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The 100 % on-line set-up of the program will save you time and money for traveling afield. Following the MBA on-line does not mean that you study in isolation. Through the synergistic discussion forum you can stay connected with your peers and professors to parcel experiences, airs questions, discus real business cases and lead up debates. You can besides choose the blended choice by following the expertness track on campus in Maastricht in June/July. The MSM Online MBA provides you with the like high timbre management education as our on-campus MBA programs – the entirely differences are in its rescue and its tractability to allow you to study where you want, and whenever it fits your busy schedule .

Study at a distance but with unlimited opportunities for online networking

Courses are delivered in 8-weeks modules, in an active memorize format. To stay concentrate and to guide you through studying the MBA on-line, you will fulfill practice-oriented assignments every week. These assignments can consist of different tasks, all related to the topic of the class and can vary per week. literature read, debates in the discussion forum on video cases or diary entries, following lecture casts are all elements of the plan. Video cases in the discussion forum will initiate the argue with your fellow students while animated videos will introduce you to the weekly subject. Every two weeks you will discuss daybook entries which relate to the subject of the course. You follow on-line presentations by have faculty in the lecture casts. The discussion forum is the position where you connect, interact, share experiences and oeuvre together with chap professionals making you separate of a divers and external virtual classroom. You finalize each course with a final assignment. To monitor your progress during a course you will reflect on your performance through self-assessment activities. Our international faculty are highly experienced in the pitch of the MBA on-line courses and will guide you through the plan. Career serve presentations and consultations are besides available for Online MBA students. All these elements are making the MSM Online MBA the ultimate on-line learning have .

Choose 100% online or blended

You can follow the MSM Online MBA completely online with no obligations for residential weeks. however if you would prefer to have a face-to-face experience, you can join the expertness cut courses or one of the other MBA modules at MSM in Maastricht. At extra monetary value we could help you to travel to our campus in Maastricht to take the expertness track of your choice or one of the other MBA modules in a face-to-face class room setting.

Designed for working professionals preferring online flexibility

Studying your MBA on-line offers you the flexibility of combining your job responsibilities and/or class obligations with your MBA studies. The format of the course of study offers you the opportunity to study wherever you want and whenever it suits your agenda. You will have no exams but to keep you focus and on track you will submit hebdomadally assignments and a final examination assignment for each run. These assignments are very practice-oriented, focused on current developments in business and immediately applicable to your own organization. To get an overview of how the Online MBA is structured, please check the MSM Online MBA probationary agenda 2022-2025 which gives a detail overview of the Online MBA schedule for the coming years.

Customize your MBA   

To allow you to customize your MBA around your specific study needs and career perspectives, MSM offers a number of expertness tracks. For the Online MBA you can choose to follow the on-line expertness track or one of the unlike expertness tracks on-campus at MSM in Maastricht ( 2 weeks in June/July of each year ).

Is this Online MBA the right program for you?

Is following the MBA online the right choice for you ? Find out in only 4 minutes !

MSM ‘s Online MBA has been ranked in the top 10 in the populace in the
CEO Magazine 2021 Global Online MBA rankings .

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