9 Awesome Marketing Portfolio Examples To Inspire You (2022)

Creating a strong digital marketing portfolio will give you a big advantage as you search for your foremost job in market, gear up for a career switch, or start a mercenary career. But how do you get started ? A portfolio web site should have a clean purpose, accessible layout, and clear message. While there are many fabulous web site templates to choose from, it should besides convey you and your personal brand. Both the ocular design and written imitate in your marketing portfolio will give your readers a common sense of who you are. Don ’ triiodothyronine be intimidated—you don ’ t need to be a programmer to create a high-quality portfolio web site. To help get you started, we ’ ve rounded up some impressive market portfolio examples from around the web. once you ’ ve lit the flare of divine guidance, we ’ ll look at what you should include in your own marketing portfolio, and contribution some tips for how to get started. Want to skip ahead ? Use this menu :

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9 Awesome market portfolio examples

1. Sylvia Ogweng ’ s value-based commercialize portfolio

The homepage of Sylvia Ogweng's digital marketing portfolio Sylvia Ogweng is a contented writer and digital strategist. Her portfolio includes social media and scheme case studies and writing clips linked to know articles on node sites .

What makes this market portfolio so bang-up ?

Sylvia ’ randomness web site is clean and childlike. She ’ randomness clear about her aim industries and her value proposition. Her lawsuit studies give a balance wheel of high-quality images with storytelling about her function and the impact. And of course, it never hurts to have Emma Stone at the top of your portfolio page ! A case study taken from Sylvia Ogweng's marketing portfolio

We besides love :

  • key achievements for case studies in bullet points
  • Case studies include metrics for client community and website reach

2. Murad Murad ’ second bright and approachable marketing portfolio

The homepage of Murad Murad's website, an inspirational marketing portfolio example Murad Murad is a digital commercialize freelance adviser, focusing on subject marketing, social media, SEO, and web site purpose .

What makes this commercialize portfolio indeed great ?

Why not have a little fun with your market portfolio ? Murad ’ randomness home page is bright and fun, with a custom wordmark and stark contrast between black and scandalmongering. His first-person introduction and custom illustrations draw readers in and give the common sense of approachability. Murad takes a different approach to his portfolio with a PDF of project samples to view and download to go. The About Me section of Murad Murad's digital marketing portfolio

We besides love :

  • Custom embodiment
  • Use of ocular icons for qualifications, industries, and services

3. Dayana Mayfield showcases the art of leaning into your recess

The homepage of Dayana Mayfield's marketing portfolio website Dayana Mayfield is a copywriter working in the SaaS ( software-as-a-service ) industry .

What makes this market portfolio so great ?

This portfolio is a good example of finding a pin down niche and very owning it. Dayana uses value-based copy throughout her web site, emphasizing the party ’ mho benefit over her own credentials. Dayana uses a unique portfolio approach path, recording video recording where she shows her projects before and after and explains her set about .

We besides love :

  • active blog with contented relevant to her expertness
  • strong testimonials sprinkled throughout the site

4. Michael Antolak : design that talk

The homepage of Michael Antolak's digital marketing portfolio Michael Antolak is a creative seller who offers invention and brand services .

What makes this market portfolio so great ?

Michael ’ second locate makes an stamp proper away with standout design, typography, and photography. You expect this of a ocular seller, of course, but it ’ s an approach that others can emulate. besides take note of Mike ’ s concise descriptions of each of his campaigns and links to comprehensive scheme plans in some cases. The contact page of Michael Antolak's marketing portfolio website

We besides love :

  • Custom logo for the site
  • playful copy on the contact page

5. Bailey Cargill : social powerhouse

The homepage of Bailey Cargill's website, a great digital marketing portfolio example Bailey Cargill is a social media director and graphic architect whose function samples include Nickelodeon, Lemonaid, and Istanbul 2024 ’ mho Olympic bid .

What makes this market portfolio thus great ?

While Bailey has some impressive brands in her customer list, she has some great examples tucked in there of how you can showcase scholar, personal brand, and mock projects. She brings the case studies to life with clear, concise descriptions of her character. Bailey even keeps a Portfolio highlight spin in her Instagram feed, which is a great estimate if you aim to work in social media. A case study taken from Bailey Cargill's digital marketing portfolio

We besides love :

  • Embedded Instagram stories on the project page
  • Campaign results with metrics of impressions and engagements

6. Victoria Nikolaeva ’ s modern-look commercialize portfolio

The about me section of Victoria Nikolaeva's marketing portfolio Victoria Nikolaeva is a digital marketing coach working in the games industry .

What makes this market portfolio therefore big ?

Victoria ’ south portfolio is modern and shows that you don ’ t need to get excessively fancy or add besides much data to make an impression. Her portfolio gallery is sorted into respective categories and includes images and a short description of each project .

We besides love :

  • photograph on the home page
  • attention-getting headlines

7. Garrett Ramos and the art of keeping it simple

Garrett Ramos's digital marketing portfolio website Garrett Ramos is a social media and contented seller who besides offers photography and videography .

What makes this marketing portfolio sol bang-up ?

Garrett ’ s marketing portfolio locate pairs black-and-white with crisp photography for a simpleton but effective look. You get a sense for Garrett ’ s customer servicing and work ethic through the humiliate way he talks about himself and how he showcases his clients ’ missions. A case study taken from Garrett Ramos's marketing portfolio

We besides love :

  • Portfolio project page as the home page
  • Timeline-style curriculum vitae on the page

8. Emma Jane : All about the visuals

An overview of projects taken from Emma Jane's marketing portfolio on behance Emma Jane is a graphic architect and social media coach .

What makes this selling portfolio thus great ?

Emma Jane ’ randomness portfolio is a great example of what you can do with a social portfolio like Behance. Behance works best with ocular projects and is very easy to create, but with much less customization. As a young professional, Emma does a well job of highlighting a mix of real-world and mock projects in a ocular, scroll-friendly format. You can see the results of her efforts : her market portfolio has about 500 appreciations and more than 10,000 project views .

We besides love :

  • placement of portfolio images in a custom header
  • big variety of project types and formats

9. Elizabeth Harmon ’ sulfur brawny consumption of client testimonials

The homepage of Elizabeth Harmon's digital marketing portfolio Elizabeth Harmon is a freelance social media seller who offers strategy, confer, and coach .

What makes this market portfolio so bang-up ?

Elizabeth ’ south portfolio has a clean purpose and clear messaging about what opportunities she ’ randomness looking for. uniquely, her portfolio is all told in the words of customer testimonials, which speak volumes when it comes to showcasing your measure. You can adopt this tactic by asking former managers, colleagues, clients, or even professors, mentors, and tutors for short tribute quotes. Testimonials from Elizabeth Harmon's marketing portfolio website

We besides love :

  • personable initiation
  • active web log with relevant capacity

What should you include in your own digital market portfolio ?

When a electric potential employer or client visits your portfolio web site, they should be able to discover who you are, what you ’ ve done, and how to contact you. inaugural, on your home page or on an ‘ About ’ page, introduce yourself and your background. Highlight your strengths and state what kind of opportunities you ’ rhenium looking for. You should besides have a department for employment samples with at least three of your best case studies. Don ’ metric ton merely stake images of a campaign ; give an explanation of the challenge, the character you played, and what the result was. optional elements that you may want to include depending on your goals are a resume, services page, testimonials, and a blog .

How to create your market portfolio

To create your own marketing portfolio, you ’ ll need to first choose a platform to host your portfolio web site. While you can design a web site from rub if you have the expertness, most new professionals will opt to use a CMS platform like Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress. Platforms like these have loose or low-cost host options and offer templates with no-code design customization. adjacent, outline your web site map and write the contented, foliate by page. once you have a draft that you ’ re quick to contribution, ask friends and mentors for feedback. Once you ’ ve incorporated feedback and done a final proofread, it ’ mho publish clock ! Once it ’ south li

For more comprehensive advice, check out our arrant bit-by-bit steer on how to create your commercialize portfolio. Want to learn more about a career in marketing ? We can recommend the keep up :

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