17 Must Watch Digital Marketing YouTube Channels (2021 Updated)

Can you think of the number of times you wanted to view a video on YouTube only for a bright ad to precede and stop you from hitting the “ skip ” release ?
well, you might good be one of the many people that are starting to appreciate the substantial power of digital marketing .
The good matter about digital commercialize on YouTube is that you can find plenty of digital commercialize YouTube channels that show you precisely what goes on behind the scenes .
These channels normally provide in-depth advice that may be useful in your career as a seller. The digital market channels are constantly linked to blogs, and this can create a wealth of cognition that can be life-saving for a seller.

The YouTube channels in being nowadays additionally respond to the queries sent to them over sociable media platform, and this makes them relevant and up-to-date. This shows merely how all-important and significant these channels could be to anyone with thoughts of joining the field .
Despite the universe of many digital commercialize YouTube channels, sifting through the thousands of channels might be quite a boring task for that enthusiast who wishes to start off on the digital selling travel right aside. While some of the channels are not necessarily marketing advice channels, they have conclude ties with market, offering tips and inspiration and are besides educational. This article will therefore focus on a few must watch digital marketing YouTube channels, a lot to the advantage of both founder and professional seller .

1. Jay Baer

From the manufacturer of Jay today comes Jay Baer. It is a YouTube duct that focuses on marketing leadership. Just like in his show, Jay offers inspirational commercialize tips about market, sociable media, and message among others. From his experience as an inspirational commercialize loudspeaker, Jay is significantly retweeted on Twitter. He is besides an generator and founder of multi-million dollar companies .

2. David Bain

David is an evenly talented digital seller who has gone the extra step even to have a digital marketing radio receiver which helps him reach out to both pros and beginners in the diligence. His commitment to creating quality digital market video is seen in the way he uses his professionalism to explain the different digital marketing strategies that you should employ in your business to help it realize achiever. In addition to this, he besides occasionally features early professionals in some of his television, and this adds up to giving different perspectives on digital market. His simplistic style of addressing digital market issues is possibly what makes his distribution channel incredible .

3. Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt started a blog several years ago and developed a boastfully following. He is besides the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He has written a best-seller, “ platform : Get Noticed in a Noisy World ” and launched an on-line locate for membership. Michael is not fair a random market guru that learned from start-ups, but he is an emblematic result of a bright man who knows how to get things done and gives great hardheaded advice. His YouTube channel has a batch of content on leadership and motivation, so if you need something to jumpstart your day, head straight to Michael Hyatt, and he will give you barely what you need .

4. Koozai Channel

Koozai is one of the most successful digital marketers out there, and this is apparent from the act of clients that have reached out for their services. The team refers to itself as a creative bunch together of digital market experts, and on-key to this, most of their videos do indeed feature a issue of professionals. Their whiteboard approach evenly makes it easy for beginners to grasp concepts much faster ampere compared to early channels where the adept barely discusses a subject. They have tons of content on subjects such as SEO, PPC, Content market, and even social media .

5. Social Triggers

This detail channel is the handicraft of one Derek Halpern. Derek is an entrepreneur and an expert seller, using an excellent blend of personal cases studies, academician inquiry and data-driven commercialize to get market traffic, attract electric potential customers and most importantly sell his products online. The effective thing about Derek ’ mho contentedness is that it could stretch far beyond the parameters of marketing into your real life. You can use his tips to get through casual life .

6. Digital Marketing Institute Channel

While you can expect a lot from the channels that have been previously listed, Digital Marketing Institute Channel offers much more in terms of your personal development through the journey. It features a wide variety of videos that explain why you need their digital market courses. In addition, it would be worth to note that most of their alumni are actually working with some of the acme brands like Google, Twitter, Unilever, and even Coca-Cola. The channel uses different methods of teaching which makes the teach serve playfulness and exciting .

7. Patt Flynn

He ’ s an american entrepreneur, podcaster and blogger widely celebrated for his web log “ Smart Passive Income. ” He is a typical drawing card by case, as he did a hot sheath learn, then went on to successfully start a blog on food trucks and made it a profitable endeavor. Patt is a classical model of person who is actually effective at what he does and enjoys it at the like prison term. He is besides a master podcaster, indeed if you are concerned in the same, then you should decidedly consider liking his channel. His message would not be precisely ideal for B2B content marketers, but his fun and revolutionize content contains adequate information to help build a productive market life style.

8. Savvy Sexy Social

Amy Schmittauer is the inspiration behind Savvy Sexy Social. evening though Amy typically covers a broad range of topics in both her YouTube channel and her web site, she does have a lot of content concerning social media. Most of her videos tend to focus on podcasts, vlogs, and how you can use social media channels like YouTube to improve your business. Compared to the other digital marketers that we have looked at earlier, Amy takes a quite different approach in helping people to be better digital marketers. She uses a playfulness and colloquial approach to explaining ideas. This would therefore be a great seat to start for beginners .

9. Lisa Irby

Lisa Irby is a revolutionary on-line marketing drawing card. She prides herself on being one of the most successful self-made entrepreneurs, particularly on matters about web and message creation. Her YouTube video focus chiefly on content market, valuable SEO advice, and updates on the latest developments concerning marketing universe that are delivered through her impression pieces. She besides focuses on web site creation, assorted aspects of marketing, and intersection promotion .

10. Hubspot

Whoever has lost hope in digital market should decidedly try Hubspot. On YouTube, there might not be much to in truth get you excited about the digital market journey that awaits. however, Hubspot features a wide kind of in-depth documentation programs that will surely teach you digital marketing concepts in a way you have never experienced before. The team chiefly focusses on making beginners understand the concepts of inbound and outbound selling before going into the more building complex concepts. Hubspot would frankincense be an excellent channel to try out specially when you are looking for a more 1-on-1 kind of discipline .

11. Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Kimberly is a content market and social media adviser based in the United States. She teaches her hearing through her YouTube transmit about diverse aspects pertaining to marketing thus that their businesses shift in their favor. Kimberly Ann involves her audience in guidance about unlike aspects of content selling and sociable media including how to use specific SEO tools, how to reach specific audiences, and how to create big capacity that will be attractive to likely customers .

12. Josh Bachynski

Josh ’ s access to digital commercialize is highly alike to that of David Bain because it focuses on SEO and he presents SEO in much the same way that David does. His chief focus, however, is the use of SEO and social media to get the attention that your commercial enterprise deserves. He has featured on TEDx to talk about the lapp topics and occasionally brings guests to some of his video recording to further elaborate on matters related to SEO. Josh ’ s main advantage is that he is always up-to-date on all issues related to SEO .

13. Digital Marketer

Armed with both a blog and a YouTube Channel, Digital Marketer goes to great lengths to empower its viewers with all the right information regarding digital market. The channel even went ahead to create the # AskDM hashtag where the host responds to questions that have been sent over social media. This makes it an easy to follow groove with readily digestible information. besides, it helps the channel stay relevant as it provides up-to-date contentedness. The way he breaks down building complex digital market concepts into easy to understand information makes his channel worth your prison term .

14. Gary Vaynerchuck

Limiting Gary Vaynerchuck to digital market alone would be such a parody of his talent and art. He calls himself a serial entrepreneur, but he is in fact a lot more than that. Gary ’ south videos will not only push you to become utilitarian in the digital market space, but it will besides propel you to becoming a potent force in life sentence as his video are more about self-development and how your mentality affects how you view animation and success. If you haven ’ triiodothyronine already looked him up, then you credibly don ’ metric ton know what you are missing .

15. Google Analytics

How could the list of YouTube channels be dispatch without the mention of the godhead Google Analytics ? With over 87,342 subscribers, Google Analytics is the official YouTube groove that teaches how actually to use YouTube for digital market. however, Google Analytics slenderly goes beyond the surround as it is useful in monitoring the activities of a web site including web traffic. It is a good estimate to subscribe to Google Analytics so that you can stay in the know about the latest updates in Google Analytics .

16. Backlinko

Honestly, you might not get a bunch of contented when browsing through Backlinko ’ s YouTube channel. however, Brian Dean, the laminitis of Backlinko, has something entirely unlike for you on his websites. He is largely a SEO guru, and his YouTube videos try to show how SEO has helped him grow to be successful. back in 2008, he confessed that he did have trouble mastering SEO, but as his track criminal record now reveals, he has mastered the art of SEO, and this makes his channel and his websites a “ must visit ”.

17. Moz (Whiteboard Friday)

Moz is the official YouTube transmit of moz.com with 6,184 subscribers. Moz is a Seattle-based caller that specializes in the sale of SEO tools and analytics software. Moz allows the most celebrated SEO experts and on-line marketers to share their views with the duct ’ randomness subscribers, who are most likely marketers. The channel makes use of curtly and engaging whiteboard presentations, therefore the name, Whiteboard Friday. These sessions are not merely entertaining but besides enlightening as they are well-packed with useful on-line selling tips .
If you are concern in inbound marketing, this is credibly the best place to start learning from. This is not to say that Moz does not offer more. Moz is still an excellent resource that contains a lot of data, specially for those looking for digital marketing pointers, whether as a customer or a seller. To top it up, Moz has an concern web log where a seller can combine information from the distribution channel to come up with the best version to solve digital market issues .


Digital marketing is cursorily growing in nowadays ’ randomness global, and YouTube has only made things easier to rise the ladder. By subscribing to some or all of the YouTube channels that have been discussed above, you will benefit from the rich content that will help you as an casual seller to understand the market and its challenges. These channels have become an crucial part of creating subject, getting marketing tips and therefore, are a large help to marketers .

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