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Pick up a web hosting service can be a daunting undertaking, particularly if you are a first-time to create a web site, But fear not ! We ’ ve done the research on Reddit and heavy lift for you .
Researching Reddit post for hours, try to figure out what kind of web hosting Reddit users actually recommended for 2022 – some of them WordPress optimized, some SEO Friendly, SUPER FAST, RELIABLE and BUDGET FRIENDLY. You can read the full review below with great pleasure .
To find the best web hosting providers, we considered web hosting ’ features, price plans, day by day backing, Free SSL, and relief of consumption .
Reddit web hosting community is extremely helpful, redditors submitted hosting information packed with all modern host features and gives you total productiveness with drag-and-drop web site ’ s blueprint builder.

Short on time ? here ’ s a compendious of the Best Web Hosting that Reddit users recommended .

Best Web Hosting Reddit 2022 Provider Compared

Hosts Price/ month Support Review
(73% off now)
Starting at $2.95/mo
24/7/365, Phone, Live Chat & Email Support
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Best Web Hosting Service Overall
(70% off)
Starting at $2.95/mo Ticket, Phone & Live Chat Best Web Hosting for Beginners
A2 Hosting
(72% off now)
Starting at $ 2.99/mo
Phone Support, Ticket Knowledge-Base Best Fastest web HostingSiteGround Alternative
HostGator Starting at $2.75/mo Live, Phone, Knowledgebase Cheap Web Hosting
( dislodge 100 $ credit over 60 days. )
Starting at $5.00/mo Awesome Support, Knowledgebase Best for Linux developer, not for the average exploiter
WP Engine
( 5 months free )
Starting at $23.99/mo 60 day money-back guarantee, Phone Support, Ticket Knowledge-base Best Recommended WordPress Managed Hosting

a2_hosting-best web hostingBest Web Host Reddit – Best Fastest network Hosting SiteGround Alternative

Key Features: Up To 20X Faster Servers, 99.9 % Uptime Commitment, Free SSL, Guru Crew 24/7 Support, Free Account Migration, 45 days Money-Back Guarantee, Global Servers .
A2 Hosting is the best network hosting based in the United States, with excellent SSD operation, 99.9 % Uptime, accompaniment at low-cost cost .
You do not need to know how to write code or invention vane pages to open a business or eCommerce web site, A2 SiteBuilder is available for each of our Shared Hosting plans .
A2 Hosting offers popular blogging and e-commerce applications like WordPress or Magento that you can install with a one-click install option .
The host plan starts at $ 2.99/month, which is Lite Plan. We like their all features, particularly the blazing fast SSD, free SSL, free site migration, automatic pistol backups, optimize WordPress, 30-days money spinal column guarantee etc. overall A2 host is the best supplier on the list offers the best service .
A Reddit user’s opinion about A2 Web hosting..

another Redditor Feedback:

Learn more A2 Hosting .

Bluehost- best web hosting Bluehost: Great entry-level Web Hosting

 Features: Automatic WordPress Install and Updates, Free SSL Certificate Included, FREE Domain Name for 1st class, CodeGuard Basic Backup, 24/7 Support, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee .
Bluehost Hosting company has been providing host services since about 2003. Bluehost immediately hosts more than 2M websites. For beginners they are the most popular, low cost & authentic option for host .

Learn more Bluehost .

GreenGeeks Web HostingGreenGeeks -Best Web Hosting Service Overall

Founded in 2008, GreenGeeks has become the earth ’ second greenest web hosting company. I find GreenGeeks hosting price to be pretty solid. GreenGeeks has been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency since 2009 as a Green Energy Partner. The company has 5 datum centers – in Phoenix, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Amsterdam, Each node himself chooses in which data center field the servers with his sites will be located .

Features of GreenGeeks:

  • 300% “Green” Hosting
  • Using fast SSD hard drives. Site files and databases are stored on modern solid state drives configured in a RAID-10 array.
  • Ultra-optimized fast web and database servers that deliver high read / write speeds, serving pages 50 times faster
  • Fast app load time. Proprietary internal caching technology enables efficient and reliable serving of clients’ favorite applications;
  • Free CDN powered by CloudFlare, which allows content to be cached and served from servers closest to site visitors for faster web serving;
  • Modern network protocol HTTP / 2 for much faster page loading in the browser
  • PHP 8 support on all servers.

Learn more GreenGeeks .

hostgator- best web hostingBest Web Host Reddit – HostGator: Best Cheapest Host for Businesses and Individuals

Key Features: 1 barren sphere for a class, Free SSL, Latest cPanel Web Hosting Control Panel, 99.9 % Uptime Guarantee, 24/7/365 Support, No Contract with a 45-Day Money-Back guarantee

DreamHost  – Best Reliable web hosting

if you ’ re looking for the most reliable web hosting choice – DreamHost might be it. I like its crystalline approach to prices, comfort of use, arsenic well as good performance .

  • Great prices for all billing terms web hosting
  • Easy web hosting for website launch and management
  • Free domain with privacy, SSL, automatic backups each web hosting


  • All Web Hosting Servers located in the US alone
  • Web hosting Staging tool is not available

Visit  DreamHost

SiteGround– Best web hosting for Advanced webmaster

sitegroundSiteGround managed WordPress hosting solution
SiteGround is a top-rated web hosting provider for websites master with see traffic growth that focuses on site performance and security system. It ’ south amaze features further makes it one of the best world wide web hosting for developers .

  • Great value web hosting.
  • Excellent security.
  • Multiples Hosting server location.
  • Good customer service web hosting company.


  • Storage and bandwidth caps on all web hosting plans

Visit  SiteGround

wp engine-best web hostingBest Web Host Reddit – WP Engine: Premium  Managed WordPress Hosting

Features: Latest and fastest engineering, managed upgrades and backups, PHP 7.4 and HTTP/2 Enabled, scalable, offer a 99.99 % SLA, Fully-Managed CDN, Multiple Caching Layers .
a Redditor suggestions :
A concluding parole on choosing the best Web hosting/WordPress hosting services according to Reddit users reviews :
if you wan na develop a great WordPress site with cope wordpress hosting then go with WPengine, ( Now 5 months Free ) or if your a novice in web host industries then go with Bluehost ( 60% off now ) or better accelerate & security with low-cost budget then choose A2 hosting .
* Linux vane hosting recognized for excellence in stability and functionality !

How to choose the best web hosting From Reddit

As you can see, there are a set top WordPress web hosting options for Redditor, and it can be difficult to find out the differences between best world wide web host and worst hosting. Each web hosting includes CDN, faineant load, high traffic bandwidth, vane analytics, impregnable login, SSD etc. But, at the lapp clock, there can be slight differences between the best world wide web hosting reddit options that can help your web projects in different ways .
A best world wide web hosting company provide you different level hold 24/7, that right come of technical school support and hosting space to grow with your web site .
The monetary value of hosting plays a primary character for many webmaster, Saving on host, specially if you have a profitable project that needs to guarantee handiness and performance, is not a good strategy .
The cost of hosting should depend on the type of site you want to host .

Reddit – the No. 1 discussion website

Reddit is an american based news collection community forum type locate. Reddit is not a typical social network site. Most Reddit users are american. At Reddit you can share posts, links, pictures, videos, etc. You can write about any subject. here, when you publish writing, pictures, videos, etc. on a subject, they are publicly visible to everyone. There are options and a karma is added against the vote .
Reddit is a diverse collection of thousands of parts, called “ subreddit “. Submissions that receive the most up-votes take place at the top of the subreddit, and if they get adequate votes, they take place on the presence page of the main site .
You can find out which is the best host from Reddit : Best Web Hosting Recommendations

Different types of web hosting services :

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the most popular type of world wide web host, because it is bum, among WordPress users. This means that several domains are on one server. We ’ ll usher you the advantages and disadvantages of shared network host and introduce you to a utilitarian cock with which you can determine the other pages on the waiter .

What is shared web hosting and what exactly does it mean for you?

Through the shared resources, web hosts can distribute the costs of the waiter to respective customers. This reduces the costs for each person customer, but all customers contribution the computing might. Depending on the choose tariff and package, it is possible that your site is on the waiter with 100 other sites at monthly costs of $ 5 .
basically this is not a problem at first, because the number of pages says nothing about the actual load on the waiter. theoretically, your site can get more computing power on a server with 100 small, unpopular ( possibly even discontinued ) blogs than on a server with 30 active blogs with many visitors. Therefore, some web hosting companies do not give any data about the number of customers per waiter, but offer a guarantee minimum computing world power. Regardless of which supplier, you normally get less computing world power for less money .

Benefits of shared web hosting

  • Very low cost
  • Most WordPress web hosts offer an easy-to-use admin panel
  • You don’t have to worry about maintaining the server
  • Easy upgrade: If your site becomes more popular, you can simply upgrade to the next higher package

Disadvantages of shared web hosting

  • Uncertainty about the computing power actually made available
  • Often slower loading times in the cheaper tariffs
  • Less configuration options
  • Potential security gaps due to outdated installations of other customers

therefore, shared web hosting is particularly desirable for beginners and web log newcomers .

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting REDDIT
WordPress is worldly concern ’ s number one blogging CMS. 40 % of internet ’ second websites are powered by WordPress. WordPress Hosting is a particular host for WordPress Open Source Software. Apache server required for WordPress Hosting with PHP, MySQL or MariaDB database. Among them Linux waiter is the most popular, it ’ randomness called LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP ) stack .
Some technical software is required to run WordPress CMS on server properly. For exemplar, “ PHP ” scripting language, MySQL or MariaDB for databases. There are multiple versions of WordPress and you can download the interpretation you need from wordpress.org .

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is called VPS server most of the time, chiefly because it has higher operation than shared host but less than dedicated server. A VPS host divides the resources ( CPU, memory, repositing, bandwidth, etc. ) on an vane waiter to respective users. Each user has an public IP and remote access options, which can be remotely managed like an autonomous server. Without affecting other users on the server. A VPS server is equivalent to dividing a server into several isolate minor servers, which can besides be called a virtual server. Because CPU, memory, bandwidth, memory space and other resources are a lot higher than shared host, Enterprises can choose VPS hosting when general shared host can not meet the needs of the enterprise. The monetary value of VPS hosting is between Shared host and dedicated server, and there is a big remainder due to the deviation in performance. however, in terms of web site performance, VPS hosting is much more stable than shared host, and its security is besides higher than shared host. even if a hacker invades a drug user on a server, other users will not be affected .

What Web hosting for a blog?

Often times, people who want to start a blog do not need to spend money on expensive dedicated servers .
In our opinion, the best value for money is offered by A2 Hosting, it allows you to use all the parameters of advance host for fair a few dollar a calendar month .

What is CMS hosting?

CMS – contented management system. It allows you to easily customize the appearance of pages, upload content, connect extra services, such as comments or requital systems. CMS specific hosting like wp joomla, drupal host .

Build a Reddit Clone using Node.js and deploy on Cloud

Create nodejs App to build an app that will function exchangeable to Reddit community, here ’ s the GitHub depository

Plan your Reddit Static Web App

Your ultimate goal is to host your reedit app in Azure. Azure Static reddit Web Apps takes care of provisioning all the necessity Azure resources for you .
however, before your reddit app can be hosted, you need something to build your Reddit app as you make changes. Those changes could be via commits or pull requests to your depository. A key feature of Azure Static Reddit Web Apps is that it sets up a GitHub Actions workflow to build and publish your application .
When you create the reddit Static Web Apps resource, it creates the GitHub Actions work flow. The work flow is triggered immediately and takes care of build and publishing your app. The work flow is besides triggered every clock time you make a switch to the watched branch in your depository .

Reddit Static Web Apps

There are two automated aspects to deploying a reddit web app. The first provisions the implicit in Azure resources that make up your clone reddit app with host. The second is a GitHub Actions workflow that builds and publishes your application .
When you publish your app to the web with reddit Azure Static Web Apps, you ’ re getting fast hosting of your reddit web app and scalable APIs. You ’ re besides getting a incorporate build up and deployment work flow provided by GitHub Actions .

Connecting your Reddit Web Apps instance to GitHub

Azure Reddit Static Web Apps is designed to host applications where the reference code lives on GitHub. When you create a electrostatic Reddit Web Apps example, you ’ ll sign in to GitHub and specify the repository containing your app ’ second code .
You besides need to specify three folder paths within your depository thus your subreddit app officiate can be mechanically built and deployed :

Location Location example Description Required
App location / The location of the source code for your web app Yes
App artifact location dist The location of your app’s build artifacts, relative to your app location No
API location api The location of the source code for your API No

The Reddit App artifact location is a relative path to the build end product directory of your application. For exemplar, consider we have an app at my-app that outputs its build up assets to a my-app/dist booklet. In this case, you specify dist for this placement .

From source code to static assets with GitHub Actions

Your GitHub repo contains source code, so it needs to be built before it can be published .
When you create a Reddit Web Apps exemplify, Azure creates a GitHub Actions workflow in your repository. The work flow builds your reddit app every fourth dimension you push changes or create a pull request against the branch you chose to track. This build march turns your beginning code into electrostatic assets, which are served by Azure web hosting. once the build is complete, then the action deploys the assets .
The GitHub Action is added to your repository in the .github/workflows folder. You can review or modify this file as needed. The settings you enter when you create the resource are stored in the GitHub Action ’ s file .

Integrated API with web hosting Functions

If your reddit app requires an API, you can implement it as an Azure Functions project in your repository. Your API will automatically deploy and be hosted by your Reddit Web Apps exemplify. The GitHub Actions workflow that builds and deploys your reddit app locates the API within your repo by the list of the folder you specify .
typically you put the API app in a folder named api or functions, but you can name it whatever you prefer .
What if you don ’ metric ton have an API ? Don ’ thymine concern. If Azure cloud WordPress hosting Web Apps can ’ t find an API in the booklet you indicate, it won ’ thymine publish an API, but it will even publish your reddit app .
still not sure which web hosting is the best choice for your following stick out ? Reddit recommends GreenGeeks, A2 Hosting  &  Bluehost 

Additional discussion about Reddit’s  hosting recommendation

Hosting recommendation, It depends how technical school grok you guys are. Cloudways is more user-friendly i.e. if you want a operate panel. Digital Ocean and Vultr take a bit more technical cognition, but are accomplishable evening for a moron like me !
Cloudways is basically a reseller of Digital Ocean and Vultr, but with the Cloudways control gore .

You ’ ll motivation to optimize workflows on your web site ( login page, unload media content in case of videos to vimeo etc ) to sustain that kind of coincident users otherwise you will easily end up spending a few hundreds or dollars per calendar month on host .

Look GreenGeeks and Bluehost, A2 hosting for bum host option been working for me without any issues. then for premium Google cloud should be most reliable one on market .

I hope that this number of web host will help you decide on your best network hosting provider, whether it ’ s on this list or not .

source : https://shoppingandreview.com
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