Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants to Hire in 2022

Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants to Hire in 2022 Looking for a highly skilled digital marketing adviser to help you grow your business ’ on-line presence ? This list highlights a few of the best digital marketers around. Entrusting part of your marketing operations to a specialist might be a unmanageable decision, but it is a wise one. It is crucial to find the right field person to support your company ’ randomness on-line market.

After all, every organization has different needs, and not every digital marketing adviser will be ready to drive the results you expect .

What Does a Digital Marketing Consultant Do?

A digital commercialize adviser is a highly skilled seller who understands how to use on-line strategies to target and convert prospects into customers. even though their responsibilities vary upon the company ’ sulfur products and services, every digital selling adviser ’ south finish is to leverage the on-line universe to help a business achieve its goals. Digital selling consultants work with businesses to determine how to best engage their hearing through :

  • Social media platforms
  • Search engines
  • Email campaigns
  • Paid advertising
  • Website’s blog

It ’ s the digital market adviser ’ s speculate to collect data, understand the company ’ randomness needs, and come up with actionable recommendations for the arrangement. These recommendations should balance each area of digital market and foreground implementation priorities. Since on-line market consulting involves a short ton of analysis and problem-solving, the ideal professional to help your ship’s company boom is a hybrid of a systematic and creative person. These people are not easy to find. But being on the field for many years, I had the chance to meet many talented digital marketers .

Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants

This list will showcase some on-line selling talents that have been shaping the diligence in the survive few years. But first, I ’ ll introduce myself in lawsuit you don ’ thymine know me .

1. Josh Fechter

I ’ m an experienced digital market adviser with respective years of experience force results for organizations through every sphere of market. I presently partner with SaaS companies to identify their needs and devise strategies to leverage the on-line space and help them achieve awareness, acquisition, retention, and tax income goals. In 2018, Product School named me the best product Marketer. Quora chose me as their lead writer in both 2017 and 2018 respectively. Throughout my career, I built successful companies from the grind and I teamed up with some of the fastest-growing companies to contribute to their prosperity. here are a few of my case studies : 1. Product Manager HQ: 3X Sales in 5 Months Product Manager HQ is one of the largest product training platforms online. My team and I redesigned the web site, including 301 redirecting all URLs, optimized all content for SEO, produced another 70 SEO optimized articles, launched a new course for evergreen gross, and ranked them 1st for their primary keyword. In those five months, they went from 15,000 visitors/month to 60,000 highly target visitors/month. 2. Lumen5: 25,000 – 500,000+ Monthly Organic Visitors in One Year Lumen5 is a SaaS company that allows video marketers to create videos seamlessly to market their brand, showcase their products, and reach new target audiences. We created 27 landing pages and developed their blog, wrote thirty blog posts, and acquired over 300 quality backlinks. 3. Squibler: 20,000 – 200,000+ Monthly Organic Visitors in One Year Squibler is a SaaS organization that we built from cancel to help writers drill and improve their storytelling .

2. Bruno Estrella

Bruno Estrella is an outstanding digital seller with a solid portfolio. Bruno presently leads growth marketing initiatives at Webflow, which happens to be a leader in the no-code quad for SaaS companies. Bruno is one of the leading experts in user acquisition cosmopolitan. He has a holistic sympathize of every area of digital market. His expertness in web plan, lead generation, PPC, contented strategy, trade name placement, SEO, and coding form the complete software to digital selling success .

3. Dhaval Bhatt

Dhaval Bhatt has an impressive academician background combined with testify hands-on know. While being a scholarly high-achiever, he has a successful history of more than 10 years bringing in positive results across several organizations. With diverse marketing roles at LifeLock, he brought $ 3M in incremental life rate by using data science to enhance the product experience. Dhaval besides founded Resonate AI, a message selling joyride that optimizes text by gauging the emotion evoked as it relates to the narrative being told. He is besides the co-founder of With two Master ’ randomness degrees in technical fields, he is an excellent fit for companies that need a digital selling adviser with data skill expertness .

4. Hailey Friedman

The future digital market specialist on the list is Hailey Friedman. Her drive to look for more effective ways to get things done compound with her ability to execute things fast makes her one of the best digital marketers I know. She is the Head of Marketing at, a SaaS that helps organizations to make train marketing decisions by consolidating all their data in one plaza. besides, Hailey is the co-founder of Growth Marketing Pro, a platform that offers matter to content, guidance, and useful material for other digital market consultants. Hailey ’ s digital market expertness lies in consort tax income and search engine optimization. No doubt that trusting Hailey to devise your company ’ randomness digital market strategy will result in a win .

5. Jonathan Pogat

Jonathan Pogat is an award-winning digital seller with more than ten years of executive experience leading commercialize campaigns for aggressive companies. As a VP of Marketing at Drips, he has a comprehensive grok of digital market. He has thick cognition of marketing automation, e-mail marketing, and mobile market. In fact, he spent three years as the VP of Mobile Marketing in the Mobile Direct Division of Dunn Data. The succession of executive roles in Jonathan ’ s career make him the justly person to guide marketing initiatives in any caller wanting to grow its on-line presence.

6. Suumit Shah

Suumit is a digital seller to the core. His technical know-how coupled with the ability to execute tasks with an tidal bore attitude make him an incredible professional. He is the founder of Risemetric, a digital market agency that has been operating successfully for more than four years immediately. In the past year entirely, Risemetric has been able to help eight companies achieve 7-figure evaluation. Before founding Risemetric, he worked with many SaaS companies to scale their digital commercialize presence. He recently founded, a aggressive digital commercialize platform that has been helping many businesses to scale their content marketing and SEO operations. acme ‘s in-depth cognition can suffice any newcomer to learn and understand the game of on-line commercialize thoroughly .

7. Albert Ai

The future specialist on this digital commercialize consult list is Albert Ai. Although Albert is a complete digital seller, his expertness is in SEO and web site invention. He is presently the SEO Lead at Nova Credit, where his excellent management and on-line marketing skills are enabling him to make a big impact. Albert previously worked in growth selling at Reedsy. In this role, he was able to grow the company ’ s traffic from zero to more than 400k visits per day in two years. He hush serves as an SEO adviser to Reedsy. With about a decade of consulting experience, we can only expect him to impress business owners with his digital selling insights .

8. Faith Storey

Faith Storey is a data-driven operation seller with deep expertness in nonrecreational skill. She teams up with SaaS companies to help them to acquire more users through on-line channels. Faith ‘s cognition in the internet marketing airfield is extensive and she has experience working across a variety of niches. She contributed to the growth of organizations such as SaaStr, the largest residential district for SaaS companies. At SaaStr, she was creditworthy for 1346 % ROAS for ad campaigns and for a 150 % growth on the e-mail list. She is presently run growth market initiatives at Casetext. Within two months in this position, she increased the conversion pace to test by 205 % and conversion to subscribe by 118 %. Thanks to her prove track criminal record with partnering companies, there is no doubt that Faith can point any company in the management of digital expansion .

9. Julius Baron

Julius Baron ‘s profound sympathy of digital emergence and market strategies makes him a promise digital market adviser. He was the Head of Growth at Royal Ambulance, the fastest-growing medical exile company in the country. In this character, he led software initiatives to help streamline the healthcare diligence. besides, he served as the selling chair at the HIMSS California Chapter. In the early days of his career, he worked as a Growth Strategist for Roiworks, a digital marketing means that specializes in growth. by and by, Julius became the laminitis of Jumpkit, a full-stack digital marketing agency. His boost cognition of Google Analytics and Google Adwords can serve as a solid base for your business ‘s on-line presence growth. As one of the leading experts in digital commercialize consult, Julius can help your company scale its growth strategies and situation itself competitively on the ball-shaped market .

10. Melanie Balke

Melanie Balke will complete this list of high-performing digital marketing consultants. Being in the selling consult space for about a ten, Melanie has worked with brands in respective industries, including automotive, beverage, skin care, retail, dress and more. She has partnered with luminary clients such as Highwave, NERD Skincare, and LG Fairmont NYC to create commercialize plans for their digital channels. previously, she was the Director of Growth and Strategy at BAMF Media, where she worked with several e-commerce clients improving sales, rebranding, identifying their prey customers, and increasing conversion rates. Melanie besides led market at Apt2B, an on-line furniture and home interior decoration stigmatize. With this impressive backdrop, there ’ s no doubt that Melanie is one of the best digital market experts you can hire to grow your software company .

Is a Digital Marketing Consultant Ideal for Your Business?

From ball-shaped brands to startups, every company should see its on-line presence as a priority. effective digital selling allows organizations to leverage opportunities to engage with their on-line customer nucleotide and to effectively reach likely customers. Relying on a digital selling adviser with a testify track record driving results to organizations like yours can be the turning point for your on-line marketing success. Some businesses merely need to find a couple of on-line channels that work for them to see that much-expected render. All digital selling consultants listed above can help you find these channels and devise a game-changer digital market strategy for your company. Do n’t hesitate to contact one of us to understand how we can help you scale your business and put you on the path to thrive.

Josh Fechter is a commercial enterprise strategy adviser and founder. He ’ sulfur written respective world-recognized books on software configuration, speaks spanish, ballroom dances, and owns The Product Company and Squibler .

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