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BestColleges is committed to delivering content that is objective and accurate. We have built a network of diligence professionals across healthcare and education to review our contented and ensure we are providing the best information to our readers. Aspiring school administrators can earn their doctoral degree through an on-line education format like many students use today. Read on to explore the on-line doctor’s degree in department of education programs ranked as … Students pursuing careers in educate presidency or educate and exploitation should consider earning a sophisticate of education ( Ed.D. ). Ed.D. programs teach students best practices in education, covering instructional design, multicultural education, and the science of learning and development .
education is transforming quickly. More students are learning on-line than ever before, and educational technology must continue to evolve to meet students ‘ and teachers ‘ shifting needs. With a growing stress on early childhood education, bilingual educators are in increasingly eminent requirement a well .
By earning your Ed.D., you can pursue a career helping students and teachers adapt to the changing educational landscape .

What Can I Expect From an Online Doctorate in Education Program?

Online Ed.D. programs can help education professionals advance their careers as practitioners. Unlike students pursuing their ph in education, most students earning their Ed.D. do not plan to become researchers .
Ed.D. students should be intellectually curious and tidal bore to apply what they learn in school to hardheaded problems in educational settings .
many Ed.D. programs allow students to choose a concentration. Some concentrations focus on the cognitive skill behind how we learn. Learners who specialize in instructional design or on-line learning acquire expertness in developing on-line courses. other concentrations include K-12 leadership, higher education, and social and emotional eruditeness .
Online doctor’s degree in education programs typically entail 45-60 credits. full-time students who already hold a maestro ‘s degree in education may earn their Ed.D. in three years. distance learners can fulfill most academic requirements remotely, but many on-line programs expect students to complete short-change, on-campus residencies .
many Ed.D. programs require students to write and defend a research-based dissertation. Others allow students to complete a more hands-on research project alternatively. Certain programs ask students to complete dissertations based on field research or their previous experiences as educators .

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Popular Online Education Programs

Learn about startle dates, transferring credits, handiness of fiscal aid, and more by contacting the universities below .

What Courses Will I Take in an Online Doctorate in Education Program?

Ed.D. programs entail core courses and specialization courses. core courses may include educational ethics and issues and trends in education. Specialized courses may cover early childhood education, instructional design, special education, and diversity and equity in education .
Programs requiring a dissertation may besides offer classes on dissertation inquiry and write .
Students who complete a research project alternatively of a dissertation may be asked to identify a problem in education, review existing literature on the publish, and propose a potential solution .

Research Methods and Systematic Inquiry

This run introduces students to quantitative, qualitative, and assorted research methods. Students learn to collect, pull off, and analyze data. This course may involve sphere research .

Multicultural Education

In this course, learners study the function of ethnic and linguistic diversity in U.S. society and department of education. They develop an understanding of multiculturalism and learn to address social, cultural, and linguistic differences in the classroom .

Collaborative Leadership

Through the study of collaborative leadership, students learn to work together to affect sociable change. Students develop a deeper admiration of the importance of incorporating divers perspectives in their work .

Global and Historical Perspectives in Higher Education

In this naturally, students gain a cross-cultural sympathize of the history of teach and determine. Readings and discussions address teaching methods, learning assessment, and the purpose of education. Students discover how views on these subjects have changed over prison term and deviate across cultures .

Research in Instructional Design and Technology

This course introduces students to current research on course of study development, teach, instructional engineering, and outdistance learn. Students develop a richer taste of the importance of scientific research for improving education .

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What Are the Admission Requirements for an Online Doctorate in Education Program?

entrance fee requirements vary by school and program. Given their professional focus, Ed.D. programs frequently have more work-related requirements than Ph.D. programs in education. Ed.D. programs may call for classroom or administrative know in a secondary school .
At minimum, most programs require a relevant master ‘s degree in department of education. Online doctoral programs in department of education normally maintain the same entree requirements as their on-campus counterparts. Below, we explore specific materials that most programs require .


Most alumnus programs do not use application systems like the Common App or Coalition App. rather, graduate applicants must fill out individual applications through each prospective educate ‘s web site. These forms normally collect basic personal information like name, address, and prior schools attended .

Test Scores

Fewer and fewer schools are requiring standardized test scores. Some doctoral programs in department of education may ask applicants to submit GRE scores. This necessity is more common among ph programs, which frequently involve a more theoretical and academic stress. Ed.D. programs focus more on practice. however, many Ed.D. programs however mandate GRE scores .

Letters of Recommendation

Most Ed.D. programs require 2-3 letters of recommendation. For practice-focused Ed.D. programs, these letters should come from former principals, assistant principals, or team leads. In some cases, you can ask early college professors to write recommendation letters. Make surely to ask for these letters several months in boost to give your references enough time to write .

Resume and Work Experience

many Ed.D. programs focus on practice, for which rationality many schools require students to have professional experience education or education presidency know. flush if schools do not call for bring experience, most programs ask applicants to submit a sum up .


Most Ed.D. programs ask prospective students to submit an test in the form of a instruction of aim or letter of captive. Some schools may besides call for a statement of educational philosophy to make sure students are a good match for the plan. These essays are normally relatively short .

Official Transcripts

All prospective students must submit official transcripts, no topic what type of plan they are applying for. These documents show that applicants can succeed academically while pursuing a terminal degree. Some students may be able to earn transfer citation for life or professional have .

What Can I Do With an Online Doctorate in Education Degree?

Career Outlook

Graduates with an on-line doctor’s degree education modify for careers that will see eminent demand from 2020-2030. Since these graduates hold terminal degrees, they can compete for the highest-paying, most in-demand careers in their fields .
Ed.D. degree-holders qualify for supervisory and managerial roles in secondary and postsecondary education and corporate development. In most cases, these graduates can expect to earn salaries approaching six figures. Careers may include star, professor, administrator, instructional coordinator, and discipline and development coach .
See where a doctor’s degree in education can take you. Learn more about education careers .

Career Paths

Elementary, Middle, or High School Principal

many practicing teachers pursue a doctor’s degree in education so they can become principals or adjunct principals. These professionals are the top executives in their schools, supervising casual operations, handing budgets, interacting with parents, and administering discipline. School principals may need to earn certificate as well .
Median Annual Salary : $ 98,490

Postsecondary Teacher

Ph.D. in education graduates often pursue careers in academia. Since an Ed.D. is a terminal degree, these degree-holders can pursue careers arsenic professors as well. These educators work in community colleges and four-year schools. They teach courses, mentor students, and perform their own master research .
Median Annual Salary : $ 80,560

Postsecondary Education Administrator

These professionals work at residential district colleges and four-year universities. They supervise departments and do student services, research, and academics. These positions normally require a dominate ‘s degree, so a doctor’s degree provides a competitive advantage. Most positions besides call for meaning work experience in academia .
Median Annual Salary : $ 97,500

Training and Development Manager

doctoral degree-holders in education do n’t constantly pursue careers in secondary or postsecondary schools. They can besides find work providing skill development programs for corporations and businesses. These professionals may work as freelancers, consultants, or for particular organizations .
Median Annual Salary : $ 115,640

Instructional Coordinator

typically working in in-between and high schools or for integral educate districts, these professionals create course of study and implement educational standards. They may besides visit individual classrooms and help passenger car teachers. These positions normally require at least a master ‘s degree and several years of classroom teaching experience .
Median Annual Salary : $ 66,970

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Continuing Education

A doctor’s degree in education is the field ‘s terminal degree. As such, most degree-holders do not pursue extra ball department of education in the field. however, continuing education is authoritative in education. Principals and administrators should attend seminars and workshops to stay current on the latest pedagogical trends .
Degree-holders may choose to complete a master ‘s degree in a relate or adjacent field such as course of study development or instructional coordination .

How Do I Choose an Online Doctorate in Education Program?


According to a Franklin College analyze, most doctor’s degree in education programs cost $ 21,000- $ 55,000. This translates to $ 350- $ 775 per credit. The on-key cost of a plan includes costs like room and board, action fees, and transportation system. on-line students frequently avoid many of these fees, which may result in significant savings overall .

Program Format

Do you need the social organization of populate, scheduled on-line courses ? Or would you prefer tractability to complete assignments around your own schedule ? This eminence of synchronous vs. asynchronous course format is among the main factors to consider when choosing an on-line program. Practicing teachers pursuing doctorates in education may prefer part-time programs that fit around your work schedule .


You might think location does not matter when choosing an on-line broadcast. however, even if you enroll on-line, your program may require on-campus attendance for certain events or courses. Most on-line doctor’s degree in department of education programs include a field feel or practicum prerequisite. If you live near campus, your educate may help you find an approve site .


accreditation is a third-party procedure that evaluates schools and individual programs. Accreditation is much necessary for learners to qualify for union fiscal aid or transfer credits if necessary. The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation focuses on education and accredits many of the discipline ‘s best doctoral programs in the battlefield .

Student Support

scholar corroborate can mean the dispute between an excellent on-line learning feel and a disappoint course of study. Before enrolling, discipline to see if your choose platform offers mentorships, networking opportunities, internship placements, and alumnus connections .

Best Accredited Online Doctorate in Education Programs

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How We Rank Schools

At BestColleges, we believe a college education is one of the most important investments you can make. We want to help you navigate the college survival march by offering diaphanous, inclusive, and relevant school rankings .
Our rankings are grounded in a few guide principles and use the latest statistical data available from sure sources. Read our ranking methodology. We hope our set about helps you find the school that is best for you .

Frequently Asked Questions About Doctorate in Education Programs

Is a doctor’s degree in education worth it ?
Yes. Any degree ‘s value is reasonably subjective, but an on-line doctor’s degree in department of education can lead to education roles with the highest salaries and most responsibilities. The field ‘s terminal degree, a doctor’s degree in education demonstrates an odd committedness to your craft .
Degree-holders can pursue jobs with above-average salaries in secondary and postsecondary schools and corporate environments. For model, train and development managers earn a median annual wage of $ 115,640. Postsecondary education administrators earn a median annual wage of $ 97,500 .
What can I do with a doctor’s degree in education ?
potential occupation titles for graduates with a doctor’s degree in education include postsecondary teacher, postsecondary educational administrator, principal, instructional coordinator, and trail and exploitation director. Degree-holders qualify to pursue closely any leadership military position at a secondary or postsecondary school .
Job mentality projections are strong for doctor’s degree in education degree-holders. The BLS projects slightly above-average growth for advance education careers from 2020-2030 .
How long does it take to get a doctor’s degree in education on-line ?
Most on-line doctor’s degree in education programs take 3-7 years to complete. Most programs require students to complete 45-60 credits. Completion times depend on several factors, including path load, capstone project, and dissertation requirements. half-time students may need closer to seven years to finish their degrees .
many Ed.D. programs require students to write and defend research-based dissertations or complete hands-on research projects to culminate their degrees .
How much money can I make with a doctor’s degree in education ?
wage likely depends on several factors including location, employer, and experience. Most doctoral degree-holders in department of education can expect to earn salaries approaching six figures. According to the BLS, elementary, middle, and gamey school principals earned a medial annual wage of $ 98,490 as of May 2020 .
other subcontract options for degree-holders include postsecondary teacher, which garners a medial annual wage of $ 80,560. instructional coordinators earn a medial annual wage of $ 66,970 .
What are the highest-paying jobs with a doctor’s degree in education ?

According to the BLS, the highest-paying job for those with a doctor’s degree in education is training and exploitation director. These professionals earned a median annual wage of $ 115,640 as of May 2020. Within the department of education field, principals with many years of experience, tenure professionals, and experienced postsecondary administrators can besides earn salaries that approach this number .
As of 2020, the top-earning 10 % of principals and postsecondary administrators made over $ 152,500 and $ 199,400 per year, respectively. public school principals generally earn more than their private school counterparts. Administrators at four-year colleges and universities normally earn more than those at junior or community colleges .
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