TikTok Logo History: All About TikTok Logo Evolution

TikTok is a web overhaul that allows you to make shortstop videos and view them through a browser. It was launched in 2016 by Beijing Internet engineering company ByteDance Ltd. It is one of the most download applications in China and other countries .

Meaning and history

The one-eighth note is represented in the TikTok logo. The choice of the symbol is ascribable to the fact that the media chopine is much used to record minor music video recording. The design looks unusual due to the combination of three colors : blacken, empurpled and amobarbital sodium. According to the idea of ​​designers, black resembles a hall during a rock concert, when it is dark and the light falls only on the degree.

In this case, the emblem appears stereoscopic. many people think that you need to look at it with 3D glasses. But this is a wrong opinion, as the developers did not set out to create an anaglyph and did not horizontally scroll the double. They tried to portray the tremolo impression, which is a precarious sound when a single notice is repeated. After all, the TikTok app in China is known as Douyin, which literally translates into English as “ Shaking Music. ” As a consequence, the logo appears to be distorted by electromagnetic waves .

2016 – Present

tiktok 2017-2018 logo
The modern app symbol has chosen a notice. But at the lapp meter, the designers added an consequence like to 3D colors if you look at the effigy without glasses .

2017 – 2018

The name TikTok is added to the symbol for greater brand recognition around the world. The logo of the note that was present in the application or in early ad products did not always guarantee the recognition and memorability of the brand. With the summation of the name “ TikTok ” to the symbol, users remembered the brand better .

2020 – Present

tiktok 2020 logo 1024x576
The new TikTok logo was designed to inspire creativity and brings enjoyment to users and creators. Users love watching other people showcasing their authentic self through drollery, dancing, sports or oddly-satisfying videos .
Inspired by TikTok ’ mho deputation, the architect of the official TikTok ’ sulfur logo wanted to create a logo that spoke to the phase that TikTok created for so many talented people .

Symbol font and color

tiktok logo color 1024x1024
Since 2017, the graphic part of the logo has been supplemented with the inscription “ TikTok ”. At first, “ Tik ” and “ Tok ” were written individually, with a wide indentation, but later they were combined into a single word. This happened in 2018. then the letter “ o ” appeared with a purple blue draft, like a note.

In addition, the designers slightly modified the style of the characters : they replaced the square dot on the “ iodine ” with a turn one and shortened the lines of the “ T ” and “ k ”. But the basic font has remained the lapp. The developers have relied on a knowing sans-serif font, because in their public opinion, it is ideal for a brand .
The musical arrangement of the elements is not regulated : the text can be placed both below the note and to the right of it. Depending on this, its size varies slenderly. When both parts of the logo are close in the horizontal flat, the inscription “ TikTok ” is the lapp as the graphic symbol .
away from the authoritative interpretation, there are three more color palettes with a white, pinko, and blue background .
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