Beauty and skincare tips: 5 ways your skin can survive the deadly summer

Summers in India can be extremely harsh with temperatures soaring good beyond 40 degrees Celsius consequently, it becomes critical to take proper care of your skin during the summer when ultraviolet rays can wreak havoc on the skin. The National Eye Institute has besides reported that elongated exposure to ultraviolet rays may besides cause cataracts, which affects about 74 % of adult Indians in the senesce group of 60 and higher. besides, with the onset of the hot, humid season, the bodily process of the greasy glands in the body increases which makes buttery skin further oil tanker and dry skin turns more rough and bizarre. Hence, it ‘s always a good idea to be organize advance to protect your clamber in the summer. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Aditi Bhagat Patil, MBBS MD ( Dermatologist, Cosmetologists, Trichologist ) at Mumbai ‘s Care & Cure and Medical Advisor at Entod Pharmaceuticals, listed 5 skin care tips which can help our skin to survive the deadly summer : 1. Exfoliate – To maintain soft and smooth skin, exfoliation is the winder. From time to time, you should exfoliate your peel to free-up clog pores or prevent acne breakouts since the skin becomes prone to oil during the summers. however, before starting with your exfoliation government, it is authoritative to choose a product that is detached from chemicals and effective ingredients that can minimize pores and remove dead hide cells. Another all-important thing to remember is not to over-exfoliate. doubly a workweek of scale is sufficient during the summer months.

2. Use sunscreen – exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sunlight can be a meaning gamble gene for clamber cancers. All year-round, the sunday ’ s rays are the strongest from 10 ante meridiem to 4 post meridiem and it is necessity that you apply sunscreen before heading out in the dawn. People of every skin color can get bark cancer which is why using sunscreen is the best bet in the summer. When choosing a sunscreen, you should always select the one with SPF30 and broad-spectrum. You need to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going away and re-apply it once every 2 hours. 3. Moisturise – Well, you must be thinking that what ’ s the point of moisturising the skin during the sticky, hot summer months ? Spending considerable amounts of time inside air-conditioned offices, homes, etc. makes your skin dry. When the dry air takes out the moisture from the skin, your wrinkles and aging lines can become more pronounce consequently, it ’ sulfur substantive to keep up with the humidify act. 4. Hydrate – During the summer months, your body tries to cool down with the natural work of sweating. This, in turning, can cause dehydration. That is why it is all the more significant for you to drink more water and keep the body good hydrated. besides, without proper water intake, your bark will appear dull, making pores and wrinkles more outstanding. With the help of adequate hydration, you can keep your hide plump and improve its elasticity making it less likely to have irritations and blemishes. 5. Eat healthy – The best manner to healthy burn skin is to make surely that you consume all the necessary nutrients that enhance the beauty of your skin from within. You must include Vitamin C as contribution of your diet to protect your clamber from environmental damage. When you stick to an organic diet, it can help repair the skin vitamin a well as neutralize unblock radicals. seasonal foods like pineapples, fresh berries, citrus fruits, vegetables and seafood are loaded with substantive vitamins that boos collagen production.

apart from the tips mentioned above, you should besides regularly check your hide for any abnormal emergence or stain. In encase of any hide issues, you should immediately contact your dermatologist to treat the write out arsenic soon as possible .

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