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Are you looking for an air out conditioner that runs on batteries ?
Have you been thinking about getting an AC unit that ’ randomness rechargeable, plugs into a USB interface, or can be operated with your cable car ?

If so, this lead is for you .
Battery air conditioners are a cost-efficient and efficient way to stay cool while you ’ re on-the-go .
But how do you find the best barrage powered air out conditioner for your needs ?
That ’ s what this page will cover .
We ’ ll take an in-depth expression at some of the best battery operated air out conditioners on the market and charge out the top features each one has .
In addition to battery air conditioner reviews, you ’ ll besides discover how these popular devices work in a kind of ways to cool a board, car, or outdoor quad .
By the end, you ’ ll have everything you need to make a intelligent decisiveness on buying the best rechargeable air conditioner, USB powered AC unit of measurement, or cable car battery function AC for your needs .
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Battery Powered Air Conditioners Reviewed in this Guide

here ’ s a immediate comparison graph showing the top battery powered air out conditioners. We ’ ll cover each aspect of these units in the reviews section below, but this gives you an theme of what ’ randomness available and an easy means to compare them .

Best Battery Powered Air Conditioner Reviews (Top 10 List)

1. Emerson Quiet Kool EAP01 Battery Powered Air Conditioner

Emerson Quiet Kool EAP01 Battery Powered Air Conditioner If you ’ d like to find the best battery powered air conditioner that runs on your car ’ second battery and wants something that has a lot of extra features, then the Emerson Quiet Kool EAP01 is a big choice to consider .
The extra features include a USB power output, which can be used to recharge a digital device. so, if you ’ rhenium looking for a way to charge your smartphone or tablet while you ’ re on the sound, then this breeze conditioner can do it for you while producing cool air out .
It besides features a built-in Bluetooth loudspeaker that can be linked with your smartphone to play music. There is even a 250 lumen light strip, making it perfect for creating much-needed light when you ’ re camp or doing other outdoor activities .
Its 1,000 BTUs of power can bring cool air to a space measuring 65-85 squarely feet. It besides has a low noise charge of less than 50 assumed name and is easy to transport using the built-in treat .
There are besides two fan speed settings to choose between for cool air manner of speaking .
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2. MightyKool GT Battery Powered Air Conditioner

MightyKool GT Battery Powered Air Conditioner While this may not be the most attractive battery powered air conditioner, it does provide a good total of cooling power without needing electricity .
While this air conditioner doesn ’ thymine have a rechargeable battery, there are a couple of ways to baron it. It can be plugged into a car ’ s auxiliary baron mercantile establishment and run using the car barrage. It can besides be attached to a portable power wall socket .
Using the cool fan method acting, the MightyKool GT battery air conditioner produces up to 25 miles per hour of cool tune through each of its two cooling system vents. This means no chemical refrigerants, either .
All you need to do is simply fill the air conditioner with up to 1 gallon of urine to get utmost cooling effect .
The hat sleep together into put, so you don ’ t have to worry about any water leaking out. It besides features a water floor index, which allows you to keep a close eye on your levels and know when it ’ south time to refill .
It besides comes with an atmosphere intake hose that prevents the recycling of ambient atmosphere and helps to keep the air conditioner working efficiently .
It is worth noting that this air conditioner is designed for single-person habit alone and, while it ’ mho ideal for cooling down a small tent or cabin or a truck, it won ’ metric ton work across a bombastic outer space .
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3. MightyKool K2 Battery Powered Air Conditioner

MightyKool K2 Battery Powered Air Conditioner good like the MightyKool GT reviewed previously, the MightyKool K2 can besides be powered by plugging it into a car ’ s aide ability release. It besides features two winnow speeds that can produce up to 25 miles per hour of cool air from each release .
therefore, what ’ s the dispute between these two battery operated air conditioners ?
Unlike the GT, the MightyKool K2 allows you to add frost to the publicize conditioner a well as water. This gives you the opportunity to bring the overall temperature down faster. It besides means you don ’ t have to worry about refilling as regularly, as the water tied will rise as the methamphetamine melts .
again, this besides means that there are no chemical refrigerants, making it a safer and more environmentally-friendly choice .
It ’ south besides a little more powerful than the MightyKool GT and it is able of cooling a bigger tent, RV, or cabin .
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4. Bucket Breeze Battery Powered Air Conditioner

Bucket Breeze Battery Powered Air Conditioner If you ’ re looking for something that you can take with you to a outback location without depending on your car to power the AC whole, then the Bucket Breeze battery powered air travel conditioner is a great option .
It features a battery clique that runs off 8X AA batteries and gives you the ultimate measure of exemption. It can besides be run from a 12V car or wall mercantile establishment if required .
As its name suggests, this battery powered air conditioner is shaped like a bucket, and there is a reason for this. Inside the bucket, you ’ ll find a series of bottles that are filled with a gel-based refrigerant. Remove these, freeze them, and put them back into the bucket and you ’ ll get up to 10 hours of cool air .
It features a powerful Djinga 175 CFM fan that will create a cool breeze inside a tent, garage, or a fomite .
This winnow, along with the frigid bottles, gives this atmosphere conditioner the exponent to lower and maintain the ambient temperature by arsenic much as 30ºF .
It won ’ t take up much space when in use or when it ’ south being stored and transported either, as it measures merely 12 ten 12 ten 24-inches. It besides only weighs 10 lbs., so you won ’ thyroxine tactile property weighed down if you do need to carry it from put to place .
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5. Wooboo Mini Cooli Battery Powered Air Conditioner

Wooboo Mini Cooli Battery Powered Air Conditioner Are you looking for a way to keep cool at your desk during the summer with a battery powered air conditioner ?
then the Wooboo Mini Cooli is precisely what you need .
This humble tune conditioner measures just 4.5 ten 1.42 adam 2.6-inches, making it the best battery air conditioner for smaller, personal cool needs .
Don ’ metric ton be fooled by its size though .
This 2-in-1 air travel condition and bladeless fan power can reduce the heat in your immediate area by up to 5º F. It besides features a water-cooled leech that adds to its cooling exponent .
This miniature tune conditioner features a rechargeable battery besides, so there ’ s no necessitate to worry about providing a constant office supply or keeping a hoard of disposal batteries close to hand .
Simply attach the include USB cord, let it charge, and you ’ ll get up to an hour of cool air .
The smaller size and super-compact purpose beggarly there are no hoses to bother with as you try and get the menstruate of cool air where you need it to go, either .
It ’ mho besides one of the easiest air out conditioners you ’ ll find in terms of alimony. It has an anti-dust design, and it comes with a stainless steel steel inning that stops it from skidding while in use .
It is aesthetically pleasing excessively and, unlike most traditional air travel conditioners, won ’ triiodothyronine look out of place wherever you put it .
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6. COMLIFE Battery Powered Air Conditioner

COMLIFE Battery Powered Air Conditioner If you ’ re looking for the best battery powered air conditioner that will give you multiple hours of performance before you have to recharge it, this model for COMLIFE is ideal .
It features a 5000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery that will provide up to 9 hours of cooling might .
It besides only takes 3-4 hours to recharge in full, so you ’ ll be able to charge promptly and know that you ’ ve got a entire day of cool air ahead of you .
You besides have multiple power-source options for recharging the battery : function a power bank, USB cable ( included ), car charger, or criterion electric wall socket .
This barrage powered air conditioner has some singular features that add to its cooling power .
The inaugural of these is the auto-oscillation feature, which allows it to blow cool air travel across a wide area. This helps to cool a space down at a fast rate.

It besides features 3 different levels for tip accelerate and mist, giving you ultimate control over creating the perfect temperature and level of humidity .
It besides has a purifying affair that cleans the vent by trapping debris and other small airborne particles .
You don ’ t have to worry about refilling this battery power air conditioner besides regularly either, as the 700 milliliter urine tank will give you up to 12 hours of performance before it needs to be replenished .
Selecting your hope modality is easily done by using the touch-screen command dialog box built directly on the top of the air conditioner .
Despite all of this power, it ’ mho hush a reasonably compress air conditioner. It measures in at good 9.61 ten 6.46 x 5.98-inches, and it only weighs 2.2 pound. This invention makes it one of the best battery air conditioner units for camping trips, hikes, RVs, picnics, bedrooms, office environments, and anywhere else you need to be able to create cool publicize without directly plugging into a might exit .
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Battery Powered Air Conditioners Buying Guide

Buying a battery powered air conditioner might seem like a reasonably square task, but there are some things you ’ ll want to be informed about to make the best purchase possible .
Below, we ’ ll take a deeper look into battery powered air out conditioners, answer any questions you may have, and ultimately, help oneself you find the best battery air out conditioner for your needs .

What is a Battery Powered Air Conditioner?

A battery powered air travel conditioner is a cooling unit that runs on batteries. This design allows you to take the air conditioner with you without having to plug the unit into a power exit. Battery powered atmosphere conditioners offer cooling appliance that standard electric AC units can not provide .

How Does a Battery Powered Air Conditioner Work?

Best battery powered air conditioner While the concept of a battery powered air conditioner may seem self-explanatory, there are actually a few methods that different atmosphere conditioners use to produce cool air .
many battery powered air conditioners feature large water tanks that can be filled with cold body of water and ice. The AC ’ s sports fan then draws the cool atmosphere from the reservoir and pumps it out into the room .
While convenient, this design does mean that the vent conditioner has to be monitored and refilled to continue officiate .
If you ’ re looking for an air conditioner that requires a little less sustenance, you may want to look at another type of battery powered breeze conditioner that doesn ’ thyroxine require water for cool .
In these instances, a battery powered air travel conditioner works by converting the strong publicize that already exists in the room by passing it over a refrigerant and pumping cool atmosphere back into the room .

Types of Battery Powered Air Conditioners

Unlike a standard air out conditioner, there are alone a few options to choose from when you ’ rhenium looking at battery powered air conditioners .
Below, we ’ ll take a look at each of them in more contingent to help you determine the deviation and to work out which would be best for your individual needs .

Rechargeable Battery Air Conditioner

As you may have guessed from the mention, a rechargeable battery air conditioner features a lithium-ion battery that can be plugged into a standard release. This is normally through a USB cable or an adapter .
The benefits of a rechargeable battery air conditioner are that you don ’ t have to worry about replacing disposable batteries. This not only saves you money in the long run but besides makes these AC units a more environmentally-friendly choice .
Depending on the fan accelerate and the settings you ’ ra using, some rechargeable battery air conditioners will give you up to 9 hours of continuous cooling performance from a single bang. This makes them a in truth effective choice if you ’ d like to keep it running for most of the day .
Another benefit of a rechargeable battery air travel conditioner is that you ’ re able to go to a distant localization and use your vent conditioner without having to worry about connecting it to a power supply .

USB Battery Air Conditioner

A USB battery air conditioner will not feature a rechargeable battery and, as such, you ’ ll necessitate to keep it connected to a power source at all times .
however, since it needs a USB cable to do this, you do have more flexibility over where you can place the AC unit .
You can set a USB battery air conditioner on your desk and use your calculator to power it. You can besides use a USB plug converter and run it from a standard rampart wall socket. You can even use a portable power bank to run a USB battery air conditioner, which is ideal if you ’ re looking to take use it on a camp trip or in a outside localization .

Car Battery Air Conditioner

A car battery publicize conditioner is one that draws its power from your fomite ’ second battery .
Setting up a car battery air conditioner is simple, and all you have to do is plug it into the accessory world power wall socket ( besides known as the cigarette lighter receptacle ) of your car, truck, or RV .
again, this is a great choice if you ’ d like to produce cool tune when you ’ ra camp or if you ’ re enjoying a picnic in a outside location .
But, more than this, these types of battery AC units are a bang-up way of providing supernumerary cooling ability in your vehicle on a hot day when your car ’ s own AC merely isn ’ t enough on its own .

Choosing a Battery Operated Air Conditioner


Best battery operated air conditioner One matter that a lot of people don ’ thymine gain is that battery powered publicize conditioners are quite smaller in comparison to a standard AC unit. It ’ s for this cause that they aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate as effective at cooling larger areas .
When you ’ re looking into the best barrage operated air conditioner for your needs, you have to think about the size of the room or area you ’ re looking to cool down .
For model, cooling down a tent will require much less office and size in an tune conditioner than a unit that ’ s good for an RV .
then pick the correctly size battery air conditioner for the intended use .

Power Source

We ’ ve looked at the unlike types of air out conditioners above, but the might reservoir each of them uses will play a big function in your final examination decisiveness. To determine which is best for you, you actually need to think about where the air out conditioner will be used .
If you ’ re design to go camping in a distant location, a rechargeable battery publicize conditioner would be best as you won ’ thyroxine have the power issue that a USB or car battery charger needs to run the AC .
conversely, if you ’ rhenium placing one on your desk or you ’ re cooling a belittled bedroom, go for a USB battery air travel conditioner as you ’ ll be able to keep it running endlessly .
And, if you ’ ra plan on supplementing your car ’ s AC system, a car battery air conditioner would be the best choice .


If you ’ d like to keep your battery operated air out conditioner running while you ’ ra asleep, you ’ ll need one that isn ’ t excessively brassy .
fortunately, most battery powered air conditioners have a noise charge of less than 60 assumed name, but it ’ s even an important factor to look out for .
Anything louder than this and your sleep will be disrupted and you ’ ll be both hot and thwart !


As with larger vent conditioners, barrage powered air conditioners do need some alimony to keep them working properly. They may even require more patronize checks because they are smaller in size .
With this in take care, it ’ s a good mind to look out how unmanageable your potential choice of battery powered tune conditioner is going to be to maintain .
Ask yourself questions like, “ Do I have easy access to the urine cooler ? ”, “ Does it have a large adequate capacity that you don ’ t need to refill it excessively regularly ? ”, “ Are there any air travel filters to replace ? ”, “ Is it slowly to clean while on-the-go ? ”, etc .

Extra Features

last, it ’ randomness besides worth taking a spirit at what supernumerary features your battery powered air conditioner has. This is specially crucial if you ’ d like to get a much value for money as possible .
Some battery powered vent conditioners feature built-in USB ports that allow you to charge a digital device ( such as a smartphone or tablet ) from the air travel conditioner itself. Some evening have built-in Bluetooth speakers that can connect to a media player. This is perfective for outdoor parties or camping trips where you ’ d like to listen to some music while you relax in the great outdoors .
You may even be able to find a battery powered air conditioner ( such as the Emerson Quiet Kool EAP0 ) that features LED alight. Again, this is a great choice if you ’ re using the air conditioner in a distant placement and indigence to create enough light to see what you ’ ra doing .

Common Questions About Battery Powered Air Conditioners

Is there a battery operated air conditioner?

Yes, there is such a matter as a battery operated air conditioner. There are besides a few different types of battery powered tune conditioners, including rechargeable, USB powered, and car battery powered .
The character of AC whole you need will ultimately depend on the position you ’ d like to use a battery powered air conditioner in. Take a look at our detail explanation of each type above .

How long can a car battery run an air conditioner?

A cable car battery will only be able to run a criterion air conditioner for around 10 minutes. however, if you purchase a specific type of cable car battery air travel conditioner, you ’ ll be able to get a few hours of cool air without having to turn the car on .

How effective are battery powered air conditioners?

battery powered breeze conditioners are highly effective at cooling a small total of space. This is typically under 100 squarely feet. This makes battery air conditioners a estimable choice for personal practice, camping trips, cooling vehicles, and auxiliary heating .

How long do battery powered air conditioners last?

How long a battery powered air conditioner will last depends on two things : battery type and amount of use. A rechargeable battery air conditioner can give you anywhere up to 9 hours of continuous practice, while a USB battery air conditioner may last retentive when left plugged in .
ultimately, however, the sum of use you ’ ll catch from any type of barrage powered publicize conditioner will depend on the settings you ’ ve choose .

Does Zero Breeze really work?

Yes, Zero Breeze battery powered vent conditioners do in truth work. But remember, a battery powered publicize conditioner like the Zero Breeze is not designed to cool a large space. It works for personal, close-up function and envelop spaces. Don ’ thyroxine expect it to cool a bombastic room by itself .

Enjoy Your New Battery Powered Air Conditioner

Best rechargeable air conditioner We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive guide on choose and comparing the best battery powered air conditioners .
As you learned, a battery air conditioner is a cost-efficient unit that can keep you cool and comfortable in a assortment of settings ( i.e. indoors and outdoors ) .
And our battery atmosphere conditioner reviews showed that these appliances besides come in a kind of designs with diverse features to meet your particular cool needs. You can besides choose between a rechargeable vent conditioner, USB powered appliance, and car battery operated unit .
hopefully, the information provided here on the best battery operated air conditioners has helped you narrow down the perfect AC unit for your cooling consolation at a price you can appreciate.

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