their inbox. Sending out e-mail campaigns is easy ; sending out effective electronic mail campaigns is much, much hard. And while newsletters aren ’ t the sexiest tool at Digital Marketers ’ disposal, about 80 percentage of them report seeing an increase in electronic mail engagement over the previous 12 months, according to Hubspot ’ south 2020 State of Marketing report .


Whether you ’ re captioning an Instagram stake or writing a thousand-word remember leadership article for your company blog, excellent storytelling skills ( including writing, editing, and ocular storytelling ) are always an asset for a Digital Marketer. particularly when it comes to content marketing—longer articles on topics relevant to your hearing, which are a key tool in SEO—it ’ s important to be able to communicate your ideas not good intelligibly, but besides in a way that feels compelling to the people you want to attract. Related : the odds are very high you ’ ll need to be able to navigate the backend of WordPress or a exchangeable CMS.

Basic design skills

While larger teams much have a dedicated art department staff with Graphic Designers or tied UI/UX Designers, it frequently falls to the Digital Marketer to perform everyday tasks like selecting and manipulating the images that will appear on the company social media feeds, or putting together the layout for an electronic mail newsletter. here, a grasp of basic design skills—including how to organize information for legibility—is a huge asset. This often begins with an intuitive understand of the customer ’ sulfur know .

Creative problem solving

Whatever you ’ re trying to accomplish as a Digital Marketer, your competitors are likely trying to achieve the same thing. Your border lies in your ability to innovate and out-think them—not to mention find creative solutions to all the other challenges that come up over the course of a day, from discovering novel pathways to your users to devising new ways to grab and hold their care .

Sales and persuasion

As a Marketer, your job is to change people ’ s minds. obviously, mastering the artwork of sell is to your advantage ! But this international relations and security network ’ thymine limited to the hard sell ; arguably, the exponent of persuasion is precisely ampere crucial when constructing a potent mark image lento over time, or even trying to bring your colleagues on-side for a new campaign idea .

Project leadership

Given their involvement in many-sided digital campaigns, Digital Marketers need to know how to shepherd these projects through multiple phases, across diverse channels with divers deliverables, involving the contributions of many other people. This takes both leadership skills and a high level of arrangement. At least when it comes to efficiency and organizing, there are tools to help automate different tasks and keep you on top of things ; in a recent survey by Hubspot, 68 percentage of Digital Marketers said they rely on automation in some manner .

Agility and adaptability

Digital Marketers constantly have many irons in the displace ; knowing how to prioritize them while besides responding to pressing matters as they pop up—and they will—requires the agility of an acrobat. But this ability to be reactive international relations and security network ’ t merely test hour-to-hour. long-run changes to the digital landscape besides mean that a Digital Marketer needs to be able to adapt to fresh and unexpected developments, constantly think in terms of contingencies, and be prepared for anything .

Strategic planning

All of these skills come together when a Digital Marketer lays out a multi-phase plan to be deployed over weeks or even months. This, of course, demands intense plan and a advanced position, a well as an eye for emerging trends. successful Digital Marketers have an insatiate curio for the means things work, and the direction things are changing—both within their own industry and globally. To stay abreast of these trends calls for ageless eruditeness .

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