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Master’s in Administration Education

School administrators oversee K-12 schools, while higher education administrators oversee student services and academic programs at colleges and universities. Graduates who earn an on-line headmaster ‘s in education government enjoy lucrative and in-demand career opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) reports that school principals earn a median wage of over $ 96,000 per class and projects the creation of 11,000 new principal jobs between 2018 and 2028. additionally, the BLS reports that higher department of education administrators earn a median wage of over $ 95,000 per year, with a 4 % projected job growth through 2029 .

What Is a Master’s in Education Administration?

A dominate ‘s in education administration prepares graduates for jobs such as school principal, K-12 school administrator, and higher department of education administrator. Students take classes on topics like school leadership, instructional judgment, and school finance. Some programs offer electives or concentrations in areas like higher education administration, limited education leadership, and differentiated course of study plan .
many educational administration programs incorporate an internship or practicum to give students hands-on experience in the plain. on-line programs typically let students meet practicum requirements at an approve site near their home.

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The Best Online Master’s in Education Administration Programs

Best Online Master's

Online Master’s in Educational Administration Programs Ranking Guidelines

We ranked these academic degree programs based on quality, course of study, school awards, rankings, and reputation .
Our methodology
here at, we take the trust and social welfare of our readers very seriously. When making our school and program rankings, our top priority is ensuring that our readers get accurate, unbiased information that can help them make inform decisions about on-line education. That ‘s why we ‘ve developed a rigorous ranking methodology that keeps the needs of our readers movement and center .
Our proprietorship, multi-criteria rate algorithm analyzes key data indicators — as collected by the federal government — for each school or course of study. What data we use depends on the focus of each particular ranking, but in all cases, our ranking methodology is unprejudiced : Schools can not buy better rankings at TBS .
While specific criteria under circumstance can vary by ranking, there are a few datum points that we value most highly. They are affordability, academic quality, and on-line registration. Below, we break down our algorithm to help you understand what you ‘re getting when you use one of our rankings .

  • Academics
  • Affordability

  • Online Enrollment

Data Sources

The data used in TBS rankings comes primarily from the federal government, and much of it is provided by the schools themselves. We aggregate and analyze this data to build our rankings .
The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System ( IPEDS ) is our primary reservoir. Its data comes from annual surveys conducted by the U.S. Department of Education ‘s National Center for Education Statistics ( NCES ). Every college, university, or technical school with access to federal fiscal aid must participate in these surveys, which include questions about registration, graduation rates, finances, and staff qualifications. This is publicly available data, which you can access yourself through the College Navigator .
additionally, because we value a personal touch and the professional know of our staff and Academic Advisory Board, we vet all results and adjust rankings as necessary based on our collected cognition of schools and academic degree programs. Depending on the rank, we may obtain extra input from, national matter experts, prior TBS ranking lists, or other sources we deem relevant to a particular rank .

Breakdown of Our Rankings Methodology

About Our Ranking Factors

hera at TBS, we value what you respect : quality education, affordability, and the handiness of on-line department of education. These factors guide all of our program rankings .
Each of these factors are farther broken down into slant subfactors. For model, retentiveness rates are weighted more heavily than handiness of program options because they are a better indicator of scholar success .
We chose the following factors for our rankings because of their influence on learn experiences and graduate outcomes. however, students should always balance our rankings against their personal priorities. For case, a learner who needs a amply on-line program may prioritize on-line flexibility more than our rankings do. Our rankings are designed to help you make a decision — not to make a decision for you .
Academics – 75 %
Affordability – 15 %
Online Enrollment – 10 %

In all our school rankings and recommendations, we work for objectivity and poise. We carefully research and compile each rate tilt, and a stated in our ad disclosure, we do NOT permit fiscal incentives to influence rankings. Our articles never promote or disregard a school for fiscal amplification .
If you have questions about our ranking methodology, please feel rid to connect with our staff through liaison page .
We thank you for your readership and entrust .

What Else Can I Expect From an Online Master’s in Educational Administration Program?

Courses vary by broadcast, but we outline several coarse maestro ‘s in education administration classes below .

Education Administration Curriculum

  • Instructional Leadership: This course covers the operational functions of schools, the role of data analysis in school leadership, and how to use teacher evaluations to improve instruction. Graduate students also learn to manage resources — including teachers, budgets, and district opportunities — to increase student achievement. Depending on the program, this class may also cover how to implement English language learning and special education programs. The course prepares students for leadership roles in K-12 schools.
  • School Financing: Students in this course learn how to develop a school or district budget and conduct budget forecasting. Students learn about the collaborative process behind creating a budget, budget implementation models, and the role of government funding in budget development. The course also covers topics like enrollment trends, student attendance reimbursements, and population projections, including how these topics shape school financing.
  • Educational Psychology: This course examines the theories and research behind how students learn. Participants investigate how culture and context shape student learning, examining topics like motivation, human development, and educational management. Students also learn how to develop teaching methods and instructional processes based on psychological concepts. The course prepares future education administrators to improve instruction using educational psychology.
  • School Administration: This class introduces students to foundational school administration principles and responsibilities. Learners study administrative doctrine, leadership behavior, and leadership skills in an educational environment. Learners also study school administration theories and applications. Some programs incorporate a practicum to give students hands-on experience in school leadership. The course prepares students for leadership roles in schools.
  • School Law: This course examines the legal framework of the public education system in the United States. Students learn about judicial decisions that shape school law, the legal responsibilities of schools, and the legal constraints on public school officials. Learners study topics like collective bargaining, employment discrimination, and special education law. The course prepares future school administrators to adhere to laws and regulations.

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Certifications and Licenses a Master’s in Education Administration Prepares For

many education presidency careers require a license. For example, principals generally need to complete a master ‘s degree and hold a state-issued license to qualify for job opportunities. however, most higher department of education administrators do not need a license. Licensure requirements vary by country, so prospective school administrators should research the requirements in the state where they intend to work .

Choosing an Online Master’s in Educational Administration Program

When researching potential on-line master ‘s in education government programs, students should consider factors such as a program ‘s monetary value, accreditation status, format, and available specializations. typically, public institutions cost less than individual institutions, but students at both types of schools can take advantage of fiscal aid opportunities to help offset education costs .
additionally, students may need to attend an accredit school to qualify for professional licensure or certification. For exemplar, many states require individuals to hold an accredit degree to qualify for a principal or administrator license.

The length of an education presidency master ‘s degree track varies depending on the program and a student ‘s registration status. Most programs take two years of full-time study to complete, although some schools offer accelerate timelines. Students should besides consider a program ‘s format. asynchronous programs do not require put login times, giving students the flexibility to balance their studies with personal and professional responsibilities .
ultimately, many programs offer specializations in areas like principalship and higher education presidency. Students should ensure they choose a broadcast with concenter areas that align with their career goals .

Accreditation for Online Master’s in Educational Administration Degrees

prospective students should ensure they attend an accredited school. several education administration careers require a license, including school principal jobs. In most states, licensure candidates need an accredited graduate degree. similarly, many employers prefer candidates with an accredited degree .
Schools may hold regional or national accreditation, with regional accreditation generally considered the more esteemed of the two. regional accreditation is typically awarded to nonprofit, degree-granting schools that meet high academic standards .
Programs within a school may besides receive speciate accreditation. Programmatic accreditation applies to particular programs, including teacher cooking and education administration programs. The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation grants programmatic accreditation to education administration programs .

Educational Administration Careers

Graduates with a overlord ‘s degree in education administration enjoy divers career opportunities. We cover several coarse jobs for graduates below .
$ 64,450
instructional Coordinators
6 %
instructional coordinators — besides called course of study specialists — oversee a school ‘s or district ‘s course of study and teaching standards. They develop educational materials, organize teacher training events and workshops, and analyze student operation data to make course of study improvements. Some instructional coordinators specialize in an area such as particular education or English as a irregular speech .
$ 95,310
School Principals
4 %
School principals oversee the operations of K-12 schools. They implement course of study standards, do teachers and staff, and oversee the school ‘s budget. Principals besides hire teachers and assess their performance. In many schools, principals implement standards set by the zone and coordinate with the superintendent and educate board to improve the school. Principals often need a submit school administrator or principal license .
$ 94,340
Higher department of education Administrators
7 %
Higher education administrators manage student services and academician departments at colleges and universities. They may specialize in several areas, such as admissions and scholar affairs. Higher education administrators in admissions offices may set targets for how many students to admit, conduct outreach to encourage student applications, and oversee staff members. In student affairs, higher department of education administrators advise students on academic issues, lead programs, and schedule services .

Popular Questions About Master’s in Education Administration

What is a master’s in education administration?

Earning a chief ‘s in education administration prepares students for leadership positions in K-12 schools and colleges and universities .

What can you do with a master’s in education administration?

Graduates with a master ‘s in education administration can work as school principals, higher education administrators, and school administrators. They may hold the job title of dean, conductor, or frailty chief.

How long does it take to get a master’s in education administration?

Completing a maestro ‘s in education presidency program generally takes two years of full-time cogitation, though some programs offer accelerated timelines .

How do I become an education administrator?

many education administrator jobs require a victor ‘s degree from an accredited program and a state-issued license. For case, principals and other administrators at public schools much need a license .

How much do education administrators make?

Salaries for education administrators vary based on their specific role. School principals earn around $ 95,000, while higher education administrators earn a median wage of $ 94,000 per year .

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