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I recently splurged on the Endy pillow. ​ I have never paid more than $ 35.99 for a pillow, but I have besides never owned a pillow that didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate lawsuit headaches or a huffy neck, so I was desperate to try ENDY. My biggest ailment in the by about buy pillows was that I was never able to try them before committing. ( apparently most stores don ’ triiodothyronine want you drooling, sweat, and rubbing your hair products into their pillows for respective nights before returning them ! ? Go figure ! ) ENDY had a 60-Day money back guarantee, so that was all the push I needed to give it a try. ​ I am by and large a side-sleeper, so it seems about impossible to even describe what it is I ’ ve been searching for in the perfect pillow : The accurate come of resoluteness to cradle my head and neck just so, but still easy enough that my steer sinks into it dreamily, all while giving me that sleeping-on-a-cloud touch ! ? Is that actually besides much to ask ! ? ​


Being a short on the bum side, I was nervous about the price at first. The ENDY pillow starts at $ 80 CDN for the standard size, plus tax. Shipping within Canada was free, so that made the full a tad bit easier to swallow. I considered the sum of money I have spent on chiropractic visits to relieve the pain I ’ ve felt after decades of sleeping on the amiss pillows. The ENDY pillow was the same price as two chiropractic treatments. That was enough childlike mathematics for me to take the plunge and press the “ BUY NOW ” clitoris. ​

ENDY Pillow

A few unretentive days later, my pillow arrived at my doorsill, and I unrolled it from its corner. It floofed out and looked so irresistible I had to immediately rest my head on it. Heavenly… but besides poofy to sleep on for more than 30 seconds. I unzipped the report, and noticed the soft line. I ’ m a fan of feather and down pillows, so I was already happy about the hypoallergenic microfiber that felt like feathers without getting poked in the confront when they finally made their way through the case. The out cover of the pillow is washable, which meant if this pillow and I were a dependable fit, I would have it for a very long time. ​

custom-make IT

once zipped open, there was an inner bag that held small easy foam chips. This inner bag zips capable and the mind is to remove the foam and place it in the little engage base, which is included. I removed a good sum of foam before I found the right level of poofy-ness. I counted down the hours til bedtime, and gave my ENDY pillow its first run. ​ I woke up with a small total of neck strain, so I removed more meet for the be night. I have slept on the pillow for 4 nights now, and I am glad to announce I have found a achiever ! I have slept well with no neck pain, and no headache ! I do a lot of “ car wash coldness and publicize dry ” laundry so I am confident I can take good care of my ENDY pillow for ampere long as it takes care of me. ​ All in all, a successful splurge ! ​ ( I am not being paid by Endy to endorse their product. I am just a girl stand in front of a pillow asking it to support me. )

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