How to Become a Freelance Digital Marketer (Even Without Experience)

If you want an exciting career in digital marketing with the highest degree of exemption and flexibility, then consider becoming a freelancer digital seller. How do you become a freelancer digital seller ?
In this mail, we answer a number of questions relating to freelance digital market :

  • What is freelance work?
  • What does a freelance digital marketer do?
  • What skills do you need to become a freelance digital marketer?
  • How much does a freelance digital marketer make?
  • Pros and cons of becoming a freelance digital marketer
  • So you want to become a freelance digital marketer: Next steps

Let ’ s prima donna in !

What is freelance work?

Working as a freelance means working independently and not as an employee of a company. Freelance work is per job or task basis. Companies and businesses have many assignments in assorted domains that are outsourced to freelancers. Freelance work comes with many benefits a well as some downsides. We will talk more about them in this station.

What does a freelance digital marketer do?

A freelance digital seller is person who provides digital marketing services to businesses, nonprofits, and organizations as a shrink freelancer ( not an employee ) .
The range of digital market services you can provide as a freelance seller is broad. typically, freelance digital marketers are hired for :

  • Paid advertising, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, etc.
  • Video marketing, including ideation, scriptwriting, shooting, editing, publishing, and promoting videos
  • Influencer marketing
  • Search engine optimization, including keyword research, SEO content creation, and building backlinks
  • Creating and managing entire sales and marketing funnels

As you can see, there is a wide variety of solve assignments that a freelance digital seller can choose from .
For some extra inspiration, let me parcel the story of Arielle Strakhov. When Arielle switched to digital commercialize, she had no experience. today she offers a assortment of digital market services, such as social media management, contented commercialize, and brand construct. Listen to Arielle share what it was like to get started :

What skills do you need to become a freelance digital marketer?

The skills you need to become a freelance digital seller count on the services you want to provide .
Digital marketing has many domains. Each world has its own determine of specific hard ( technical ) skills. however, there are besides coarse freelancer skills irrespective of the world you want to specialize in. These skills include :

1. Content writing and Copywriting

All digital content begins with the written password. That ’ sulfur why having solid message writing skills is a must. even if you or your customer decide to hire a freelance writer or copywriter individually, you even need to know adequate to be able to spot good writing/copywriting, criticism drafts, and give utilitarian suggestions. Learning the basics of content market will help you gain confidence .

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search locomotive optimization is essential whether you ’ rhenium publish web log posts, LinkedIn articles, Amazon or Etsy product descriptions, or app memory descriptions. With SEO, it ’ s easier for your target hearing to find your digital message. Without it, you ’ ll have to rely on paid ads and referrals to get eyeballs on your material. You only need the foundations of SEO, unless you want to specialize in providing SEO services to clients .

3. Marketing analytics

It does not matter whether you want to provide e-mail selling services or manage Facebook ads : you absolutely must know how to collect and analyze selling data. Almost every aspect of digital selling can be measured, tracked, and optimized, and that ’ s why cognition of marketing analytics is crucial .

4. Business skills

On acme of hard and piano market skills, you besides need to have essential business skills. Remember, you ’ re in business for yourself now. These skills are required to set up and run a profitable business. They include :

  • Leadership and vision setting
  • Financial management
  • Project planning and management
  • Problem-solving
  • Marketing and sales
  • Customer service
  • Negotiation
  • Networking

As your business grows, you may decide to take on staff. In that sheath, you ’ ll need to have skills in :

  • Recruitment
  • Delegation
  • People management

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How much does a freelance digital marketer make?

Since this is not an hire function, the incomes of freelancer digital marketers vary widely. It depends on how valuable your services are, the types of clients you work with, and how good you are at hustling to find clients and selling your services .
Some types of digital market are more lucrative than others. Email commercialize, growth market, and paid advertise roles, for model, tend to command higher fees than other digital marketing services .
certain industries besides pay more than others. finance, electronic manufacture, sports teams, internet publish and air, and well-funded startups tend to pay the highest salaries and contractor fees .
Data on how much freelancer digital marketers make is limited. has only two data points for freelance digital marketers ’ income in Canada : CA $ 39,000 and CA $ 87,750 per class .
In the US, the annual salaries for freelance digital marketing crop from $ 46,313 for entry-level positions, improving to $ 80,288 for more experience freelance marketers. The average of 16 data points is $ 59,963 .
besides many variables are involved in determining how a lot you can make as a freelancer digital seller .
suffice it to say that you can make from about nothing to more than six figures a year—especially if you combine your freelance with other streams of income. More on that below .
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Pros and cons of becoming a freelance digital marketer

No career is perfective, and that goes for being a mercenary digital seller, besides. Let ’ s examine the advantages and disadvantages of freelance market career .

Pros of freelance digital marketing

Freelancing as a digital seller has many advantages. These include :

1. Flexible schedule

As a mercenary, you have about complete dominance over your cultivate hours. You decide how much you work and when you work—as long as you meet node deadlines, of path. This besides means you get paid for the results you get, not for the issue of hours you put in. Some freelancers do charge by the hour, but we don ’ metric ton recommend you do that. Freelance digital marketers ’ fees should be based on outputs and results, not the number of hours worked .

2. Variety & choice

Another fringe benefit of being a freelance is being able to choose the projects and clients you work with. In the beginning, you may feel compelled to accept any node exploit that comes your direction. That ’ s absolutely acceptable when you ’ re still establishing your customer base and are looking to build your lead record and, of course, to bring in revenues.

however, when you become established and can confidently bring in a steady flow of clients, you ’ ll have the lavishness of pick and choosing which projects to take on .
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3. Location independence

Freelance digital marketers normally work remotely. This means you can work from anywhere american samoa long as you have a calculator and reliable internet connection. This career is compatible with the digital nomad life style. You can combine it with your beloved of traveling, or if you prefer to work from home, no commutes to and from work .

4. Lower costs of earning money

In commercial enterprise, there ’ s a term called “ cost of doing business. ” Employees in twist have a “ monetary value of earning money, ” which includes expenditures for travel, clothing, makeup, and lunches and coffees during your work commute. You have none of those expenses if you choose to become a mercenary digital seller .
Yes, you do have costs as a freelancer, but most of the time those are tax-deductible clientele expenses .
( note : I ’ megabyte not an accountant, and this is not business fiscal advice. Consult an accountant to find out which business expenses you can claim in the area where you file taxes. )

5. Unlimited income potential

technically, your income electric potential as a freelancer digital seller is outright. That ’ s because you can charge american samoa much as you want a retentive as clients are bequeath to pay .
In addition, you can juggle freelancing with another business or even a half-time job. You can besides combine a full-time job with half-time freelance. Whichever you choose, you can have fiscal security and ever-increasing electric potential for growth .

Cons of freelance digital marketing

Freelancing as a digital seller international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate for everybody. It besides comes with its share of disadvantages such as :

1. Constant hustle

As a freelancer, you have to be constantly hustling to keep your grapevine full of prospects and clients. In fact, you may find yourself working more hours than you always worked as an employee. That ’ randomness because you have to market your services and close up clients—on top of all the work you do to serve the clients you do have. Or you can let Acadium match you with clients who are looking for your services .

“ When you ’ re a freelancer by yourself, you wear many hats. Half of your time is doing the work. Half your fourth dimension is finding newly solve. ”
Erik Harbison, Acadium Plus Program Instructor and Career Coach

2. Feast or famine

Another disadvantage of freelance is the absence of a regular wage check. The necessitate for your services will probable have peaks and low periods. For exercise, no matter how thoroughly you are at market, you may find that clients are more probably to slow down in the summer and over the holidays .

3. No benefits

As a freelance, you won ’ triiodothyronine enjoy the benefits that normally come with a job : paid time off, ill days, health benefits, disability indemnity, and so on. In general, if you don ’ t work, then you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get paid .

4. Pressure to earn more

You can, and should, get your own health coverage and disability policy. however, these will have to come out of your own pocket. And normally, these are not considered occupation expenses. ( Again, I ’ megabyte not an accountant, and laws may be different where you are. Do your due application to see what the tax laws are in your state. ) You should besides have a rainy-day investment company for when you want or need to take clock time off. This means you have to make more than an employee ’ second wage to match the entire box you ’ d receive as an employee .

5. Loneliness and isolation

How to become a freelance digital marketer - loneliness and isolation ultimately, freelancing can be a lonely and isolated enterprise, particularly in a distant work environment. This can be particularly unmanageable for extroverts, and it ’ s much enough to send them looking for office-based work. even introverts crave interpersonal connections. Either means, you ’ ll have to devise ways to get the interactions you need for your genial health .
In inadequate :

As a freelance digital seller, you ’ re in control of your career and your income. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. On one hand, you create your own opportunities. On the other hand, the province is yours and yours alone .

So you want to become a freelance digital marketer: Next steps

If after reading this post, you ’ re more stimulate than ever about becoming a freelancer digital seller, then here are your following steps :
1. Pick a niche: Is it SEO, Facebook Ads, social media, or contented publish ? Pick one specific area or knowledge domain of digital market you want to specialize in .
2. Pick an ideal client: Which types of clients and/or industries are you happiest working with ? You can choose to focus only on nonprofits or you can narrow your focus on a specific industry such as software, retail, eCommerce, finance, travel, beauty, etc .
3. Create an online presence: As a digital seller, you ’ rhenium expected to know how to create and maintain an authoritative on-line presence. potential clients will constantly check you out and draw conclusions about you flush before they connect with you. Make certain what they find shows you in the best inner light. Create a video recording curriculum vitae and on-line portfolio to attract clients .
4. Build a track record: Start building a track record of getting results for clients. Document everything you do, and traverse results so you have proof of what you ’ re capable of. besides, constantly collect testimonials from clients. You need social validation to market your services .
No experience? ready to get on chase to become a mercenary digital seller, but don ’ t have enough experience to attract clients ? If you want to strengthen your digital commercialize skills, then consider becoming an apprentice at Acadium. We ’ ll match you with a desirable mentor who ’ s bequeath to guide you and give you hands-on experience in their business for free.

Have experience? Got enough experience but would rather not do the big lift required to find clients ? We can help you with that, excessively ! We have a marketplace of business owners looking for freelancer digital marketers. This means we ’ ll match you with clients, so you can focus your prison term and department of energy on serving them. Learn more about freelancing through Acadium .

This post was inaugural published in November 2021. It has been updated for accuracy on 11th March 2022 with the serve of Alisha Sharma .

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