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Please note this is not relevant for Higher academic degree by Research students .

Register for classes


1. Go the Student Portal – you will need to log in with your student electronic mail address and password .
2. From the Landing Page, c lick Subject Selection.
3. Click Register for Classes. Select the Study Period ( e.g. trimester 1 HE 2021 ) and your course, and then continue .
4. Select the next subject/s in the list as these align with your course social organization. You must select one subject a prison term .

  • All subjects are listed in the left column. Any marked with a green dot are those you have completed, have credit for, or are currently enrolled in. Meeting time = your class time.
  • All class options for the subject will appear in the top right column.
  • This will show options for all campuses, including those from other states. Please make sure you select the campus relevant to your CAMPUS only.
  • Students from our Online Campus must select online classes only.
  • You can view more information (description, prerequisites, lecturer etc) by clicking on the subject name.

5. Add the class you want.
6. Click SUBMIT to finalise your class registration. You can do this after each subjugate if you prefer .

What happens after I select subjects and register for classes?

After you successfully register in your classes, you should expect to receive your invoice via your Office 365 scholar electronic mail. Invoices are sent to all students, upfront paying or FEE-HELP. You will see the fee measure and due date on the invoice .

Withdraw from (drop) a class or change a class time

If you registered for classes via the Student Portal, you can update your classes yourself.

  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Click Subject Selection.
  3. Click Register for Classes.
  4. Select a Study Period (e.g. Trimester 1 HE 2021) and course (e.g. Bachelor of Health Science)
  5. Available options will be displayed in the drop-down menu.
  6. In the ‘Summary’ pane in the bottom right of the screen, classes will be listed.
  7. In the ‘Action’ column, use the drop-down box to select ‘DROP’ against the desired class.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. A ‘Save Successful’ notification will pop up. The status of the dropped subject will now say ‘Deleted’
  10. You can then select another subject or class time from the list on the left-hand side & press Submit again.

DROP option does not appear

  1. You may be trying to withdraw from the only subject you are enrolled in and will be blocked from doing so.
    • You will need to contact student services or submit either of the following Torrens University forms or Think Education forms.
    • Application for Withdrawal
    • Application for Timetable Change
  2. Student Services registered you for a class manually
    • You will need to submit either of the following Torrens University forms or Think Education forms.
    • Application for Withdrawal
    • Application for Timetable Change
  3. You may need to refresh/clear your browser cache or open the Student Portal in an incognito browser window.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Some subjects may have prerequisites ( subjugate to be completed before another subjugate ) or co-requisites ( national to be done at the like time as another ). These have been built in to your submit selection to ensure you are following the chastise course progress .
You can check a subject pre/co-requisite by clicking on the subject name in the Register for classes blind
If you would like to apply to have a pre/co-requisite waive, please email your scholar services team .

What happens if a class is full?

If your prefer class is full, you will need to select another class with remaining spaces .
Enrol early to secure your place in your prefer class .

View class registration and timetable

immediately you can check which classes you are registered in, and print your schedule.


  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Click Subject Selection.
  3. Click View Registration Information.
  4. Review your schedule.

You can besides print your timetable by clicking on the Printer push button ( in the top right hand recess ) .
View Class Registration ​​​​​​



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