The Best SLR Cameras for Beginners

If you like photography and want to go beyond just taking your photos with your smartphone, it’s time for you to go to the next level. This will be the reflex cameras, because they will allow you to capture high-quality and professional-level photos. Our favorite for its great value for money is the Canon EOS 2000D, with which you will be able to capture some simply unique photos.

But, in the market you find many different options to choose from when looking for a high quality camera. For this reason, today we have made a selection with the best alternatives that you can find on the market, so that you can start in the world of photography on the right foot.

So, if you want to know more about this type of camera comparison and all the features they offer you, we invite you to continue reading this post.

What is the best SLR camera for beginners?

Buying a SLR camera is not an easy task, especially since you find models that are cheap and of low quality and others that have a very high cost. For this reason, today we have selected 5 cameras that maintain a good price, and that will allow you to capture professional-level photos in a simple way. So, if you want to buy a high-quality camera, we invite you to continue reading this post carefully.

How to choose a good SLR camera for beginners?

Before buying a SLR camera for beginners, you should make sure to take into account some fundamental points.

Among the main points to consider are the following:

You must choose a model that is easy to handle and it is best not to go crazy when buying

It is important to note that it has a decent shutter; although it will not be professional level this will determine the quality of the image

The diaphragm of the camera must allow the entrance of the greater amount of light possible to obtain the maximum performance.

Also, when you buy your first SLR camera to get started in the world of photography, you should keep in mind that they have automatic settings. But if you’re looking to become a professional photographer, it’s best to choose to spend the most time in manual mode.

In this way, you will become familiar with the operation of the most professional cameras, and thus you will be able to learn more about their handling. In addition, you will learn to focus all your photographs correctly so that you become a photographic artist in a very short time.

What are reflex cameras?

SLR cameras get their name from a mirror that reflects light from the scene and directs it towards the viewfinder. They are machines that have a better quality in their image, and that produce the capture of the image when the mirror rotates upwards inside the camera. This allows light to reach the electronic sensor, allowing the correct amount of light to pass through.

That light will be transformed into an electrical signal, which is then processed digitally. These cameras do not usually present parallax errors, because the sensor allows having an exact visualization, with a high quality. As in all photographic cameras, the image will arrive at the sensor inverted, which is inverted inside the camera by means of a pentamirror that will turn the image 180°.

Whether we are talking about a digital or analog SLR camera, its operation is exactly the same in the optical and mechanical part. The only difference is that digital will store the photos on a memory card while analog will store them on film, although the latter are becoming less common.

Parts of a reflex camera

The reflex cameras are made up of a body where we will find several elements and an objective that is the one that will allow the capture. In any case, so that you can learn more about a reflex read camera comparison,we are going to learn a little more about this type of camera and thus you will be able to know how they work:


Within the body we find different elements, however, the most important that must be taken into consideration within the body are:

Shutter: this will regulate the amount of light that enters the sensor, and depending on the shutter speed, more or less light will pass through. The longer it is open, the more light can enter.

Viewfinder: in this part you can see the image that we are going to photograph, and in the most modern cameras it can also be done through an LCD screen.

Sensor: is in charge of capturing all the information of the scene. It has light-sensitive pixels, and depending on the size of the sensor and the number of pixels, it will be possible to have the resolution and quality of the photographs that can be captured.

It is also important that the camera has a design that allows you to handle it in a very comfortable way . In any case, the camera must have a body that is easy to hold and that allows you to capture images very comfortably and like a professional.

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