Best WordPress Hosting Canada 2022, Our Top 10 [Updated Reviews]

How To Find a Good WordPress Host

When you ’ re equitable starting out and possibly are looking to build a web site from rub, a bunch of people look for a canadian web host that is cheap and gets the problem done, however international relations and security network ’ t besides complicated so that they can manage it without extra help. If you ’ re not planning to start a very customs and complex web app or platform, but rather your common business site, web log, e-commerce shop, etc… american samoa far as CMSs go, WordPress is the manner to go .
It ’ mho elementary to start up, and free to use, though a lot of people may not know whether the web site they are trying to build, warrants the practice of Managed WordPress Hosting ( the expensive kind ), or the more cosmopolitan shared host that supports WordPress ( what we normally recommend ). so in this article, we aim to explain WordPress and WordPress Hosting, and show what to look for in the best WordPress hosts Canada has to offer. That being said, if you ’ re in another state, we besides have the comply top WP host comparisons. best WordPress hosts Australia and best UK WordPress host .

WordPress Explained

WordPress is a CMS ( at the moment power over 25 % of the entire internet ) that you can install on the majority of web hosts. Most WordPress Hosts offer 1-click initiation of the software. And like most open-source software, WordPress is free for the general population, yay. It is broadly the go-to locate build platform for small to medium-sized occupation sites, blogs, e-commerce stores, and even forums, because it ’ s so easy to use and build/design websites with.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is a term used to describe any web hosting supplier that supports WordPress. Different vane hosts may offer different hosting types of course, from shared, to a vps, dedicated host, and cloud host. It all depends on the flush of expertness and specific needs the person has in regards to setting up their site .
When opting for a WordPress master of ceremonies, the most normally used is shared hosting ( or cheap WordPress host : ) ). This type of hosting allows different websites to share a one server which cuts back on the monetary value enormously. Though there are some drawbacks to this kind of host, it is still in the majority when it comes to how WordPress users store their web site information .

Cheap WordPress Hosting – Pros and Cons


  • Easy to install and user-friendly
  • Inexpensive
  • Many hosts offer unlimited domains, emails, site traffic, and storage
  • More customizable


  • There might be a ceiling to the unlimited WordPress Hosting features
  • Resources are shared with other websites
  • Other sites on the server can slow your website down

Features to look for in Canadian WordPress hosts

nowadays that we understand, what WordPress is and how it works, we can see fair what makes some of the top WordPress hosts stand out from the others .
There are a overplus of WordPress hosting companies available on the web. Many of them offer features that you may need and require, some that you don ’ t need, and some that could adversely affect your web site and how you ’ re able to build it .
website creation
It ’ s important to narrow down the list to a few important features so that it ’ south easy to spot which hosts are good and which hosts aren ’ triiodothyronine worth your time. so, here are some of the features you want to look for in the best WordPress Hosts :

Domain Hosting

by and large, when you ’ re choosing a WordPress host you want to find one that can besides register domain names. That manner, your hosting + sphere are with the same company, makes support a distribute easier .

Blog Hosting

many of the people looking into WordPress hosts, gravitate towards it for their web log features, so it goes to rationality that the best WordPress hosts will have features that make it comfortable for bloggers to download and start using WordPress without delay .
indeed, web hosting providers should truly a have a 1-click installation option for WordPress .

Email Accounts

With a custom-make sphere, comes the want for a personal e-mail. The crown WordPress e-mail hosts will permit an outright come of e-mail accounts so that you and your entire team can engage in communication using customize domain names .
You can set up these electronic mail accounts through the control dialog box of your calculator, and be able to link them to business apps .

Bandwidth and Disk Space

Another have to look for in your WordPress horde is inexhaustible features such as electronic mail, repositing, domains, bandwidth, and sol on. Though some hosts boast about these unlimited features, there may actually be a ceiling to these features that could affect the way your web site operates .
then, the most dependable hosts will warn you when you are reaching your limits and open up a dialogue on scale options. This is specially true is terms of storage for your web site and bandwidth which can be used up reasonably easily unless you understand your options and your limits .

WordPress Hosting Security

When you create a web site, you want it to be secure, so that ’ s why you want a host that can give you the peace of beware that you hope for when you launch your website so you know that no one can alter your contentedness or affect your site in any way without your permission.

so, you ’ ll want a horde that offers some general securities like software updates, monitor, SSL certificates for spare, DDoS protection, among other basic security tactics. But at the very least a host should be able to keep your WordPress software up to date .
SSL sertificates

Hosting Speed

The fastest WordPress hosting companies use a CDN ( like those offering managed WordPress hosting ), which allows capacity from your web site to be delivered to the site visitors calculator from the closest waiter to their location .
This results in shorter load times and makes for a better overall have for the visitor. It ’ s an extremely authoritative feature particularly if you ’ re running an eCommerce web site .
It will keep your potential customers from leaving in frustration and may even boost gross .

Server Location

While server placement is crucial, it ’ south not deoxyadenosine monophosphate crucial as it used to be. If you ’ re using a CDN like CloudFlare, the location of your data plaza doesn ’ thymine have to be a big factor. It is however distillery ideal to have a data kernel in Canada if that ’ s where your target market is .

Server Uptime

There are times when a server will go time. That ’ randomness just the nature of technology. however, what you want to avoid is a host that has low server uptime, because your web site visitors may have a hard time interacting with your web site when it ’ s not there .
so, what you want to look for in a WordPress host, is one with an uptime of 99.9 % so that the chances any site visitor finding your web site down is reduce .

Customer Support

This international relations and security network ’ thyroxine something that is exceed of the list when choosing a host, but it could mean all the difference if you aren ’ thymine skilled with web site build and you ’ re suddenly experiencing an emergence with your web site .
Being able to contact person about it could help you understand what ’ s happening with the server your web site is based on, or help you solve an emergence that is appearing on your end .
support options

System Backups

Because Servers can crash and accidents happen, it ’ second important to know if your host is able to back up your electronic mail, database, and web site. Because if calamity does strike, you will be able to get your site back up and running oklahoman if the worst occurs .
so, you want to check if your host has automatic monthly, weekly, or day by day backups .

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hosting is best for WordPress Linux or Windows?

While it ’ s technically possible to run WordPress on Windows host, we wouldn ’ thyroxine recommend it. The best host environment for running WordPress is decidedly Linux, and the huge majority of WordPress installations run on Linux host ( and it ’ s a distribute cheaper compared to Windows hosting ) .

Can I build a WordPress site without hosting?

Yup, you can use to build your locate, they take care of hosting for you. And you can even do it for release, though it does come with limitations regarding purpose and stigmatization ( like no professional URL, you would have a subdomain url like ). Their paid plans offer more flexibility though. Another direction to build a WordPress site without hosting is to actually hosting it on your own calculator using WAMP, but that requires a more in-depth guidebook .

Can I use WordPress for free?

While WordPress itself is actually free, you would still need to pay for a sphere appoint and host. If you want to build a WordPress site for release, you would need to use ( not to be confused with, which is the full version of WP to use with third-party host services ), which has a spare plan.

What is the fastest WordPress hosting?

In our opinion, the fastest WordPress host services are normally managed WordPress hosting providers like Kinsta or Pressidium. They ’ rhenium extremely fast and only focus on hosting WordPress websites, but they do come with higher costs .

How much does it cost to host a WordPress website?

How a lot your host will cost for hosting a WordPress locate will depend on your needs, or more specifically, your websites ’ needs. If you want to host a small business web site or web log, you can go with shared host, which on average costs around USD $ 5/mo. If you need to host an ecommerce web site or forum, you might need to look out a wield WordPress hosting supplier, which starts around USD $ 30/mo .

Is WordPress easy to use for a beginner?

WordPress is identical easy to use as a novice. Over 30 % of the internet is powered by WordPress, and with good reason. It ’ south one of the easiest web site build tools around, and has a massive community to help you out in case you get stuck. There are besides a set of tutorials available on-line .

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