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iiNet is Australia’s best-rated business NBN provider

No matter the diligence, every small business needs an internet connection to survive. Whether it ’ s organising rosters, doing the pay run, emailing staff, operating point-of-sale systems, or ordering products, businesses in Australia can thrive with a hearty broadband connection. As they say, a belittled clientele is only a good as its communications, and having reliable and fast internet is a sure-fire way to keep communications flowing. so if your small occupation is less than quenched with your current internet supplier, our 2021 review and ratings may help you find a better deal .
Canstar Blue per annum surveys hundreds of business owners and key decision-makers across Australia to find out which broadband providers are systematically delivering, and which are more like a demote in the road. Returning to the number-one descry for the seventh time, and recovering from its 2020 loss to Optus, is frequent favored iiNet .
The telephone company smashed our 2021 ratings, receiving five stars across all categories including overall customer satisfaction. iiNet ’ second competitive clientele NBN prices – and crop of plan options – have seen the supplier continue to dominate our annual ratings, ahead of diligence leaders Telstra, TPG and Optus .
While no NBN provider is perfect – and it seems reasonable to assume you ’ ll have the occasional topic with any telephone company – our ratings are designed as a high-level guide to which providers are getting it right field more frequently than not, and which ones still have study to do.

Best NBN for Business

here are the best NBN providers for business, as rated by consumers in Canstar Blue ’ south 2021 review :

  1. iiNet
  2. TPG
  3. Optus
  4. Telstra

iiNet has come out on top in our 2021 ratings, achieving the entirely five-star seduce for overall gratification in this year ’ second review. In second target was TPG, with last class ’ south winner Optus in third base and Telstra rounding out our list in fourth. Each of the four included providers was rated on a variety of important factors, including customer avail, network operation, value for money, clarity and tractability of condense, and bill clearness .
Read on for an overview of what the four telephone company in our 2021 review have to offer business NBN customers, arsenic good as a list of other providers who market their services to businesses .

Business NBN Plans

There is a diverse range of internet plans on offer for businesses big and little. here is an overview of what the biggest internet providers in Australia are offering business owners when it comes to NBN .

iiNet Business NBN Plans

iiNet ’ second little business broadband options include both NBN, VDSL2, character and cable connections, with inexhaustible data and high-speed NBN plans available. Unlimited data plans begin at $ 79.99 per calendar month for business NBN customers, and include pay-as-you-go calling, a inactive IP address, and a free Wi-Fi modem on 24-month contracts .

  • The beginning NBN rush offered is the Standard Plus Evening Speed ( NBN 50 ) rush tier, but a boost to Premium NBN 100 is available for an extra $ 30 per calendar month .
  • Customers can add a BizPhone pack to their design from $ 29.95 per month, which includes outright standard local, national and mobile calls .
  • Plans are available on monthly or 24-month contracts, but going contract-free will incur a $ 79.95 activation tip, plus an $ 89 modem charge if required .

iiNet blitzed our business broadband ratings for 2021, taking home a perfective five-star consequence for not only overall satisfaction, but besides net operation, measure for money, customer military service, bill clarity, and flexibility of shrink .

TPG Business NBN Plans

TPG logo
TPG offers belittled business NBN plans from $ 69.99 per month at Basic NBN 12 speeds. NBN 50 and NBN 100 options are besides available, and all include unlimited data and your choice of a month-to-month or 18-month contract .

  • No lock-in contracts incur a $ 99.95 frame-up tip, but both narrow options come with an include WiFi modem .
  • Selected areas may besides have access to TPG ’ s high-speed character eye broadband plans, which start at $ 399 monthly for speeds up to 400Mbps and $ 799 for 1Gbps .
  • Both TPG Fibre and NBN plans besides have access to extras such as BizPhone calling, and plans with admit unlimited calls are available .

TPG received four stars for overall satisfaction in our 2021 ratings, with a five-star score for network performance, rate for money, and bill clarity .

Optus Business NBN Plans

optus logo
Optus ’ small-to-medium commercial enterprise broadband is priced on par with its residential NBN and ADSL plans, with prices beginning from $ 79 per month for unlimited data. NBN plans include Standard Plus ( NBN 50 ) speeds as standard, with a boost to Premium NBN 100/20 available for an extra $ 20 per calendar month .

  • Internet Ultimate plans include an Optus WiFi Booster and Optus WiFi Secure protective covering .
  • Plans besides feature an optional included call line with pay-as-you-go calling. Business customers can add outright standard local anesthetic, home, and Australia mobile calls to their plan from $ 10 per month .
  • In addition to NBN and ADSL, Optus besides offers business mobile broadband and both 4G and 5G internet plans .

Optus scored three stars for overall satisfaction in 2021, and received four stars for rate for money, customer service, and flexibility and clarity of contract .

Telstra Business NBN Plans

Telstra Business Internet Plans
small business broadband from Telstra begins at $ 100 per calendar month for unlimited data for both NBN and ADSL customers. Plans are available on a casual month-to-month basis, and new customers will receive a Telstra Smart Business Modem with 4G mobile broadband backup. however, cancelling your service within 24 months means you ’ ll need to pay out the remaining cost of your modem .

  • NBN customers receive Standard Plus ( NBN 50 ) speeds as standard, but can add a Premium ( NBN 100 ) travel rapidly rise where available .
  • business broadband and calling pack bundles begin at $ 125 per month and include unlimited data at NBN 50 speeds, plus telephone line and outright standard local, national and mobile calls, plus unlimited calls to selected countries .
  • Plans include a electrostatic IP address and 24/7 confirm.

Telstra was rated three stars for overall satisfaction in our 2021 inspection, and received five stars for flexibility of contract and four stars each for network performance and bill clarity .

List of Business NBN Providers

If you ’ rhenium looking for a broadband provider to service your business – whether it ’ south from home, the agency, or anywhere in between – here is a list of telephone company marketing services in your guidance :

  • Aussie Broadband
  • Bendigo Telco
  • Exetel
  • iiNet
  • Internode
  • MyRepublic
  • Optus
  • Southern Phone
  • SpinTel
  • Start Broadband
  • Superloop
  • Telstra
  • TPG
  • Vodafone
  • Westnet

What did we learn about business NBN customers?

Canstar Blue ’ sulfur 2021 survey of business broadband customers has revealed the extent to which many are incredibly reliant on fast, dependable internet to operate efficiently .

  • 67 % of respondents said fast internet is crucial to their business .
  • 29 % regularly suffer from slow or unreliable internet .
  • 39 % have had an internet outage affect their business .
  • The modal monthly broadband cost to businesses is $ 210 .

so, many businesses are even experiencing challenges with their broadband connections. Are they happy with their current supplier and plan ?

  • 45 % of respondents admitted they could credibly find a better softwood if they shopped around .
  • 24 % said they are presently considering switching internet providers .
  • 34 % said they experienced problems when their business originally switched over to the NBN .
  • 58 % stayed with the like provider when switching to the NBN .

Choosing an NBN plan for your business

No business should have to put up with a subpar NBN plan. Often, the internet is the lifeblood of a commercial enterprise, and having a lackluster plan can be both frustrating and financially impairing. This class, two providers in our annual review were rated five stars in terms of network performance – iiNet and TPG .
If measure for money is a key factor in finding a NBN plan, liiNet and TPG each scored five stars for value in our 2021 ratings, followed by Optus with four stars and Telstra with three. In terms of customer service, only iiNet was rated five stars, and iiNet and TPG each received five stars for bill clarity .
What ’ s most important to clientele owners will vary, but our ratings provide a guide as to which telcos are keeping customers glad across respective categories .

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This page was written and is regularly updated by Canstar Blue ’ s Telco Editor, Tara Donnelly. Having spent around a decade writing for and editing telephone company comparison websites, she ’ s an expert in all things telephone & internet, including NBN plans and how to find the best deal for your family. She loves to highlight the adjacent best NBN deals, while besides flagging the things you need to be mindful of. Tara besides acts as a spokesperson for Canstar Blue .
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