COD Warzone Bunker Codes & Locations[Season 6]

There are twelve bunkers in Call of Duty Warzone numbered from 00 to 11. Some of these bunkers, such as Rebirth Island Bunker, are equitable cool easter eggs, while some of them can be accessed by players searching for better gear. There are chiefly two ways to entree these locations. The first way is to use a Red Access Card, and the other is to enter an eight-digit entree code. In this lead, we have detailed all Warzone Bunker Codes along with an over-review of every placement. Related Season 6 Guide: Vault Locations Warzone

Warzone Bunker Categories

All Bunkers in Call of Duty Warzone are divided into three unique bunker types. even though all bunkers have different locations, they are tied to three independent bunker categories. We have discussed all three of them. so, let us dive into it without far bustle .

Red Access Card Bunkers in COD Warzone

There are a sum of five bunkers that require a loss Access Card to enter. These include

  • Bunker 04
  • Bunker 05
  • Bunker 06
  • Bunker 09
  • Bunker 00

The Red Access Cards spawn randomly all over the map, and there is no guarantee that you will find one at the lapp location as earlier. Although if you are golden, you might get one early in the game by loot boxes. The details are given below. More From Exputer: Symfuhnys COD Warzone Settings

Bunker 04 

This one is located near the Dam at the free-base of the cliff that is west of Jarvdinsk Spomenik ; as mentioned before, this bunker requires a crimson Access Card to open it. The plunder here is decent, but it can much be contested at times. therefore, if you go there, make sure to keep an eye out for the houses above you .

Bunker 05

This is located between Arklov Peak Military Base and Lozoff Pass. This one is typically safe, and you have a higher chance of getting estimable plunder from this Bunker. An Interesting Read: Best audio, video, controllers settings For Warzone PS4

Bunker 06

Bunker 06 You can find this bunker to the correct boundary of the map, properly under Quarry. Since it is remotely located, it is safe as compared to the other locations on this list. however, there aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate many buy stations in this area, then make sure you scout the localization foremost to know which buy station you will make your arrest at .

Bunker 09

capture to the bunker near the Prison in COD Warzone. Bunker 09 is located at the penetrate of the Prison. Since Prison is a blistering sink location for multiple teams, indeed reach sure to scout the area before entering the bunker. It will be casual for teams to snipe you from the top and take all your plunder .

Bunker 00

Warzone Bunker Codes This Bunker is located at the absolute bottom of the map under the hill south of Zozsni. Since this bunker is indeed far out, it is relatively safe and utilitarian for late-game salvage. still have one of your teammates as a lookout to make certain you are safe from other teams. A detailed map of all rooms and Bunkersaccessiblee by Red Access Cards and Codes

Code Protected Bunkers In COD Warzone

now coming back to this usher ’ s actual focus, which is Warzone Bunker Codes. As mentioned before, some locations require an access code rather than a red Access Card. These codes are pre-determined and will change depending on the location. In total, six locations can be accessed by using access codes. These include three bunkers :

  • Bunker 01
  • Bunker 03
  • Bunker 10

And three Rooms/Shacks. These can be excellent spots to get some casual early game boodle, or you may besides use them as hiding spots in the late game, depending on where you are on the function and when you decide to check them out. We will start with the placement and description of the shacks and then move on to the bunkers. In the end, we shall besides share some tips that might be helpful while visiting these locations. The details of all the Bunker Codes in Warzone are given below .

Room Access Codes In COD Warzone

full disclosure these are just rooms that have a code lock on them. Unlike the previous locations, these are not full-fledged bunkers like the previous ones ; since they are small, they have less loot compared to the bunkers. however, they can be worth a expression during the late game to gather some promptly loot. Their locations and access codes are given below .

Room Near TV Station

TV Station The first gear room is located near the television receiver Station. There won ’ thyroxine be much loot in this one, but it ’ s a fantastic placement to explore on its own. The Access code for this Warzone Bunker Codes room is 27495810.

The Room In Farmlands

Warzone Bunker Codes This room is located inside a sign of the zodiac in Farmlands on the bottom floor. The code for this room is 49285163. It can be a dependable hide position, but the plunder here is not very impressive. It can be good for early game boodle, but there would already be a distribute of loot around since you are in Farmlands. so, it ’ randomness better to skip this location altogether .

The Room Near Prison

Map location of the room near Prison then again, Prison is a hot point for teams, and since they have a stature advantage over you, it is easy for them to snipe you from the clear. This board is located out in the open near the Prison. The access code is 72948531. now, as we mentioned before, these rooms are at least worth a count if you haven ’ thymine been there already. other than that, they are angstrom helpful as the early locations on this list .

Bunker Codes In COD Warzone

Bunker Locations in COD Warzone The following locations require a cardinal code to access them, equitable like the rooms, but they are bunkers .

Bunker 03

This bunker is located north of Junkyard. Compared to the early locations on this number, this one is quite large. roughly speaking, the structure has three bunkers joined together. Depending on where the dribble is on the map, you will find a bombastic come of loot to start on this function. If the dribble ends here, this location will be swarming with players. then, be careful while looking for Warzone Bunker Codes placement. The code for bunker 03 is 87624851 .

Bunker 01

Warzone Bunker Codes This bunker appears to be hidden from the map. It is located south of Bunker 03, where you see a rock formation on the map. Since it is well hidden, most players don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate notice it. Though it is not ampere large as Bunker 03, it has enough plunder to get you started, but it won ’ metric ton be worth the hassle in the belated game. The code for this Bunker is 97264138 .

Bunker 10

If you are however looking for more loot, then your best choice is the bunker near Tavorsk Park down south near the road. true this bunker has a batch more plunder than the other ones on this number. however, everyone knows about it at this compass point, thus keep in mind that you will have to fight some teams to get to it. The adept thing about this bunker is that it has a buy station correct above it, so you can get the stuff you want a soon as you loot it. The access code for this bunker is 60274513. That was all you needed to know about Bunker Codes in COD Warzone.

Tips For Looting Bunkers In Warzone

immediately it is time for some discussion of advice. These might be obvious to many players, but we must mention them as thoroughly strategies for fresh players .

Vehicles Are Important

Vehicles are desirable for reaching, looting bunkers, and leaving cursorily and safely. however, they can besides be loud, which will attract unwanted attention. So it is essential to leave your vehicle some distance aside from the actual location and then continue on infantry .

Have a Lookout

even though it sucks to be the lookout for the team, one of the team members must keep an eye out for other teams that might be approaching near your placement. otherwise, it will be slowly for early teams to ambush you as you get out and steal all your boodle .

Clear Your Surroundings

specially for places like the bunkers near the Prison, you must clear out the surrounding area first gear ; otherwise, you might get sniped on your way out. Players find it particularly amusing to camp bunker exits, then constantly make indisputable that it is safe for you to head at heart and come out. That is pretty much everything you need to know about Call of Duty Warzone Bunker Codes. Which bunker did you find challenging to find or unlock ? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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