I have been trying to get the site to allow me to take the course material for over three weeks now. First, it made me take two required courses even though I did n’t have to take them through CNAZONE. then I had a third base command course to take according to the web site but it would n’t tell me which one. The hale time I am emailing CNAZONE to get them to help me take a naturally. Their reply was to tell me to click on the course I wanted then to click “ take the test ” and the course corporeal would pop up and I could take the quiz after 50 minutes of sketch. unfortunately, no icon for “ take the test ” popped up when I clicked on the naturally I wanted. then, I emailed them again and they said that I should click on a course and wait until the my report picture appeared and to click on it to take the course. That did n’t work either. The only thing that kept happening was that an picture for me to renew my subscription for another class for $ 24.95 popped up. So I emailed CNAZone again and got the lapp inept guy, Mr. Lara. He responded by asking me if I could follow his previous instructions. In fact, he indicated that I must have because I took two more courses, which were the ones I was forced to take because they were prerequisites, according to the site. I informed him that I appeared to be locked out due to the issue of this nameless prerequisite but that the web site would n’t identify it. Mr. Dumbo responded by saying that he had to contact IT and followed up by telling me it was fixed. But it was n’t fixed. I even could n’t take a class because no icon appeared when I chose a course for me to “ take the test. ” Mr. Dumbo Lara besides tried to sell me another year, telling me I had already completed my necessitate act of credits for the previous year. Of course I did but I wanted to complete the required for this year excessively, on my current subscription. The web site is a victimize and I had fuss with it in past months as well. Lara obviously does n’t know what he is doing. other colleagues of mine have had similar problems. They want to sell you the courses but provide no competent customer accompaniment and the web site constantly has issues. Take the money and run. You ca n’t even call to talk to person because there is no phone number in order fro them to save money. Yep, that ‘s right. Buyer beware, find another on-line site that provides CEU course. for California.

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