Update On Hairy Grabster From Shark Tank

ABC ’ s ‘ Shark Tank ’ is a business-oriented world television show where bud entrepreneurs and businesspersons present their products or ideas to diligence leaders who are fondly known as the Sharks. The Sharks then use their experience to figure out which ship’s company or product would be profitable and viable for them to invest in. The ultimate decision to accept or decline the investment lies with the entrepreneur, and it is the subsequent negotiations that make the show a thrilling watch. ‘ Shark Tank ’ has been known to have elevated quite a few products into the eyes of the world. One such advanced product featured in season 12 of the show is Hairy Grabster. A handy merchandise to keep one ’ sulfur shower fairly and get rid of excess hair during a bathe got us interested to know more about the company. Let ’ s find out all that there is to know about them, shall we ?

Hairy Grabster: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Hairy Grabster is the inspiration of Patty and Andy Watne. Patty came from a career in floral sales and design. The idea came to them after they got tired of pulling giant plugs of hair from the drain american samoa well as cleaning hair from their exhibitor floor and walls correct after taking a bath. They noticed that hair-fall during a shower is a common problem and that people are plagued by freeze drains, messy bathrooms, and the challenge of cleaning excess hair wholly. While trying to find a solution to their messy hair’s-breadth problem, Hairy Grabster was born.

The Hairy Grabster is a 5.25-inch by 5.25-inch product that attaches to any horizontal or vertical surface using 12 suction cups placed on the back. Each Grabster besides comes with 12 bristle cups attached to a one backplate. Every bristle cup holds numerous “ hair-hungry ” bristles that can remove and hold on to idle hair. It is recommended to attach it to the shower wall or bathtub and then swipe your hired hand over the Grabster whenever you need to dump off unaffixed hair’s-breadth. The bristles scrape away all hair and contain them, leaving your hands arsenic well as your shower floor uninfected. It is besides aboveboard to clean once dry .

Patty and Andy claim that the Hairy Grabster can besides be used as a hairbrush if needed. This useful and advanced product that will set you rear good $ 9.95 comes fully assembled, and the customer is offered the choice between the colors blue or white .

Hairy Grabster: Where Are They Now?

After the idea for Hairy Grabster was incubated, Patty and Andy faced some difficulties as manufacturers in the United States could not make a prototype that satisfied the couple. ultimately, after a few bumps in the road, they were able to find a company in China that made the Hairy Grabster precisely as they wanted. interestingly, they got a 3D printer in late 2019 to make their own prototypes. Sales for the product started on-line, but Patty said she began taking samples to local saloons to attract more customers.

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Their sales had barely taken off when the universe was put into lockdown by the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic affected the copulate ’ sulfur business, besides, as the saloons all shut down so far, on-line sales continued. To date, the couple claims to have sold a few thousand units but is hopeful of taking their product countrywide. They besides expressed their desire to shut down the business if they are forced lone to sell locally. Hairy Grabsters are presently available through their web site ( where transport is wholly free ) and e-commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Zulily .
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