Molly Matson


Full Name

Molly Matson




Dirty Teacher

Reading: Molly Matson



Powers / Skills

covering up her crimes
uses Jeep as a murder weapon



framing others
killing people
manipulating Jamie Hall & Danny Campell


Become Danny Campbell’s new girlfriend (failed; formally)
Frame Jamie Hall for her boyfriend’s murder (somewhat succeeded untill Jamie gets back at her)
Kill Jamie Hall (failed)


No information

Type of Villain

Sociopathic and Corrupted Teacher

Molly Matson is the main antagonist of the 2013 Lifetime Movie Dirty Teacher. She is portrayed by Josie Davis, who besides played Rachel Partson in The Perfect Assistant.


Molly ‘s parents both died when she was young and she was sent to live with a foster mother. She was emotionally abusive and frequently told Molly she was atrocious, leading her to have low self-esteem and insecurity issues. Snapping and last having enough, Molly killed her foster mother by giving her a fatal overdose of insulin ( as her foster mother was a diabetic ). Molly got off with it when the patrol assumed she had killed herself.

anterior to the events of the movie, Molly was charged with having a intimate matter with a student at her previous school, but fled before she could be arrested, changed her identity, and got a new caper at a different educate .

Events Of Dirty Teacher

mollie arrives at the school of Danny Campbell and Jamie Hall after the English teacher went on maternal leave. instantaneously, her male student notice her looks and Molly instantaneously takes a like to Danny, having seen him playing baseball earlier that day. She quotes a romanticist poem while discussing an appointment, staring longingly at Danny while doing then, rising suspicions from his girlfriend Jamie. Danny is struggling in English and at risk of getting cut from baseball, so he gets after school tutoring sessions from Molly. During this school term, she makes suggestive questions and finally invites him to go out with her to a chinese restaurant. During this date, she further flirts with him and intentionally gives him views of her cleavage. At a party, Danny tries to have arouse with Jamie, but she hush has reservations about losing her virginity .
Frustrated, Danny leaves and goes to Molly ‘s house to help her cook her car, which leads to the two having sex. When Danny gets family, an intoxicated Jamie arrives and accuses him of cheating before his mother comes outside and Jamie drives off. mollie then begins sabotaging Jamie by giving her bad grades on assignments, frustrating Jamie. She turns to Danny for help, but finds his demeanor fishy. She follows him after he leaves school and sees him go to Molly ‘s house. As the two begin to get confidant, Danny asks mollie if she ‘s giving Jamie bad grades on function, which she denies. Jamie looks through the back doorway and is shocked to see the two together. Danny spots her and she runs murder. As Danny starts to give pursuit, Molly tries to get him to stay, promising to make certain Jamie wo n’t talk. But Danny calm leaves, a lot to Molly ‘s humiliate. When he catches up to Jamie at her sign of the zodiac, the two have a crusade, where Danny says he ‘s lone sleeping with Molly to stay on the baseball team and get into the college his demanding father wants him to attend. Jamie is n’t appeased. The next day, Molly approaches Jamie and gives her an vitamin a on an grant she ‘d previous given her a C on. Jamie instantaneously sees this as Molly ‘s attack to bribe her secrecy and warns that she wo n’t get aside with what she ‘s doing. But despite all this, when questioned by her supporter Heather, she says that her suspicions that Danny was cheating were incorrect. Later that day, Danny comes to Jamie and says he ‘s planning to break up with Molly that night. That night, Danny meets Molly in a park batch and says they have to end their relationship. Molly is heartbroken and beg Danny to stay with her. Danny contemptuously rejects her and calls her a freak out. But as he walks away, a devastated Molly gets into her car and runs over Danny, killing him. After some initial shock, Molly goes about framing Jamie for Danny ‘s murder by planting his blood on her car, putting the postpaid cell phone she used to arrange the meeting in Jamie ‘s glove box, and buys a movie tag to establish an excuse. The future day, Jamie is shocked to hear about Danny ‘s death. When the police question her, Jamie reveals his matter with Molly, much to the shock absorber of her parents. They then question Molly, who denies the affair and reveals her tensions with Jamie and faked alibi. After hearing from Heather about Jamie ‘s lie of not finding out Danny was cheating, the patrol suspect Jamie of killing Danny and get a search guarantee. After finding the blood and cellular telephone earphone planted by Molly, Jamie is arrested. After being released on bail, Jamie returns home with an ankle monitor to keep her limit to her house. Jamie tries to convince her parents to let her prove Molly is guilty, but her parents insist she let them handle it. Jamie ‘s mother Lauren confronts Molly at school, who again denies being involved with Danny and suggests that Lauren does n’t know her daughter angstrom well as she thinks she does. Lauren, unconvinced, breaks into Molly ‘s cable car and discovers the automobile mechanic shop on her GPS. She goes there and asks the automobile mechanic, but he refuses to talk due to not wanting police searching his place. A female machinist working for him confirms that Molly dropped a bloody bumper off there, but she refuses to testify in concern of losing her job. Molly, meanwhile, discovers what Lauren did and has a meltdown.

hush unable to prove that Molly killed Danny, Jamie sneaks out when her parents are distracted. She goes to
Molly ‘s house, her call ‘s recorder on, and lies to her, saying that the mechanic shop class kept the bumper and the police now had it and were testing the blood on it. mollie catches on to Jamie ‘s handling and besides notices the earphone in her pocket and smashes it. Jamie then taunts Molly, saying that Danny was barely using her to get good grades and calls her pathetic. mollie then snaps and holds Jamie at knifepoint, yelling that Jamie thinks she ‘s better than her for being “ then pretty and so popular ” and that Danny wanted to be with her before Jamie inferred. Jamie pushes Molly away, causing her to cut her face on the knife. Jamie tries to run, but is stopped and pushed to the land by Molly. Molly taunts Jamie ‘s looks before attempting to kill her. But she is interrupted by the patrol military officer, responding to Jamie breaking her family catch. Molly tries to convince him that Jamie attacked her, but he tells her he heard everything, ultimately exposing mollie as the cold-blooded villainess she sincerely was. As the policeman checks on Jamie, a desperate Molly knocks him out with a fireplace poker and tries to make a run for it. But Jamie takes the officer ‘s gun and points it at Molly. Molly taunts that she does n’t know how to use it, but Jamie proves her faulty by firing into the breeze, terrifying Molly and leaving her powerless and defeated as the police then arrive, arresting Molly while informing Jamie of Molly ‘s former crimes. late on, when Molly is in imprison, having already been convicted of her crimes and serving her sentence, which is 20-25 years, she watches a news report about her halt. A scholar is interviewed, asking how he would react in the situation, and he says that he would enjoy it if he were approached by a teacher as “ hot ” as Molly. Molly is flattered and starts saying John ‘s name and looks off longingly .

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