The Best WordPress Hosting You Should Consider Using in 2022

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Best Web Hosting for WordPress

Bluehost for WP for Best WordPress Web Hosting
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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top picks? The best WordPress website host for most people is Hostinger and Bluehost.

WordPress is what I use to manage my web log and other sites. Millions of visitors read message and interact with my site each calendar month. Without the best WordPress web host, there ’ s no way I could deliver a high-performance experience .
It ’ mho unlike from regular host in that your supplier is entirely going to host WordPress on the servers you use. This makes it easier to optimize performance and maintain security because there ’ s alone one type of software on it .
thus, if you ’ re presently using WordPress or planning to use WordPress for your web site, you actually ought to invest in web host that ’ s made for that platform .
And it ’ s extremely low-cost .
Which WordPress web hosting provider is the best ? Keep interpretation for reviews of the top providers I trust. The reviews are followed by a brief guide to help you find a server that makes sense with your goals and budget .

#1 – Hostinger Review — The Best for Cheap WordPress Hosting

Hostinger offers optimize WordPress host for a depleted as $ 1.99/month. tied at that reduced pricing, it has the essential software of features and resources necessity to get a WordPress site off the reason and looking sharp .
Everything is comfortable to set up, even if it is your beginning fourth dimension getting hosting or using WordPress .
A four-year contract is required to get the best price. so, there is a little bit of a commitment, but the full price tag of four years at those low rates is still well below a individual year with early options .
You besides save with the dislodge electronic mail report, domain name, CDN, and a dislodge SSL security that ’ south extremely easy to enable. Your site will be faster and more fasten with barely any campaign on your part .
Hostinger ’ s entry-level plan is not aimed at developers and the like who need to put a big tune on their locate. You get 30 GB of memory, two databases, and hebdomadally backups .
The lack of day by day backups might not work for some users, but if you don ’ t need to update your locate all the meter, a hebdomadally backup is a comforting indemnity plan .
At the depleted price, there ’ s obviously no white-glove customer serve, but it is still available 24/7/365. Customers tend to review Hostinger ’ randomness support very well, evening if the response time is slower than you get with a do plan .
There are going to be upsells in the chopine, but there ’ s no catch. It ’ s a in truth bang-up rate because Hostinger hasn ’ metric ton write out costs where it counts .
You get a 99.9 % uptime guarantee and web site rush is reliable for up to 10,000 visitors each calendar month. If you are just getting started, this is more than enough .
And Hostinger has truly has optimized the WordPress experience. The LightSpeed hoard accelerates your web site and works well with most popular plugins .
It ’ sulfur not merely increased performance—Hostinger provides a helpful suite of tools to get your locate looking master .
One-click WordPress facility, a site frame-up ace, and lots of helpful tutorials. You ’ ll be able to take advantage of detached WordPress plugins and themes to improve your locate at no cost .
Hostinger has ultra-competitive basic price for all of the WordPress hosting plans they offer :
Hostinger WordPress hosting pricing page fo Best WordPress Hosting
Renewal rates jump a commodity bit higher than the introductory rate ( between $ 2 more per calendar month to american samoa much as $ 5 to $ 7 more on the higher-octane plans ), but that has a lot to do with just how deep of a dismiss they offer. Don ’ t be thrown by the startle in price, the full rate is comparable to other share WordPress host .
And, if you snag the best deal by going with a four-year committedness up front, you won ’ triiodothyronine have to worry about paying more for your host for a good 48 months .
At the end of the sidereal day, if you are looking for a low-cost host plan that ’ s optimized for WordPress, Hostinger is a very good option. It ’ s a no-frills plan that covers all your bases and delivers great performance .
You can sign up and try Hostinger risk-free for 30 days .

#2 – Cloudways Review — The Best for Total Customization

If you ’ ve been shopping for WordPress hosting for a bit, you ’ ve probably noticed that a lot of providers start to run in concert after a while. It can be a parade of largely like options with only slight differences in price, management, or other options .
Cloudways does everything a little bit differently, though—and that could be to your benefit .
This supplier ’ mho goal is to strike a alone remainder between drug user customization and the stress-free nature of managed WordPress host .
It starts with something novel right off the bat. You select the cloud server infrastructure you ’ d like from five of the top platforms out there :

  • DigitalOcean
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Vultr
  • Linode

Each offers at least eight data centers to choose from, sprinkled across North America, Europe, and Asia ( with some even having options in Australia, Africa, and South America ) .
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customizing your Cloudways box. Each infrastructure option comes with four pre-set pricing packages, but you can well adjust or reallocate resources after getting signed up ( for exempt ) .
Plus, all plans are billed monthly for pay-as-you-go pricing, so you alone pay for the resources you ’ re actually using and can make design changes with facilitate .
There ’ randomness even an hourly bill choice that can come in handy for super short-run web site projects and testing endeavors .
Plus, depending on your comfort flush with server management, there are a host of ways to fine-tune your hosting feel, including :

  • One-click backups on demand
  • Automated backups
  • One-click application force stop
  • Varnish cache settings
  • App web root changes
  • Supervisord process manager
  • WP-CLI control over WordPress
  • Cron job rules and scheduling

You get all of this dominance, plus deep optimization features for WordPress sites, robust security, and expert defend with Cloudways .
Pricing varies greatly based on the server infrastructure you choose, resource levels, and agio options ( for DigitalOcean and Vultr ). For rest of comparison, here are Cloudways ’ entry-level plans for DigitalOcean :
Cloudways pricing for Best WordPress Web Hosting
As you can see, you can get started for just $ 10 per calendar month with no committedness. That gives you more storehouse and bandwidth than a draw of other base WordPress hosting plans from other providers, while giving you a truly do hosting experience with extra-fine levels of control on your end ampere well .
Cloudways isn ’ triiodothyronine for beginners, but if you know enough to handle some server-side alimony and management, you can actually reap all kinds of benefits from this provider. Get everything precisely the way you want it—without getting a bill that punishes you for customization—by getting started with Cloudways for unblock. Use promo code NEILPATEL to get 25 % off for 3 months .

#3 – Pressable Review — The Best for Agencies, Designers, & Developers

Whether you ’ ra plan sites for clients or building their entire commercialize strategy, adding web hosting to your service suite is a fresh move. You can handle one more thing for your clients ( making your services more valuable ) and, with Pressable, give them choice hosting while adding more tax income to your own bottom line .
Pressable delivers both managed WordPress and WooCommerce host, giving you two options to offer your clients. Whether they need a WordPress locate ( or multiple ) for their campaign or need you to lay the foundation for their web store, you ’ ve got them covered .
No count which web hosting type you need from Pressable, they deliver fantastic rush, uptime, and security with their cloud host infrastructure .
And, since their host services are in full managed, you get the extra avail of detached migrations on every host design, dependable and attentive 24/7 support, and operation monitoring provided by the Pressable team. They ’ ll aid you and your clients get the absolute most out of their web host .
You can get all the managed host bells and whistles from WP Engine, but Pressable is more valuable to those who are designing and build up sites for others. For one, you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get migrations on every WP Engine design, something that is vastly valuable to client-based web site sour .
You besides tend to get more bang for your sawhorse with Pressable .
Standard managed WordPress hosting starts a low as $ 19 per calendar month ( $ 15.83 per month when you pay annually ). But that merely supports one WordPress locate .
fortunately, Pressable has plans segmented by either the number of sites you need hosting for or the numeral of total monthly visits you expect .
The plans for three and 10 sites are great deals. The former is good $ 37.50 per calendar month when you pay for a year up presence. You ’ ra allowed up to 50,000 monthly visits and get 20 GB of storage, plus the pull off services mentioned above and Jetpack Security included .
That ’ s both cheaper and provides a snatch more storage than WP Engine ’ s comparable plan .
Need WooCommerce hosting ? No trouble. In fact, it ’ s the same accurate price for three sites as the standard WordPress choice, plus you get 10 more GB of storage .
If you need more, Pressable makes it laughably easy to scale up. so, none of your clients can always complain about outgrowing the Pressable host you ’ rhenium providing them .
Get to know Pressable ’ s bang-up WordPress and WooCommerce host and start delivering a high-quality home on the vane to your clients .

#4 – Bluehost Review — The Best for New WordPress Sites

Powering more than 2 million sites across the earth, Bluehost is an industry drawing card in the web hosting space, particularly for WordPress sites. In fact, it ’ randomness one of the few world wide web hosts that ’ s officially recommended by WordPress .
Bluehost is a bang-up choice for anyone building a newfangled web site from scribble. When you sign up for host, you get a spare sphere name for a year and WordPress is a one-click install .
normally a domain name costs $ 10-15, but your salvage fourth dimension in addition to money. rather of having to go and register a world and download WordPress, you can get everything done in a one footprint .
Plus, the price of WordPress host is about a low as you will find .
WordPress hosting from Bluehost starts at fair $ 2.95/month. You ’ ll have to sign a 3-year narrow to get the best consider. If you are constantly going to need host, I say interlock in the best deduction for a long as possible .
Getting everything set up is actually easily. I walk you through the hale work in my post about how to start a WordPress web log .
Trust me when I say you don ’ t need any particular skills to start blogging right away .
Navigating about your newly WordPress dashboard is fairly straight-forward, but you can reach out to Bluehost support if you have questions. Representatives are available any prison term of day by telephone or survive old world chat .
Lots of the best parts are baked right into the service—a absolve CDN to boost operation and security system and a free SSL certificate is always enabled. You don ’ t have to configure any of it in arrange to benefit from the fast speeds and safe dealings .
It ’ south easy adequate to take advantage of release WordPress themes and find a layout you like. Plus, there are tons of incredible options via the Bluehost WordPress market if you are bequeath to spend a copulate bucks .
other noteworthy highlights from Bluehost include :

  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 50 GB storage
  • $200 in free marketing credits (Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising)
  • Securely configure your WordPress login credentials

All of this comes with Bluehost Basic WordPress web host, starting at $ 2.95 per month. For an entry-level plan, 50 GB of storage is a draw. More than twice arsenic much as you get with early plans .
There are no arbitrary limits about traffic, but if your web site starts to impact early sites on the waiter, they may ask you to upgrade to a higher grade plan .
The Plus and Choice Plus plans let you build as many sites as you want, whereas basic limits you to good one. You will besides get outright storage ( within satisfactory use limits, of course ) and greater server resources with the higher tier plans .
Or, you can choose to take advantage of either managed host plans for WordPress or Bluehost ’ s specialized WooCommerce host .
Bluehost WordPress hosting pricing page for Best WordPress Hosting
Bluehost ’ s managed WordPress hosting starts at $ 9.95/month with a three-year narrow. The introductory rate is very attractive compared to other managed plans, which is great for getting managed-level service locked in for the about future .
however, it is lacking some features compared to more robust managed WordPress plans, like the ones offered by WP Engine .
But if this is your first web site, you shouldn ’ thymine even be worried about managed host. You ’ ll be fine with shared WordPress host. Bluehost will get you set up with everything you need at an low-cost price .
I actually like their on-line store-specific host, ampere well. It ’ s a great room to get a WooCommerce store set up in a pinch, with its include store builder, preinstalled WooCommerce and Jetpack, one-click install for payment action, and capability for manual order creation .
Get in touch with Bluehost nowadays .

#5 – WP Engine Review — The Best for Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine is the original managed WordPress hosting provider and placid leads the clique in terms of providing concierge service and adept support. The company has besides developed a platform wide of exclusive tools designed to help you take your WordPress site to the future level .
If you are just getting a modest site or web log on-line, WP Engine is overkill. This is a dear option for people with on-line stores, a bunch of sites, and other complex WordPress host needs .
WP Engine allows you to get high-performance sites without having to hire a developer or stress about sustenance .
You ’ ll unlock blazing fast accelerate, incredible uptime, and best-in-class security without any employment on your separate .
In addition to optimizing the IT environment, WP Engine will keep the WordPress Core and PHP up to date. The company is constantly monitor and blocking threats, keeping your sites fast and safe .
WP Engine has a fabled customer service record. The ship’s company does not host anything besides WordPress. You are always going to get a rep who knows the platform inside and out and handles relevant issues all day, every day .
With so much taken manage of with WP Engine, you have more time to focus on building a great site. 36 premium StudioPress themes are included with every host plan .
normally, that would cost hundreds of dollars, but you are detached to experiment and customize these knock-down themes as you like .
Some of the early highlights include :

  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Geotargeted content
  • Free automated WordPress migrations
  • Development, staging, and production environments

No other managed WordPress host offers separate dev/staging environments. This is a boon to WordPress developers, as it solves some of the annoying problems associated with one-click staging environments .
Managed WordPress hosting starts at $ 25/month with a annual contract. You can besides sign up for one calendar month at a time—which some hosting providers don ’ thymine allow—and it ’ s only $ 30/month .
normally, it costs a short more, but the price I ’ megabyte giving you here includes a discount for being a lector of my blog. so decidedly snap through the link or remember to use the NEILPATEL20 coupon code at checkout to get the savings.
WP Engine pricing page for Best WordPress Hosting
Although WP Engine international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine bum, there are no skyrocketing rates or hidden charges .
The Startup plan works for one site and comes with 10 GB storage and 50 GB bandwidth, which can handle about 25,000 visits each month .
Upgrading to the Professional, Growth, or Scale plans will let you build more sites and host more traffic. At the top end, Scale, you ’ re allowed 400,000 visits each month while getting 50 GB of storage 500 GB of monthly bandwidth .
There ’ randomness besides a separate chase of plans for ecommerce. Those plans scale resources in the exact like way as the standard managed WordPress plans, they just include powerful world wide web store features as well. The Startup design for WordPress ecommerce starts at $ 30 per calendar month when paying annually .
For most people, the criterion WP Engine plan is everything they need and more. This is my top recommendation for managed WordPress host, and I am hardly alone in that impression .
Make WP Engine for your first and last diaphragm for wield WordPress host. Sign up for a year today, and get two months free .

#6 – SiteGround Review — The Best Support for Affordable WordPress Hosting

To get the best potential white-glove, rose-petals-on-your-pillow customer service, you have to get a cope WordPress host design. It ’ s an regulate of magnitude more expensive than shared plans, but you get a floor of support that outclasses everything else .
For people that want high choice confirm, but aren ’ thyroxine ready to commit to an expensive wield plan, I suggest checking out SiteGround .
What the party offers is called wangle WordPress host, but in truth it straddles the grey area between shared and managed WordPress hosting plans. basically, you can get a batch of the benefits of managed WordPress hosting at a monetary value that is similar to shared .
SiteGround is formally recommended by WordPress and has systematically great reviews. You don ’ triiodothyronine win two Stevie awards for customer service by accident .
All of their WordPress host solutions come with platform-specific support. From assisting with migrations to troubleshooting plugins, SiteGround is cook to help. Customer service is always available via earphone, live new world chat, and tickets .
In addition to solid support, SiteGround takes care of updates, security system, and caching shape that keeps your site debauched .
Some of the other features include :

  • Automated WordPress installation and powerful WordPress starter kit
  • Free website builder
  • Free WordPress migrations
  • Managed security and updates at the server and application level
  • Performance optimized for WordPress sites
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited free email accounts

SiteGround offers a low basic rate for all plans, starting at $ 3.99 per month for a annual commitment :
SiteGround pricing page for Best WordPress Web Hosting
You aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate going to find a more feature-rich WordPress host option with angstrom a lot documentation as SiteGround ’ s StartUp plan. And, getting it for barely under $ 50 for your first year is a bargain .
After the promotional price ends, the lapp design renews at $ 14.99 per calendar month. That ’ s a exorbitant increase, but still very competitive considering it ’ s a fully-managed WordPress host design with a distribute of big features .
The GrowBig and GoGeek plans can hold their own with other managed WordPress hosting plans. You ’ ll get a staging area, on-demand backups, improved hoard, and more resources to power your sites .
During the discount period, the higher-tier plans are an absolute steal a well .
If you aren ’ t cook to pull the trigger on a premium managed WordPress hosting plan, but you still want your provider to handle a dear total of the backend legwork, SiteGround StartUp is a good suit .
The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee .
Try SiteGround nowadays risk-free and see fair how good their customer support—and network hosting for WordPress sites—truly is .

#7 – DreamHost Review — The Lowest Day One Spend for WordPress Hosting

DreamHost, along with SiteGround and Bluehost, is one of the few host providers that ’ s formally recommended by WordPress. Unlike the other two providers, DreamHost offers extremely competitive month-to-month rates .
This is truly attractive for people who aren ’ triiodothyronine looking to sign onto a hanker contract in order to get a good monetary value. DreamHost does offer discounts with longer contracts, but you can distillery access the WordPress Starter design for $ 4.99 a calendar month. No condense or long-run committedness .
Another reason DreamHost keeps your day one spend down is that a absolve domain identify is included for the first year. That saves another $ 10 to $ 15 correctly there .
DreamHost besides includes sphere privacy, which keeps your personal data off the public record. That may cost equally much as $ 15 each year with other hosts .
Bluehost will give you the domain for barren, but you don ’ thymine catch as many tools to help you build your web site. DreamHost gives you a entire web site builder.

get set up promptly with more than 200 appetizer sites built for restaurants, real-estate, fashion, web purpose, and more. Use the simpleton drag-and-drop builder to add your message and finish touches .
DreamHost handles all of the WordPress and security updates and includes automatic daily backups. This is unusual for shared WordPress host and saves you the expense of buying a plugin like JetPack to backup your web site .
You besides get :

  • 50 GB storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 ticket support
  • Live chat support
  • Developer access
  • Free automated WordPress migrations

DreamHost offers a wide roll of plans to choose from. In addition to the low-cost shared WordPress host, the company offers DreamPress, a wangle solution, and WordPress hosting on a virtual individual server ( VPS ) :
DreamHost pricing for Best WordPress Web Hosting
The DreamPress managed hosting solution is a cost-efficient no-contract option for people leery of putting down a few hundred dollars to sign up for a traditional plan .
similarly, the VPS for WordPress plan will work well for people who need more resources and control condition over their waiter than a share plan allows .
The monetary value is competitive across all DreamHost plans, but there ’ second nothing to be anxious about. The caller has a 100 % uptime guarantee. DreamHost will actually pay you for your troubles if your site goes down unexpectedly .
Plus they offer an incredible 97-day money back guarantee. No other host will give you as much time to try their serve risk-free .
DreamHost is confident about the quality of overhaul it provides. You can be besides .
Get started with DreamHost today for precisely a few dollars down .

#8 – Nexcess Review — The Best for Budget-Friendly Managed WordPress Hosting

Nexcess has a alone pricing and plan structure that puts managed hosting within scope for businesses which can ’ triiodothyronine justify the spend necessary to get WP Engine .
Plans start american samoa low as $ 19/month with no compress or $ 12.67/month if you sign up for a year .
Nexcess is rightfully do WordPress host. One of my favorite aspects of the serve is that every feature they offer comes with every plan .
With SiteGround, another low-cost managed hosting solution, you have to upgrade to get web site theatrical production and on-demand backups. With Nexcess, on the early hand, you can move up from design to plan to get more host resources, but you never have to upgrade to access capabilities .
Nexcess takes caution of a short ton of the long-winded maintenance through plugin updates and 30-day backups. Just to note, you only get plugin updates with WP Engine ’ s Managed Hosting Plus plan, whereas Nexcess includes it standard .
Some of the other benefits you get with Nexcess managed WordPress hosting are :

  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • IThemes Security Pro
  • Visual regression testing
  • 24/7/365 phone, live chat, and email support

I besides want to draw care to the generous host resources. The 15 GB of memory that comes with the Nexcess entry-level plan, Spark, is capital for the price and the 2 terabyte of bandwidth is beyond impression. That ’ randomness four to five times the bandwidth that comes with other WordPress host plans that are more expensive .
And if your site consumes more resources than your plan allows, Nexcess will auto-scale it for 24 hours free of charge. That ’ south time to get in front of a plus tendency or weather a random traffic spike without an topic .
As I mentioned, Nexcess has a in truth flexible price structure that accommodates small businesses looking for top performance and enterprise businesses that need excellence every minute .
Let ’ s take a quick look at the most low-cost options beginning :
Since every plan has every feature, you very entirely need to consider the number of sites you want and hosting resources you need .
Nexcess pricing for Best WordPress Web Hosting
Spark wholly outfits one site and comes with everything I ’ ve mentioned therefore far. The Maker design is estimable for five sites, increases bandwidth to 3 TB and 40 GB storage. The next plan up, Designer, works for more sites and gives you more storehouse and greater bandwidth .
In total, there are seven different plans. Whether you have one web site or hundreds, Nexcess has a managed WordPress hosting solution to fit your needs .
If you want managed WordPress hosting at a low price, Nexcess Spark is your option. And, you will be able to stick with the company as you grow .
You won ’ metric ton get all the WordPress tools that come with WP Engine, but you get serious host resources and a platform that ’ randomness been optimized for WordPress. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry about amphetamine, security, or uptime with Nexcess .
get set up with Nexcess hosting today for less than $ 13/month. The Spark plan has a free trial, so you can test out the platform risk-free .

#9 – A2 Hosting Review — The Best for Moving an Existing Site to Better Hosting

Lots of providers offer “ free migrations ” to help you move your WordPress locate over from your old host situation. What this means in world is that you can use a plugin that automates a lot of the work .
It ’ mho not excessively badly, but A2 Hosting has an actual team of humans dedicated to making the interchange .
The solution is a stress-free and problem-free transfer. Your site is in a better space now with incredibly debauched servers, a top-rated customer patronize staff, and phenomenal price .
A2 is going to work whether you want shared hosting optimized for WordPress or a cope plan that ’ randomness more hands-off. The report migration is absolve either means, but you can pick from a distribute of different options .
Looking at the share WordPress host plans, it ’ s noteworthy how much is included :

  • 100 GB storage
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Virus scanning and hack defense,
  • Ecommerce integrations,
  • Cloudflare free CDN compatibility
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 24/7/365 email, live chat, phone, and ticket support

Yes, I ’ thousand talking about the Basic shared WordPress hosting plan from A2. The 100 GB memory is direction more than you get with early plans. And outright free electronic mail ? normally you don ’ metric ton get more than a couple free accounts, if any, with shared host plans .
so if you are looking to move your site to a more feature and resource-rich platform, but you don ’ thyroxine want to commit to managed host, A2 is a identical attractive choice .
The Basic design is dear for a individual web site. Upgrading to get extra sites and resources remains cost-efficient on A2 ’ s higher shared WordPress plans :
One of the benefits of upgrading to Turbo Boost or Turbo Max hosting plans is the increase performance. You ’ ll be able to handle up to nine times arsenic much traffic with A2 Turbo Servers, and your web site speed will be up to 20 times faster .
A2 ’ s managed WordPress hosting starts at $ 11.99/month with a three-year contract. It ’ s got a draw to recommend to it, but the refilling price puts it well over solutions like WP Engine .
At the end of the day, A2 ’ s managed WordPress hosting just isn ’ triiodothyronine as commodious out-of-the-box as plans from WP Engine or Nexcess. With A2, you ’ ll have to use plugins like Jetpack to accomplish a lot of sustenance that is just handled for you by the early vendors .
You besides don ’ metric ton get a free domain name, but if you are trying to move your locate, you ’ ve already crossed that bridge. There is no reason any to stay with subpar host. A2 will make the transition completely stress release for equally low as $ 2.49/month .
Give A2 Hosting a call nowadays and get onboard with a quality server .

What I Looked at to Find the Best WordPress Web Hosting

Before you can find the best WordPress host design for your web site, you must know what to look for as you ’ rhenium shop about .
Since I ’ ve been using WordPress blogs as a major part of my business for many years, I ’ ve had to use and evaluate multiple web hosting options .
immediately you can launch a WordPress site with any vane host, but in this post I ’ ve focused on providers that offer WordPress vane host. Unlike general host, which can support any type of web site, the plans I am looking at only bring for WordPress sites .
The top is that servers for these host plans are configured perfectly for WordPress. Everything about the backend IT environment has been optimized for WordPress in ways that wouldn ’ triiodothyronine study if there were other types of software. This boosts operation and understate crashes .
If you want a host solution that works for WordPress and other types of sites, I recommend checking out the overall best world wide web host services .
If you know that you fair want hosting for WordPress, keep read. I ’ ll walk you through the major criteria you should evaluate in order to find the choice that suits you best .

Shared vs. Managed WordPress Hosting

If you want the most low-cost option, go with share WordPress host. It ’ s got all the benefits of WordPress-specific host at a very depleted price .
With shared WordPress host, you ’ ll still have to do the alimony and updates in ordain to keep the locate running bang-up .
The good news is that the exploiter interface for maintaining your WordPress is designed for good that. It ’ south going to be way easier than working with something intend for general-purpose host .
If you don ’ thyroxine want to handle the backend maintenance of your site, then you want a do WordPress host plan .
Your hosting provider will take care of the IT legwork that goes into making your locate debauched, procure, and easy to use, including :

  • Automated daily backups
  • Easy on-demand backups
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Built-in staging area to test sites
  • Malware scanning and removal
  • Security updates and patches
  • Premium 24/7 support

alternatively of fussing with plugins to accomplish all of this, your teams are rid to spend more time creating cause of death subject .
intelligibly, managed WordPress hosting plans are more expensive. For some companies, there ’ s a set of value in having person else manage their WordPress. Spending a little more each calendar month on hosting might mean not having to hire a developer .
Plus the customer service that comes with manage WordPress host is a cut above. The ability to connect with an technical 24/7 minimizes good problems and eliminates the indigence for an in-house WordPress guru .
WP Engine, the original managed WordPress hosting supplier, continues to satisfy their customers with prompt and comprehensive examination service. People are more than happy to pay a premium for the peace of beware and high-performance .
here ’ s the thing. There used to be a net dividing occupation between managed WordPress plans and everything else. now there is more of a spectrum of services available .
In one sense, this means you need to be mindful that “ managed ” doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean the same thing for every host provider .
If you see do WordPress hosting for something like $ 10/month, double-check that you are getting everything you expect .
How do they define agio WordPress customer support ? besides know that the price might be a humble basic rate that could jump on renewal .
The top is that it ’ south not black or white. You can get less expensive managed WordPress plans. They might not be arsenic full-bodied as WP Engine, but you can silent get some of the all-important alimony off your plate .

Traffic Volume

How a lot traffic does your web site get ? For new sites, how much traffic are you expecting ?
The answer to this question will decidedly have an impact on the type of WordPress hosting solution that ’ s right for you .
A locate that has 5,000 visitors per calendar month should be on a different plan than sites with 50,000 visitors per month. Plans that can accommodate 100,000 visitors per month won ’ t necessarily be desirable for sites with millions of monthly visitors .
Some hosting providers give you approximate numbers for the sum of traffic each of their plans supports. SiteGround, for example, gives an approximate number for the suitable act of monthly visitors each plan can handle :
SiteGround summer WP pricing for Best WordPress Web Hosting
This is pretty straight forward, but what about the shared host options that offer “ unlimited traffic ” or “ unmetered bandwidth ” ?
Shared WordPress hosting from Bluehost, Hostinger, Dreamhost, and A2 Hosting doesn ’ metric ton set any hard and fast limits on dealings .
It ’ s not rightfully inexhaustible though, because there are the physical limits of the shared waiter. If your web site gets besides much traffic, it will strain resources like CPU and memory custom, which will cause problems for every site on the shared server .
Dreamhost Basic, for example, starts at less than $ 3/month and comes with “ outright traffic. ” You will never get an overage cathexis if you have besides much traffic, but Dreamhost may ask you to upgrade or restrict your site out of courtesy to the other tenants on the shared server .
thus share WordPress host is good for little sites, but it may not be enough to baron larger, high-traffic sites. If your Dreamhost basic plan is not adequate, you might want to look at one of Dreamhost ’ s other options :
You could opt for a DreamPress plan, which is managed WordPress hosting and more resources. There are three tiers of DreamPress plans, with the top tier built for approximately one million visitors per month .
alternatively, you could upgrade to VPS for WordPress, which is hosted on a virtual individual waiter. This isolates your site from others on the lapp server, which gives you more restraint and your own give resources .
Unlike shared host, VPS hosting will not be impacted by traffic spikes on other sites .
VPS WordPress host can be a good choice if you are extremely comfortable with managing your WordPress backend. If not, I would find a shared or managed plan that fits with your expected traffic .

Speed and Uptime

By getting WordPress specific host, you are already guaranteeing better performance than you are probably to get anywhere else .
then what separates the better from the incredible ?
SiteGround, Dreamhost, and WP Engine have WordPress specific hoard tools that boost locate rush. Caching creates a static interpretation of your web site and serves it to visitors, which cuts down on the work your server has to do to respond to requests .
normally, you ’ d have to install a caching plugin to do this, but most WordPress hosts build this functionality right in .
Another thing to look for is a content manner of speaking network ( CDN ), which is included for dislodge with some of the plans I ’ ve reviewed. A CDN stores images, pages, and other assets across a net of servers distributed around the earth .
Having a CDN will boost rush and make your site more resilient–a one point hardware failure won ’ thymine jeopardize your web site because therefore much of the content is distributed .
Nexcess, SiteGround, Bluehost, and WP Engine include a CDN with every WordPress hosting plan they offer .
hoard is one of the best ways to optimize your WordPress because it delivers information
spoiler : you don ’ t have to worry excessively much about uptime if you pick one of the options I reviewed. They all have phenomenal uptime .
Hostinger, for model, guarantees 99.9 percentage uptime for their Single WordPress host design, which starts at $ 1.59/month. A2 Hosting besides provides a 99.9 percentage uptime commitment for every plan .
One thing to be aware of, with regards to speed and uptime, is that your web site ’ south operation hinges on how well your site is managed. even with the best host environment and shape, a defective break plugin can have a huge negative impact .
The interrogate here is do you want to invest the time and resources to develop in-house WordPress experience, or pay more for a manage design ?


Like everything good on the internet, WordPress sites have their bad days. When something goes wrong, how cursorily can you resolve the problem ?
Getting seasonably and quality support is crucial, specially for users that aren ’ metric ton jazzed about getting into the WordPress backend to fix issues .
One of the benefits of WordPress host is that customer serve reps actually understand plugins, themes, and early common web site issues. With non-specific host, there is no guarantee the repr is going to knowledgable about WordPress .
You may notice that all of the options on my list include some version of 24/7 corroborate .
But you want to pay attention to the quality and handiness of support. Do you get to make back requests via live new world chat or waiting for electronic mail responses. How agile is that e-mail response ?
For the divided WordPress host plans, A2 Hosting and SiteGround had some of the best customer servicing reviews .
A2 offers chat, e-mail, earphone, and ticket digest from hand-selected adept technicians. Any time you have a problem, you are going to get knowing confirm cursorily .
On clear of that, A2 provides unblock locate migrations, which is a huge time-saver if you already have a WordPress locate and want better host .
SiteGround has a exchangeable rate of hold as A2 and is able to address most issues in under five minutes. Lightning-fast solution is going to save you a lot of frustration and money .
When it comes to managed plans, WP Engine is in a class of its own. WP Engine technical school preceptor ’ triiodothyronine handle anything other than WordPress, and they are true experts of their knowledge domain .
Plus, WP Engine knows that corroborate is one of the major reasons its customers stay. You can always count on the company ’ mho reps to go the extra mile to ensure everything is working absolutely .


If you ’ re running a WordPress web site, you should decidedly consider a host plan that ’ s optimized for WordPress .
Which plan is the best ? It depends on what you ’ re looking for. The recommendations listed above will decidedly be the best place for you to start your search. here they are, merely to recap :

  1. Hostinger – The best for cheap WordPress hosting
  2. Cloudways — The best WordPress hosting for total customization
  3. Pressable — The best hosting for agencies, designers, and developers
  4. Bluehost — The best WordPress hosting for new websites
  5. WP Engine — The best for managed WordPress hosting
  6. SiteGround — The best support for affordable WordPress hosting
  7. DreamHost — The lowest day one spend for WordPress hosting
  8. Nexcess — The best for budget-friendly WordPress hosting
  9. A2 Hosting — The best for moving an existing site to better WordPress hosting

The best choice for people on a budget is Hostinger. You ’ ll have to sign up for a longer sign to get the best price, but there international relations and security network ’ t a lower-cost option I trust. I mean 99.9 % uptime for 10,000 visitors at less than $ 2 a calendar month ? That ’ randomness phenomenal .
For new sites, I recommend Bluehost. You get a dislodge world name included with your host, and the platform is identical welcoming for first-timers .
If you want managed-level support and sum control over your resources and frame-up, look no further than Cloudways. They offer a singular blend of customization and managed care that no one else can match .
If you ’ re an architect, developer, or agency looking to deliver quality hosting to clients, look no further than Pressable. Their rates are fantastic for both managed WordPress and WooCommerce host, plus you get huge benefits like managed migrations included on every plan .
If you aren ’ metric ton looking to sign a retentive narrow to get up and running, DreamHost offers your best month-to-month price. For a few bucks and no commitment, you can get set up on one of the fastest, most reliable WordPress host platforms .
Looking at the pull off WordPress host plans, WP Engine is the clear overall winner. No platform comes with more tools and customer support .
If the price of a wield plan like WP Engine is putting you off, take a spirit at Nexcess. The entry-level managed host plan, Spark, is very fair and includes more waiter resources than any early plan I looked at .
Another beneficial “ light ” managed hosting solution is SiteGround. The entry-level design there, StartUp, is a good halfway point between shared and managed WordPress hosting. You will get some of the all-important features you expect with a cope plan, but at a price that ’ south comparable to shared host.

What do you use for WordPress host ?
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