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In 1966, Herb Nill established a Chevrolet-Pontiac-Oldsmobile franchise in Junction City, OR and coined the phrase, “ Eggs are cheaper in the state, and indeed are cars and trucks. ” In 1977-78, Herb had the opportunity to expand his business with RVs. He was the foremost principal to sell RVs with the Caribou Coach Corporation, now known as the Monaco Coach Corporation. He was a pioneer and continued to grow the RV side of his commercial enterprise by adding more vehicles, facilities, and employees to meet the rising demand. In the mid-80s, Guaranty RV added a travel trailer and fifth wheel center. By the end of the 90s, Guaranty RV was easily the largest RV dealer in Oregon and one of the largest in the nation. In the 2000s, Guaranty RV continued to blaze a trail in the RV industry, gaining a loyal customer follow, and being awarded by their manufacturers for their customer experience and satisfaction. On March 20, 2016, Herb Nill passed away, leaving his bequest in the capable hands of his family. With no third coevals presently involved in the company, the Nill Family found another family-owned occupation that they trusted to keep their bequest going. On July 5, 2021, Guaranty RV joined the Bish ’ s RV syndicate.

Leland “ Bish ” Jenkins built his family clientele based on the principles of honesty, carnival share, and treating customers right. Bish Jenkins and his syndicate began their commercial enterprise in Eastern Idaho in the 1940s with the sale of livestock, and then expanded their commercial enterprise into dress, saddles, interchange, and horse trailers. In 1989, one of Bish ’ s grandsons wanted to purchase an RV from a local trader. He didn ’ t like the price, and therefore he called the manufacturer and tried to buy one, but he needed to be a principal in order to purchase directly from the manufacturer. then, he bought six of them, and frankincense, Bish ’ s RV was born !

For over 30 years, Bish ’ s RV has expanded from its original placement in Idaho Falls, ID, to a thriving group of dealerships with locations across the United States. We ’ re a different kind of RV franchise dedicated to helping families find the perfect RV to help them create memories that will last a life, while besides delivering exceeding customer service and treating each customer like class.

so, no matter where you live, no topic where you camp, no matter which highway you may travel, you are an significant depart of the Bish ’ s RV family of quenched customers. This is “ Where Memories Begin ! ”

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