How to Set Up Gmail for Business in 4 Super-simple Steps

Angelica is a staff writer for Fit Small Business who specializes in marketing message like social media and small clientele websites. Elizabeth Kraus has more than a decade of first-hand have build and growing a boutique digital market means and double that in little and mid-size commercial enterprise marketing management. She provides technical answers to marketing questions related to brand, contented market, web development, electronic mail, social media, and SEO. Setting up Gmail for business electronic mail is promptly and easy. Start by creating a Google Workspace history, then follow the prompts to connect your knowledge domain diagnose, create a drug user name, and add your payment information. You can use your existing world, or purchase one from Google or from other trusted domain registrars .
To start, head over to Google Workspace and then set up your Gmail occupation e-mail in four easy steps :

1. Create a Google Workspace Account to Use Gmail for Business

Go to the Google Workspace page and click on the “ Get Started ” button. This will take you to a page asking for your business name, count of employees, and region or country where your clientele is based. Fill out this information and click “ Next. ”
On the pursue page, add your name, electronic mail address, and business earphone number. then, click “ Next. ”
Get started page and number of employees in Google Workspace. Creating business name information in Google Workspace. Creating account info in Google Workspace.

2. Connect Your Domain (or Buy a New Domain)

once you have provided your reach information, you can connect your business domain name. A domain is what comes after “ world wide web ” in a web address ( aka URL ) and comes after the @ sign on your electronic mail address. For case, the domain name of this locate is “ ”
Google Workspace setting up domain name.

How to Use a Domain You Already Own

If you have an existing sphere, click on “ Yes, I have one I can use. ” Enter your sphere name ( e.g., ) and snap “ Next. ” In the follow footprint, you can verify and give Google access to your knowledge domain name. To do this, go to your world name registrar ’ mho admin console base page and enter the MX records that Google Workspace provides in your Domain list System ( DNS ). Follow the prompts from the registrar ’ s admin console home page .
Sample image of Google Workspace in setting up domain name.

How to Get a New Domain Name

If you don ’ t have a world list, cluck on “ No, I need one. ” Search world names to see if your business name is available. If it is available, you can register it to use for your Gmail business electronic mail. If not, you can enter another choose sphere name or choose from the alternatives that Google will generate for you .
Sample image of Google Workspace in searching for your domain name.

If you want to get a new world name but preceptor ’ thyroxine want to get one from Google, check out these trust domain name registrar alternatives .

3. Create Your Gmail Business Email User Name

Create a username and password to use as your Gmail business electronic mail. Your username is what comes before the “ @ ” sign and your knowledge domain name ( e.g., jane @, doe @, jane.doe @, j.doe @, or other formats ). then click “ Agree and Continue. ”
Creating username and password to login on your Google Workspace account.
Using the same username format keeps your company ’ s e-mail reproducible and easy to organize. When choosing a username format, consider the size of your organization. Using the foremost name or last name lone can work for little organizations. however, if you are looking to scale, you might have staff who share the lapp first or last name. Use this guide on how to create professional e-mail addresses for your team .

4. Input Payment Information to Complete Account Setup

Google provides a 14-day free trial, so you will not be billed during this period, but you still need to add payment information. The plan is set to Business Standard by default. But you can choose to downgrade or upgrade to the next design within your barren test. Click “ Next ” and complete the check procedure to start using Gmail business e-mail .

Next Steps After Setting Up Gmail for Business

once you ’ ve set up your Google Workspace history and business e-mail cover, you can immediately customize it, migrate your e-mail, and access the Google cortege of productiveness tools. Get the most out of Gmail with these future steps :

  • Customize your email: On your Gmail account, click on the Settings icon in the top right corner. From here, you can customize elements in your email, including your profile picture, email theme, how you organize your inbox, and creating a unique email signature.
  • Migrate email to Gmail: Go to and click on “Apps.” Navigate to the Setup section, check the box next to “User email uploads,” and click “Save.” Then, go back to your Gmail and click on the Settings icon in the top right corner, where you can start the import process. Use Google’s guide to learn how to turn imports from webmail hosts on or off.
  • Add new users: To add more users for your team, go to Google Domains and select “Email.” Under “Add or remove people from Google Workspace,” choose “Add User.” Then enter the new user’s first name, last name, and user name. Then select “Admin” or “User” as their role. Click Add. Google will charge you a prorated amount based on your plan for the new user on your next billing date.
  • Add apps to maximize productivity: Email apps can help you organize your emails, track website open rates, or increase sales. To get more when using Gmail for your business’ email, check out our list of the 10 best email apps for small businesses, including the Gmail for Mobile app.

Pro tip: Creating a alone electronic mail signature can help you engage prospects and move them along the buy travel. Get inspiration and ideas using the best e-mail key signature generators .

Pros & Cons of Using Gmail for Business

One of the many nice things about Gmail is that it ’ randomness user-friendly. As such, it is bare to set up professional e-mail addresses, but there are extra reasons to consider using Gmail for your professional e-mail needs, including the follow pros and cons .

PROS con
Comes with the whole suite of Google Workspace business apps No free plan
Branded email addresses build trust and establish brand credibility Gmail filters some emails into spam, so you need to periodically monitor your spam folder so as not to miss improperly categorized emails
Easy to set up Some Workspace apps aren’t as good as counterparts; for example, users say Google Docs features are limited compared to Microsoft Word and that Zoom is more intuitive than Google Meet
Integrates with Google Workspace apps and other third-party applications
Privacy and security features included
Upgrade or downgrade based on your business’ budget and needs

Gmail Pricing With Google Workspace

To use Gmail as your business ’ e-mail customer requires the leverage of a Google Workplace plan. Workspace is spare for the first 14 days ; after that, Google bills you based on your chosen plan .
All plans are billed monthly and there ’ s no option to save with a 12-month or longer-term shrink. Each plan is for one user and you can add a maximum of 300 users for the Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus Plans for an extra monthly monetary value .

occupation starter Business Standard business Plus enterprise
Monthly Cost per User $ 6 $ 12 $ 18 Contact sales
Per-user Storage Space

30GB 2TB 5TB 5TB ( extra repositing available on request )
Custom Email Address
Video Meetings (up to 24 Hours in Duration)
Video Meetings improving to 100 participants up to 150 participants and recording saved to Google Drive up to 500 participants, recording saved to Google Drive, and attendance track up to 500 participants, recording saved to Google Drive, attendance track, noise cancellation, and in-domain livestreaming
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started

List of pricing and plans for Gmail business email.

  • Business Starter Plan: This is a great plan for small businesses as it includes a professional email and access to Google’s productivity and collaboration tools.
  • Business Standard: This plan provides more storage at 2TB cloud storage per user and allows you to record video meetings.
  • Business Plus: Upgrade to Business Plus to get 5TB of cloud storage per user, record conferences, and track attendance for video meetings.
  • Enterprise: Enterprise is intended for businesses with more than 300 users. It offers 5TB of pooled storage for each user and additional storage is available by request. In addition to video meeting recording and attendance tracking, you also get noise cancellation and in-domain livestreaming.

here ’ s the dislocation of the four Google Workspace plans that allow you to use Gmail as a business electronic mail solution : Found the right Google Workplace plan for you ? Get started using Gmail for commercial enterprise emailing with a unblock 14-day trial .
Start Using Gmail for Business

Looking to use Gmail for your business ’ e-mail but don ’ triiodothyronine have the budget ? Get a exempt e-mail address from your web hosting supplier you can connect and access through Gmail at no cost. here are six legit ways to get a unblock commercial enterprise e-mail address .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a business email?

A clientele e-mail is a custom e-mail address that uses your company ’ randomness world name. It builds credibility, believe, and sword awareness with prospects and customers alike. Check out this complete guide to creating and setting up a business email .

What’s the difference between Gmail & Gmail for business?

Gmail is a free electronic mail service that contains the Gmail knowledge domain ( for example, jane @ ) that ’ randomness mean for personal practice. To use Gmail for business, you connect your commercial enterprise ’ custom domain to your e-mail address ( for example, jane @ ) .
Paid plans start at $ 6 per drug user, per calendar month as separate of the Google Workspace ecosphere. alternatively, if price is a top concern, check out our list of the best brassy electronic mail hosting providers at $ 6 per calendar month or less .

What are the best Google Workspace alternatives for business email?

Gmail is a leading business electronic mail provider for businesses of all sizes. however, there are others you can choose from based on your budget and clientele needs. Some of these include Microsoft 365, IONOS ( low-cost e-mail hosting from $ 1 per calendar month ), DreamHost ( inexhaustible clientele emails with the Unlimited shared hosting plan ), and Zoho Mail ( for those who already own a world name ).

many of the best web hosting companies include several or evening outright electronic mail accounts on your sphere in low-cost host packages. alternatively, to see whether Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace is the better solution for your belittled business, read our adept Google Workspace volt Microsoft 365 comparison .

Bottom Line

Setting up Gmail for business electronic mail is easy. You can get a branded electronic mail that your customers recognize and trust in equitable a few steps, and your Gmail business electronic mail includes access to Google Workspace ’ s all-in-one electronic mail, communication, and productiveness software suite. Visit Google Workspace to set up your bill and start your 14-day free trial today .
Visit Google Workspace

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