Move over, TikTok. Paste Keyboard tops the App Store.

You thought it took algorithmic brilliance and app-native influencers to top the App Store charts ? Nope. obviously, all it takes is a immediate fiddling replicate and paste creature. According to Cult of Mac, TikTok had been sitting pretty at the top of the io App Store charts since April 2020. ( There was a brief disruption in its reign in August 2020, when YouTube snagged the top spot. ) But on May 30, the keyboard shortcut app Paste Keyboard dethroned the abruptly video tabby. needle to say, everyone is confused .Paste Keyboard's shocking rise to the top.

Paste Keyboard’s shocking rise to the top.

Credit: app annie

Mashable asked the mobile data and analytics platform App Annie for insight into how precisely Paste Keyboard abruptly shot to the top. The app was ranked # 910 in Utilities apps on iPhones on May 27, and climbed to # 1 in Utilities and # 5 overall on May 28. Two days later, Paste Keyboard overtook the # 1 position overall on May 30, and remains there as of June 1. “ The app has found a habit case that consumers are finding peculiarly unmanageable and delivering a solution that alleviates the clash, ” App Annie told Mashable. “ ultimately this is effective for the fluid ecosystem as it reinforces the childlike, streamlined nature mobile is known for. ” still, we were a tad confused. What precisely does it streamline, since iPhones decidedly come with a built-in transcript and paste function ? We downloaded the top app and put it to the test .

What does Paste Keyboard do, exactly?

I was confused to open the app and find such a blank template.

I was confused to open the app and find such a blank template.

Credit: screenshot: Paste Keyboard

The app itself has a super-simple interface. therefore simple, in fact, I was n’t sure how I was supposed to use it. fortunately, there is a handy little instruction guide in the settings tab that broke down how to set my keyboard up to optimize Paste Keyboard. basically, you add the third-party keyboard to your iMessage keyboards in your Settings. If you ever text in other languages, this process is familiar. In your settings, tap General, then Keyboards, then Add New Keyboard, and choose Paste Keyboard .

Paste Keyboard’s message editing interface

Credit: Screenshot: paste keyboard

Where your Paste Keyboard messages appear in iMessage

Credit: Screenshot: apple

then, if you always need to type out a long message and proofread it before sending the text, you can do therefore in the Paste Keyboard app, and equitable tap the earth icon in the lower forget. Your protected message in the app will appear there, and you can tap on it to paste it into your text box.

OK, yes, it was simpleton, and it was utilitarian. I could see how having a menu of pre-edited messages could be helpful. But, TBH, I already do this in my Notes app, where I besides plainly imitate and glue the message into my text. This is all it took to dethrone TikTok ? ! ? I do n’t get it. I do n’t get it at all. But hey, as Olivia Rodrigo would say, good for you, Paste Keyboard .

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