25 Clothing and Accessory Sewing Projects

If you like to wear master invest and accessories that cipher else has, but you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate afford the excessive cost of bespeak fashion, then you might want to consider sewing some pieces for your wardrobe. It is a great skill to have, and it ’ s not difficult to learn. sol nowadays we ’ rhenium sharing 25 of our favorite sewing tutorials that will get you dressed up in style .

1. Flannel Snap Scarf

Flannel snap scarf sewing tutorial
This stylish scarf can be converted from an eternity scarf to a regular matchless with barely the snap of a button ( or five, to be accurate ). Just grab some old world buffalo determine fabric, leather and snaps to get started. headway on over to Delia Creates to check out the full sew tutorial .

2. Denim Wrap Skirt

Diy denim sewing project wrap skirt

Denim has constantly been popular for a reason – it goes with everything ! So you ’ rhenium certain to love this incredible wind dress made out of the versatile fabric. Just make your way over to Riva La Diva to find out how to make this fabulously childlike dame .

3. Easy Shift Dress

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This attention-getting snip is actually a childlike shift dress, made with a yard of framework and some match thread. They key is to buy framework with a playfulness pattern to give the dress some good fictional character. Make your direction over to Merrick ’ s Art to check out the tutorial .

4. Pleated Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirt pleated sewing tutorial
This maxi dame has large pleats and a wide-eyed girdle, making it quite a show-stopper. And the alone green grid-like fabric makes it evening more fun. Pick up a copulate of yards of fabric to get started, and head over to Sewing Rabbit to check out the instructions .

5. DIY Clutch From A Table Runner

Diy table runner clutch handbag
Believe it or not, you can transform a table runner into a ace cute seize in equitable a few easy steps. The blockage has magnets inside, and the flower detail is a broach that ’ randomness just added to the movement. head over to Sadie Seasongoods to check out the tutorial .

6. Blanket Coat

Wool blanket coat diy
Learn how to transform a homely old wool across-the-board into a extremely stylish coat using this simple tutorial from eHow. Just grab a cozy wool blanket and a wide belt to get started on this trendy look. principal on over to eHow to check out the broad sewing tutorial .

7. Zipper Card Pouch

Zipper card pouch diy
Keep all of your recognition cards in order, with this cute slide fastener pouch that you can make yourself. It is made out of canvas tent, which is a durable material that should hold up to the wear and tear. Make your direction over to Craft Passion to find out all the details .

8. Easy Swing Dress

Swing dress sewing tutorial
This beautiful trim is made with contrast patterned fabrics, giving it a superintendent stylish vibration that will keep you looking trendy. And it ’ s easier to make than you might think ! head on over to Sewing Rabbit to check out the wax photograph tutorial and instructions .

9. Fold Over Clutch

Seersucker leather fold over clutch
If you ’ re a big fan of clutch-style handbags, then you might want to give this fun fold over clutch a try. This one is made with a preppy red and blue seersucker framework, and leather accents for the corners. capitulum on over to Polka Dot Chair to find out how to make one .

10. Maxi Skirt IKEA Hack

Diy striped skirt ikea hack
Yes, you read that right – an IKEA hack sewing tutorial ! This super stylin ’ maxi skirt is made out of a throw blanket from IKEA, along with a slide fastener and coordinating screw thread. head on over to Kristi Murphy ’ s blog to find out how to recreate this brilliance hack .

11. Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt

Asymmetrical skirt tutorial
If you want to in truth up your style game, give this unique look a hear. You ’ ll need a piece of black and blank striped framework, a slide fastener and a few other basic supplies. head on over to to Cotton and Curls to check out all the tips and tricks for this ace fashionable skirt .

12. Pleated Beach Cover Up

Pleated beach cover up
If you ’ re on the hunt for the perfective beach cover up, look no far. This ruffle apparel is made with a tropical patterned framework, and requires only basic sewing skills. Make your way over to Merrick ’ s Art to check out the full tutorial for this fun cover up .

13. Color Block Totes

Diy color block tote

If you ’ re like me, you ’ ra always carrying around a carryall bulge filled with items that don ’ t fit in your purse. So these colored totes might be the perfective project for you. Just catch fabric in a couple of your favorite colors and get to work using this tutorial .

14. Chalk Lines Skirt

Chalk lines skirt diy
If you ’ re on the search for a more bespoke style skirt tutorial, then this might be the one for you. Made with wool fabric and white pipe, it ends up being the perfect piece to pair with tights and a dark shirt. head on over to One avian Daemon to check out the instructions .

15. Pom Pom Cover Up

Pom pom beach cover up
here ’ s another great cover up for the beach, this time with impossibly cunning pink pommy pommy trim around the edges. Just grab a undimmed piece of flowy framework and get started using this amazing tutorial from Merrick ’ sulfur Art. You ’ ll want to make one in every discolor !

16. Simple DIY Leather Bag

Easy leather bag sewing tutorial
Who says you have to spend a long ton of money on a bag from a department storehouse ? Why not make your own using this simple tutorial from Between The Lines ? All you ’ ll need is some leather cord and a nibble of bland leather. head over here to check out the instructions .

17. Easy Kimono Top

Kimono shirt sewing tutorial
This adorable top is a great layer piece, and would work nicely over a tank or short sleeve top. All you ’ ll necessitate for this easy sewing tutorial is a piece of chiffon or other flowy fabric and a sewing machine and scissors. head on over to DeaVita to check out the tutorial .

18. Folded Miniskirt

Folded miniskirt tutorial
This playfulness miniskirt has a unique folded design, with solidus folds criss-crossing back and away across the movement of the hedge. And while it looks complicated, it ’ s actually quite childlike to recreate. Make your way over to only The Small to check out the tutorial .

19. Braided Fabric Bracelet

Braided fabric bracelet diy
This braid bracelet is a beautiful man of jewelry that will besides be a great way to use up all those framework scraps that you credibly have lying about. Just grab some cord, framework and a couple of other materials and capitulum over to How Joyful to get started .

20. Tulip Wrap Skirt

Tulip wrap skirt tutorial
tulip skirts are a courteous room to update the classical wrap skirt manner that was therefore democratic back in my high school days. The fluttering hem note adds some reasonably femininity and the high shank looks super fresh. head over to Cotton and Curls to find out how to make it .

21. Breezy Tunic Tutorial

Breezy tunic diy tutorial
It ’ second easier than you might think to create a tunic from scratch… and Autumn from the blog It ’ mho Always Autumn explains how to do it in bare terms. Just grab a pair of yards of framework and steer over to this blog mail to get started on your very own tunic .

22. DIY Crop Top

Crop top sewing tutorial
Crop tops have been hot for a while now, and they ’ re not indeed unmanageable to make if you have some basic sew experience. To make one that actually stands out, pick a alone framework like the ice lolly photographic print they ’ ve chosen. headway over to Brit + Co. to check out the tutorial .

23. Eco-Friendly Tote

Eco friendly tote bag sewing tutorial
Make your own lug bag, for an eco-friendly alternative to those bad-for-the-earth plastic bags. It ’ sulfur simple to make, and a lot more stylish. Make your way over to Handmadiya.com to check out the tutorial for this impossibly adorable cactus lug bag .

24. Color Block Tee

Color block tee tutorial

Step up your basic tee game with this superintendent fun color blocked one ! The neckline has a equal of the green semblance from the bottom of the shirt, for an extra fun contingent. Make your way over to It ’ s Always Autumn to find out how to make one of these tees yourself .

25. Maxi Wrap Skirt

Maxi tulip wrap skirt tutorial
Add some serious pizazz to your wardrobe with this gorgeous wrap dame. It has a pretty hemline that gets shorter in the front and longer in the back, making it super alone and gay. head on over to Cotton and Curls to check out the video tutorial .

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