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Every phone is different, merely like every photographer and film maker is different, which is why we have an array of lenses depending on what your goals are .

Tele 58mm Lens

Take the Moment Tele 58mm Lens, for case. wholly redesigned from the ground up and featuring our M-series interface, this agile lens is a apogee of everything we ’ ve learned from the latest and greatest smartphone cameras, with a childlike twist-and-lock invention .
This lens was created with aerospace-grade alloy and the lapp high-polished glass used by high end-4k film lenses ( seriously, leave your IMAX television camera at home ). able to achieve ~2x optical soar when mounted over a single-lens camera, or ~4x zoom using the iPhone telephotograph lens using our moment Pro Camera App .
Best part ? It ’ s compatible with your iPhone 11 Pro, Google Pixel 4, and Samsung Galaxy S10 and comes with a lens cap and microfiber carrying case for security.

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Anamorphic Lens – Gold or Blue Flare

The Anamorphic is our award-winning lens that brings a cinematic look straight to your phone .
This lens turns regular phone television into a 16:9 widescreen movie ( basically like when you see black bars on the top and bed of movies except without cropping your image and losing quality ) and produces those brand anamorphic flares seen in Hollywood movies .
Inspired by the iconic Iscorama Pre-36 anamorphic lenses, the Moment Anamorphic Lens with Gold Flare brings you quick, rich tones and golden flares guaranteed to level-up the expression of your videos .
Our anamorphic Lens with Blue Flare brings you an early 1960 ’ s style. Inspired by JJ Abrams, the blue sky flare gives you sci-fi-looking blue lens flares when shooting into headlights, streetlights, and directional lights .
Even if you’re not a filmmaker, the lens makes for distinctive still photography shots as well.
Of path, this Moment lens works with all our M-series cases, 67mm filters, our Lens Filter Mount and is made with the like aerospace metallic quality and life guarantee that you already expect from us .

Superfish 14mm Lens

The M-Series Superfish Moment phone lens is the widest lens we make, it ’ randomness wider than an extremist wide and cheaper than a GoPro, providing a sock 170-degree field of view — 30 % wider than the typical 120-degrees you ’ ll find on ultra-wide phone lenses !
This lens enables you to take bird’s-eye photos and videos even from the mean spaces, because of its optical invention based on a 15 % larger image size
The edge-to-edge purpose of the lens makes it perfect for any outdoor shoot, but extremely popular for those who love shooting action sports like skateboarding or surfing — or life-changing events like having a baby .
The Moment fisheye lens is built with the lapp heavy-duty quality you ’ ve already come to expect + comes with a microfiber carrying bag for supernumerary security. The Moment lens lawsuit is sold individually. This dessert little device is compatible with the latest phones, working even iPhone 11 Pro Max ’ s night mode .

Wide 18mm Lens

The Moment Wide Lens is our most celebrated lens and is frequently what we recommend as the first base lens to get for most people. It provides a wide field of watch for interiors, landscapes, and group photos while still capturing the fully image quality of the largest built-in lens on the newest devices like the iPhone 12 and Pixel 5 .
You can use the Moment Wide Lens with nox mode and portrayal manner for impressive night photography, astrophotography, and wide slant portraits .

Macro Lens

The Moment Macro Lens allows you to capture larger than life images of the worldly concern ‘s smallest objects. With 10x exaggeration and up to 1-inch focal distance you can capture impressive photos and videos of flowers, insects, jewelry, textures and materials .
It ‘s the perfective lens for the budding biologist or the Etsy jewelry store owner and gives you a whole newly perspective that you can not capture any early way.

Moment Phone Lens Kits

not quite yet a photography or filmmaking master ? No worries ! The Moment lens choice works for newbies and pros alike. But if what you ’ rhenium looking for is everything you need to get going, we ’ ve besides got some recommendations there :

Starter Kit – One Lens

The Moment Starter Kit includes one bestselling lens for capturing much better images than your iPhone alone always could. The kit comes with 1 ) our earphone lawsuit with a hop on system for the lens, 2 ) a Lens Pen to keep your glass immaculate 3 ) the lens caps .

Starter Kit – Three Lenses

The Moment Starter Kit comes with three best-selling lenses of your excerpt ! Choose among one of our hardy phone cases ( available for Apple, Samsung, or Google phones ) and three different lenses custom to your accurate filmmaking and photography needs .
lapp consider hera. You get a ace Moment case + the Lens Pen to wipe away fingerprints, scatter, etc .

Mobile Filmmaker Starter Kit

here at Moment, we love to host film festivals, so we thought, what better way to help you prepare for your first base short film than by offering everything they need to get it done ? Our mobile Filmmaker Starter Kit is precisely the gear you need to make an amazing film .
Included in the kit is your excerpt of a telephone casing and lens + our Joby Handypod, GripTight Phone Mount, and Wavo Mobile for audio needs .
We ’ ve learned about equitable a few of the many options of lenses and starter kits Moment has to offer creatives, but let ’ s go over some of our visitor ’ s frequently asked questions before you start filling your cart up with our gear .

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Moment lenses improve picture quality?

Yes. moment lenses are created with performance in beware, specifically designed to improve picture quality and take your shots to a floor that your phone alone never could. The underlying detector choice of your earphone is the same and our lenses allow you to utilize all of that timbre while still capturing newfangled perspectives and focal lengths. even built-in wide and tele lenses are lower quality than our lenses. Any of the lenses listed in this article ( or in our phone Lenses category ) are a capital way to effortlessly improve the quality of your pictures .
All our gear at Moment is developed by creatives with creatives in beware .

Do Moment lenses work with iPhone 11?

Yes. moment lenses work with iPhone 11. here and now lenses work with all three iPhone 11 models and even work with iPhones from 6 to 12 .

Are Moment lenses worth it?

decidedly. moment lenses are the perfect way to bring cinema-quality shots straight to your earphone. From the brand Gold or Blue flares produced by our anamorphic lenses, to our broad fisheye lens with a 170-degree field of view, Moment lenses are the most economical room to create a movie that looks high-budget .
All Moment products are made by creatives and for creatives .

Are Moment lenses interchangeable?

moment lenses are 100 % exchangeable. They work with the same M-Series Lens interface which allows you to change lenses on the lapp case or Lens Mount or take your lenses to a new telephone when you upgrade. You should change out your lens depending on your filmmaking or photography goals as Moment has an array of lenses capable of taking your art to a horizontal surface your telephone alone never could. We have lenses for any demand.

How do I put Moment lenses on my iPhone?

Mounting your moment lenses is simple. just tune up the white pipeline on the lens to the comparable line on the crown of the sheath, and twist 90 degrees .

Wrap Up

As we can see, Moment lenses are capable of taking your artwork to the following horizontal surface — then the floor beyond that. Whether you ’ re an absolute founder who precisely wants to give filmmaking a guess or have already participated in one or more of our Invitational Film Festivals, you could never go wrong purchasing one of our award-winning lenses for your adjacent creative venture .
Need more avail ? Reach out to one of our knowledgeable Gear Guides, and they ’ ll lead you on the right path .

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