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First impressions are everything, particularly in a professional environment. Because of this it is important for you to create a digital media kit out for your company or intersection. But what precisely is a digital media kit out ?
A digital media kit, besides known as a press kit, electronic press kit out, or media kit, is an information mailboat about a business or product. Imagine it as a resume for your company that aims to answer questions from media, investors, electric potential clients, and others. At its congress of racial equality, a digital media kit should be accessible and layed out so that it is easy to find and understand the information included .
Before the advent of the digital long time, media kits were normally printed and mailed. nowadays, with about everything accessible on-line, they are normally found on a company ’ south web site. Although it is not required that media kits be hosted on a web site with their own page, it is ideal. however, when this is not an option they can be made easily accessible using Dropbox or Google Drive .
There are three things an effective digital media kit should do :

  1. Grab the reader’s attention
  2. Make a lasting impression
  3. Create enough interest to encourage the reader to contact you for more info

When putting together your digital media kit out, the take after questions should be addressed :
Each of these questions have separate components that should be included to effectively present your kit, and are included in more detail below.

What is Your Purpose?

Putting the follow three things together allows you to create a deeper watch of the imagination of your party. This helps draw in more bloggers, journalists, and reporters to cover your fib because they have a more emotional and personal connection with your mark. Creating an emotional connection leaves a permanent depression and ultimately makes your occupation more memorable over others .


According to the founder of Short Street Cakes, Jodi Rhoden, “ your mission instruction should motivate you and your staff. You should be living and breathing your mission statement. A living mission statement can guide your caller culture and streamline decision making…Keep in mind it is not a description of what you do – it ’ s the lead effect behind it. ”
Creating and adding a potent deputation statement to your kit out provides more depth about who you are as a business .


According to BusinessNewsDaily.com, adviser and producer of BizTank Joel Klein says, “ A mission statement illustrates the purpose of the company…its main serve is to provide commission to the party and highlight what it needs to achieve in its vision…Meanwhile, a vision affirmation illustrates where a ship’s company would like to see itself further down the pipeline, what it hopes to achieve and what its goals are… ”
While a mission instruction defines the guidance of your company, your vision instruction defines how your company will move into the future and what it hopes to achieve. Joe Klein besides said, ” A mission affirmation answers the question : Why does my business exist ? A vision statement answers the interrogate : Where do I see my business going ? ”

Brand Promise

The trade name promise is the singular promise your company or organization makes to the people it serves. It is what ’ south unlike about your mark and how you live the values of your brand. The brand promise is putting ahead what the company agrees to do for its customers, donors, clients, and the people in your community .
Reflect your values and voice in how you present your mission, vision, and mark predict in your digital media kit. There is world power in having a television of the CEO presenting the mission and imagination statements. Be sure to include other ocular elements such as infographics, flowcharts, diagrams, or early elements that portray information in a creative way. Try and be creative as you build out your digital media kit because it is another opportunity to strengthen your brand.

Who Are You?

Who is involved in your company ? Who are your leaders, staff, partners, and clients ? What are the values that define and drive the members of your caller ? These are all crucial to include as they not entirely provide a personal link to your company and staff but establish credibility and authority .


Who is the founder, business owner, President, CEO, etc ? Who are the decision makers in the company ? Who are these people and why are they involved, and how long have they been involved ?

Team Members

Who else works for the business or organization ? Is there staff ? Are there volunteers ? aside from the leadership, who else is part of the team, and who else is committed to the values and mark promise ?

Customers, Clients, and Donors

Who presently hires, pays, donates, or buys from you ? What types of audiences and people come to you ? Talk a little bit about them to give insight into who you are and what drives you .


What early organizations and businesses do you collaborate with that share your values and target audiences ? When you share that you are partnered with other companies, businesses, or nonprofits that you feel are aligned with your vision/mission, it speaks volumes and boosts your credibility .


What matters to your business and organization ? What is the basis of the sword ? What are the keys that drive that mission, vision, and brand promise forward ? Share these to stand out from the competition.

It is important to note that a set of media kits will connect to the “ about us ” section of websites or may flush be located under the “ about us ” section itself. These two things are well connected when including a digital media kit on a web site or about page. Just make certain it is easy for a reader to access and understand.

What Are People Saying About You?

Sharing reviews, media coverage, and awards your business has received can drastically help improve your credibility since people are more bequeath to trust a company with solid reviews and coverage .

Media Mentions/Press Coverage

Post digital clippings such as screenshots and links to past articles, interviews, podcasts, print articles, etc. Don ’ t concern about getting every example ; purpose to get the strongest pieces that are the most valuable and credible. You can constantly add newfangled ones late .

Awards and Accolades

List the ways your business, organization, or cultivate has been recognized. Include badges, logos, or early relevant graphics from organizations and associations that have given you considerable recognition .

Reviews and Testimonials

Pull together a sample of feedback and get permission to quote customers. Make it is easily for members of the weigh to reference other people talking about the value of what you do.

What’s New?

What ’ south new in your organization ? What ’ south happened recently ? Make it easy for journalists, bloggers, possible clients, and the iron to access late news about the ship’s company. You want person to quickly and well find and take in information about your commercial enterprise .

Press Releases

Create an archive of all the weight-lift releases your ship’s company has written and shared. print and link all of these releases within the archive so that they are comfortable to find. This allows people to see how many crush releases you ’ ve put out over time. Having a great bid release on your web site that you can link to is invaluable as many reporters and journalists want to be able to click on a link and read about the latest newsworthiness from your organization .

Story Angles

You can lay out history angles in press releases themselves via headlines or flush through announcements on your web log or the pages of your web site. intelligibly define at least three different report angles through press releases and announcement headlines. Story angles besides allow you to define the audiences you want to reach and shows the media and urge why those audiences might care about your products/services/topics .

Quotes from the Team

Organize a number of quotes from the company or constitution leadership and staff, a well as relevant partners, that the media may use .
These quotes are not just testimonials ; they are your team talk in their own spokesperson about the products or services, commitment to quality, and the organization ’ second values. Let people know that they can use these quotes in a report or article to quote the CEO, the selling conductor, or person else who is an expert on the staff.

Where Are Your Brand Assets?

Provide high and humble resolution son and images that can be used on-line and in photographic print, a well as hallmark guidelines, video contentedness, and sociable media accounts. Most importantly, these things must be accessible while allowing you to retain mark consistency across all forms of media .

Low and High Resolution Logos and Images

The best file formats to include are PNG, JPEG, and vector formats ready for web and photographic print. Make sure to provide horizontal and square versions, arsenic well as fully coloring material and black and blank or anatropous versions. besides offer versions with and without a tagline. These are important to have for people reporting, blogging, or making television on-line as easily accessible humble resolution images to use. Those coming from print or more traditional media will need high resoluteness images/logos .
arsenic well as logos, include some photograph in both high and low resolution. You want to include three or more print quick and web ready photos that are 1000 pixels or more. It is much easier to scale down an image and retain its clarity than it is to scale up an visualize and do the lapp. Images in JPEG format will typically be the best option, but do note that web cook images are 72 DPI and print ready images are 300 DPI .
A good thing to keep in mind is to have some photos of people, not just places or things ! Seeing the people who are involved in your business is constantly a convinced thing, particularly for journalists and bloggers.

Embed Shareable Video Content

You want to embed any video content that you have on the internet including streaming sites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Vimeo. Make it easy for people to watch and share those videos .

Link to Social Media Accounts

Using icons to direct people to all of your active accounts makes it comfortable for people to not only find you on social media but connect with and follow you on social media .

Pro Tips to Take With You

  • Everything must be on the cloud and downloadable. Use systems like Dropbox or Google Drive for this, and/or a page on your website.
  • Track media mentions and downloads. Use tools like Google Analytics, Google Alerts, Buzzsumo, etc to track when people are talking about you.
  • Update the press area of your kit regularly as new mentions and coverage occur.
  • Make sure features are easy to navigate and are interactive.This is particularly important for the press/media area as it will be the section you flow a lot of your other “about” sections through. Also include multimedia such as text, videos, and other visual components to help to keep viewers engaged.
  • If you promote an event, let press and media know how they can request and get approval to attend and cover the event. If you have sponsors, include their logos and link to their websites. If possible, include quotes from sponsors about why they are involved.

Useful Digital Media Kit Examples

  • Stripe
  • Gilbane Building Company Look here for a great example of a creative visual with the infographic as a major component in their press kit.
  • SOCAP (Social Capital Markets)
  • Shopify

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